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  1. Imagine player of the match missing the goal to make it a draw. Better someone else.
  2. Absolutely nothing in that. VAR should have already denied any penalty. Fckn.
  3. We're only in trouble when we make a mistake. Otherwise no issue. Except scoring a goal.
  4. Yeh it matters. Doesnt detract from the viewing spectacle but we fall short on atmosphere created. This is probably the worst I've seen it in 13 years supporting this club. Active is next to non existence except for the 20 or 30 that come and are actively involved, and our overall numbers are pretty dismal. Corporate is probably the only area that we excel at as its usually pretty full. It looks pretty bleak going forward because the club has acheived so much over the lat few years. I can only wonder how having a small stadium that is close to selling out each time would affect people interest in attending. The spectacle on the field is just as important as the one off it for many people.
  5. I noticed this too. There were ballboys behind the goals but not one on the sideline. Surely its not too hard to organise kids to be pitchside.
  6. Really? What about Arslan? He completely dominated. Jakolis had a great game until he started to fatigue. So much negativity. I just don't get it. We moved the ball so much quicker and played with so much more purpose. It wasn't a perfect performance but fmd it was a huge improvement.
  7. Wow. I'm actually pretty shocked at the negative opinions of the game on here. Not sure where to start tbh.
  8. Im wondering which set of supporters should be most worried about the game and tbh I think its them. Besides the Australia Cup theyve shown nothing to make them a threat. However we are champions playing at home coming off a huge loss with a new coach to impress and we're desperate to win. Yeh I'd rather be us.
  9. I'm happy to beleive that it was intentional
  10. I liked how he said the table is upside down. Unintentional dig at the tards belonging to the bottom of the table. Made me nervous when he said that we need to return back to being a possession based team, seeing as we had 60% possession against Adelaide. But overall I like how he speaks. Precisely what everyone knew they should have done with Rado. I like this pragmatic approach.
  11. If statistics ever needed a game to show how misleading they are this was it. We had 60% possession. 88% pass accuracy compared to 82%. Tackles won the same 52% 13 shots compared to 15. The list goes on.
  12. Not a winner. But good at taking over winning teams.
  13. Sahki and Antonis have been dogs balls so far this game. Could lump many others into that category as well.
  14. Our ball movement is again still too slow. Many opportunities to move the ball forward or make an earlier or more direct pass and we choose another option that slows down our play.
  15. Im not liking what I saw yesterday either. And I feel I normally look at things positively. Nothing to do with the squad. It's all about Rado. We don't move the ball fast enough. Slow ball movement means stagnation in shifting it forward. As an example i lost count how many times Good and Nuno would just stand on the ball waiting to pass. At least move it side ways quickly to move the play around. I think under his style of play we will struggle a bit but he's fortunate to have arguably the best squad out there playing under him.
  16. People. We ended up top for 3 seasons in a row. Before we throw the baby out with the bath water lets think of the whole picture over the last 4 years. Its been a pretty awesome ride. Does it mean we won't make mistakes in some areas? No. Does this mean we can't be critical of these mistakes? Also, no. Of course we should. But questioning CFG intentions etc. is probably one of those points that comes up that raises an eyebrow.
  17. Watching over his highlights I feel he doesn't get the praise he should for his time with us. He had some ups and downs including injuries at times but looking back how he contributed to all our trophies and how when he was 'on' he was a huge part of many many wins we had. I'd say he was overall a successful addition to our team, which as we know in this league with foreign players isn't easy to get right. Wish him all the best, except against us if he goes to another team in Aus.
  18. Welcome back legend! Looking forward to the first derby
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