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  1. For sure. As to why they havent returned, thats another thing. In no particular order some factors that come to mind are... having won the league already, low crowd numbers, general interest in the league dropped off, 'covid distraction', vested interest elsewhere (other platforms).
  2. No it's not just a Melbourne City thing. The negative comments was precisely the reason many regular forum members left. You can find their posts where they say this in black and white. Since then they haven't returned. Unless you can tell me another reason they left and haven't returned?
  3. Many regular posters have left. The talking city guys for example were continuously posting but then all but abandoned the forum due to the negativity (and increase in connection with the club as opposed to the forum as the podcasts on different platforms evolved). Last season the forum was mostly positive which should have seen an upturn in forum use, however many have not returned. I attribute most of it due to the feel/interest of the league in general. Inside sport (442) forum is already discussing their demise and possible 'death' of the forum.
  4. Just to add to this for some perspective 5 of our group couldn't attend due to being in isolation with covid.
  5. One thing that was evident for me is the way in which we would turn over the ball. It comes from simply misplacing a pass. Its not that the pass has hit its target and the ball has been dueled for and lost. The pass is directly to the oppositions feet. I'm pretty certain the goal we conceded was due to this as well and it happened numerous times during the game. The worst thing about losing the ball in this way is no one in the team is expecting it and isn't set up defensively to prepare for the counter attack. At least if the pass hits it target, players can see if a turn over may occur depending on how much pressure the receiving player is under. To play this style of high press with acres of space behind the last thing we can afford of giving teams opportunity to exploit this space with speed. Simple errors are and will continue to be the bane of our season.
  6. La Rocca is part of the coaching staff
  7. This same starting eleven played last game as well. PK is an idiot.
  8. We look lethargic. Sloppy passages of play. Some of our players look cooked.
  9. He's got a lot to improve on. You raise a good but interesting point about his age. He is 22. But when I look at him his body still reminds me of someone that's 18. He still looks like he has a lot of development to go. This is purely speculative opinion. But I'd guess he may follow Mooys footsteps in that his peak will occur later in his football life rather than earlier.
  10. No matter hid ups and downs, Metcalfe certainly has an x factor about him. Reminds me of Mooy the way he uses his body strength when duelling for the ball. Last night was one of the most enjoyable games I've watched is play in a while.
  11. I reckon so too, on paper. There reality and difficulty is the active support previously happened as organically as possible in a franchise driven league. To now invite and rebuild active support would mean management would need to be willing to most likely bring back those unwanted individuals and 'trouble' that they fought against in the first place. If they try to curb this happening it may be a significant hurdle as they attempt to control elements of active support. Which in turn could lead to active support again turning their back on the league.
  12. Have to say, well done to the club for arranging complimentary tickets for this. Sometimes we have to acknowledge how difficult these times are. I certainly appreciate getting a free ticket to what would be an away game I'd have to purchase a ticket for.
  13. Judging by the events that occurred in our active section last game not much.
  14. This all started going down hill when Lowe and Gallop turned their backs on supporters. No denying the bad apples within some of those groups but the manner in which it was done was terrible.
  15. If you had to put your life on it do you believe PK is making the best decisions regarding player selections? I know we have the luxury as supporters to make assumptions, sometimes being the worst case scenario. But to really know whats going on we would need to know the player manager relationship well to justify answering the question above. There's no denying someone has made a big judgement error in Pucci. However, I'd bet a lot that PK had every intention to play him, but perhaps Pucci hasn't earned the right to play. Was it then a poor choice in offering him a contract. Yes. Is it wrong to not include him in the squad. No. We want the best players playing. I'm just trying to play devils advocate in this.
  16. How good would a nice dominant performance be here. Clean sheet, couple of goals. Perfect.
  17. Without knowing how everyone pulls up after such short turn arounds its hard to be critical of PK choice of starting eleven. His subs though are a different story.
  18. The ref didn't want to further enrage ccm with what was already a possible controversial call.
  19. I would point out to you that your comment infers that PK coach would sub a player and use his bench to which I have a lot of doubt. But you could be right. A fight could trigger a benching. Leckie on the other hand could punch PKs mother and still start games.
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