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  1. Could be. You aren't the first one to suggest that.
  2. My old man picked the pen from the start. I was arguing with him all during the var analysis that it wasn't a pen until I saw the replay. Maybe Evans also saw the same thing. The Leckie pen Im still unsure about. Miller being in a moonboot is more evidence of a foul being committed than the var replay can show. Leckies foot at worst grazed Miller. It never landed on top. Leckie foot landed behind after shows evidence of this. I'm not saying its not a pen though. I'm saying that's what has created doubt when making the decision in real time.
  3. Our penalty i think has some merit. I think Tilio tried to keep his balance after the first tackle and then very possibly got caught in the follow up once he had entered the box.
  4. He has a point. PK as a coach, yelling instructions to PK as a player. See if he would like it. The guy never stops yelling instructions to which 99% of the time no one even hears or acknowledges.
  5. I've seen the pic of him in the moonboot. Just can't upload it.
  6. Dangerous sub by mariners. We better be careful.
  7. I thought it was a possible necessity to kick the ball away.
  8. Initially thought no pen. But looks like Tilio was fouled.
  9. Will always like Garruccio for his time with us. But he was easily fourth best option for fullbacks for us.
  10. 100%. This is the problem. It's a complete reliance to have a mobile phone to get into games. And everyone needs to have one. And ensure it's charged enough before the game. And pray there's no connection issue. Heaven forbid if I simply want a break from my phone for a couple hours and leave it at home (fwiw I'm on my phone all day for work).
  11. Well fuck. The Italian is coming on.
  12. As the saying goes, attack wins games, defence wins titles 😉
  13. I think if I was a betting man, the result that would have the longest odds would be us winning a game 1-0 right now. We are winning games by having to score multiple goals as we continue to concede in every game. We have absolutely no assurance that our defence can withstand 90 minutes of football. Look at it from a different angle. In 12 games we have managed 1 clean sheet. In 12 games we have scored goals in 10 of them. Across 12 games we are averaging 1.92 goals per game. I would be looking at not only him but the 5 behind him.
  14. I havent been totally impressed with him this season. He has been very much up and down and playing in his role he can't afford to cough up the ball as much as he has this season.
  15. I wonder how many other people are sad the debate doesn't continue https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/australian-footballs-biggest-feud-is-over-after-emotional-moment-on-camera/news-story/33bb039dcf8088b8517f48363b5484df?utm_campaign=EditorialSB&utm_source=news.com.au Sport&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=SocialBakers
  16. I'm of the mindset where I ask the question, do we need to go digital with every single damn thing? Cant pay cash at the grounds anymore, cant scan in with a membership card anymore. I know the whole world is going more and more digital but ffs can we at least put the handbrake on a little bit.
  17. I miss the cards and dislike these digital passes a lot
  18. Nice we've finally had some luck/momentum go our way this season.
  19. Yep that too. I just miss the times Noone would get the ball and something would happen in an attacking sense.
  20. If also speculate that the fact he is Melbourne born was another appeal to bringing him here.
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