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  1. Very simple Murfy1, should have been a natural progression of the coaching hierarchy. Milicic should have been head coach, aloisi would then move up into assistant coaching role. Really is simple. His potential for coaching in his short career was already recongnised by being called up to work as assistant coach for the under 20s socceroos World Cup in 09. He learned under jvs for 2 whole seasons which would further strengthen his coaching ability. Under milicic our team would have been a well organised group that would have been much stronger physically. I have no doubt either players like colisimo Thompson etc would not have got as much game time as they did. No chance we would have ended up where we are under milicic control. In saying that though I do agree with a lot of other points you have made.
  2. Every player that plays for heart should be chosen by aloisi seeing he has the job to coach and lead the team to victory. So who is making the decisions behind who comes to heart and who doesnt?????? Seems everyone is making choices as they see fit...
  3. Should get a decent amount for him! Hopefully somewhere around what we got for Good, which was 600ish. Please, Behich is an established player and has played for the national team and come out with flying colours. Both Good and Babalj were still developing players when they left, it would be an insult if they let him go for anything less than a million.
  4. Tadic - Only a matter of time until he found his form out there. Too many "expert" dickheads that wrote him off after the first game lol Garcia - Fantastic game, big cudos to his stamina and fitness, didnt stop working from start to finish Gerhadt - Strong on the ball, great goal, exactly what he needed after last week. Shit happens, some people dont understand that though. Behich - Solid performance Marrone - First and second touch dissapointing tonight from him, lost the ball a number of times. Dugandzic - Had a good game but needs to grow some balls when going for 50/50 balls. Kalmar - Imposing player out there tonight, held the ball up well Williams - Best game yet, finally started to do what hes supposed to do in that forward position Bolton - A few shaky catches but didnt have to do too much tonight. Still kicks the ball in a retarded way, one day he will knee himself in the head i swear Collosimo - Had a descent game, but everytime he goes near the ball you just dont know what to expect Fred - I know he didnt play but with all the good things he has done so far this season he has fucked up a lot and was great to see him not playing. Schip would have pulled him off the pitch by now with his performances.
  5. I dont understand where your coming from with Hearts "underacheivement"??? First season were we expected to make finals? No. Our goals were to establish the right mix of players, the right structure, the right style of play in order to make finals in the second year. Second season our goal was to make finals. Did we acheive that? Yes. As far as I see it we have done everything we have set out to do besides the membership side of it. The "biggest" thing that is going to attract people to come to the game is winning at home. There is absolutely no point having a big name 39 year old player and still losing. Like with Kewel the buzz will wear off. With regards to your reference of attracting young talent, besides the obvious beneftis to the game, football in Australia etc there are major benefits to Heart as well. At the moment we have Babalj 50/50 with going to red star. Now some figures from 700k to 900k have been thrown around regarding his transfer. Firstly, Scott Munn stated that they would definitely have setup an agreement in the contract that any future transfers of Babalj the club (MHFC) would get a percentage of the sale. So if after red star Babalj goes onto bigger and better things and lets say gets a contract of 5 million MHFC will get a percentage of that which will allow the club to make better purchases. The same can be said about about Curtis Good, he too will go onto bigger and better things, and the club will get a percentage of that for the rest of his career. So there is an massive advantage to signing these young guys which allows us to not only develop young player but also set the club up for the future and will allow us to buy better players.
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