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  1. No denying ladder position, form don't matter as much for a derby. So it'll be a difficult game. But hoping we put everything into it as @neio said, and finish with a win before our stint in Asia. Fwiw the general consensus amongst victory supporters is they're more than happy to take a draw tonight.
  2. Was in the players box on Wednesday. He absolutely loved Leckies second goal.
  3. What's all this draw crap haha. We're top of the ladder and we are fearful of victory and accepting a draw before we've even started? Come on boys grow some and demand a win
  4. That was such a great performance. Couldn't ask for anything more. They didn't even come close to scoring and we looked very dangerous going forward.
  5. I believe, as I stated through the season, that he needed time. I also believe that by the half way point there was concerns over his output in relation to his status as a player and the critisicm was certainly warranted for disussion. Time has shown that he has come very good. That was an absolute peach of a goal with the dink over the opposing player to set up the volley like strike. Just fantastic.
  6. CFG doing more for our Solomon Island relations than Fed government
  7. I like your post. But I wouldn't go praising Arnie as to achieving the best he can when he's willingly playing his own players on the pitch rather than the best players.
  8. 100%. In saying that, if I had a gun pointed at my head I'd take Berisha over Arnie. Arnie football would make me put the gun to my own head of my free will.
  9. With the way we defend, stress is implied haha.
  10. It may have been a bit fortuitous at times but its so good to grind out a 0-1 win. That's what championships are made of. Given our results this season this is more satisfying than a 3-0 win. I hope this gives us the confidence that we can hold out teams from scoring. If we as a team can be in the right head space defensively as a team we will be looking good for our run to the end of the season.
  11. Thats all great and I would like to see the same . But what would you suggest was done? Given covid cancellation of games and the odd bad weather postponements I hear a lot of people get upset but not suggest solutions. Fwiw I actually don't know the right answer myself. Push out the season makes sense. But with the world cup at our doorstep and stadium booking challenges i dont even know if this is viable.
  12. The hair is key. MacLaren should learn. Blonde at the beginning of the season simply doesnt work.
  13. I believe we welcome carrying more than our share. I don't think it's a secret that we actively endeavour to scout talent for not only our benefit but the national teams. Secondly, our system of play allows our players to showcase their skills better than any other team. I don't think having a strong national league is crucial, but having a strong development program to produce talent is key. For example the Croatian league wouldn't be you dissimilar or far above the aleague yet the difference between our national teams is astronomical.
  14. Bruno and Tilio on. Never would have thought it possible.
  15. My guess (and hope) is closure will come when he is no longer a Melbourne City player.
  16. I hope we can mutually agree to terminate his contract. Its not good for anyone having him here.
  17. Overall not bad considwring he hasn't had a lot of game time but he did struggle to get his teeth into the match. If I can isolate one phase of play that he has to do better is when he took a nice touch to bypass his player and unfortunately put the ball across the face of the goal which didn't hit a target. He had time though to look up and see Rafael had made a perfectly delayed run into the box and was alone near the 6 yard line. It would have been relatively simple finish.
  18. I think my heart stopped when he missed that cross. I think he did just enough to distract their player from heading the ball on target.
  19. Thats bloody impressive. Have we ever had a squad that's won a game with such a young average age.
  20. Would love to know the average age of our team tonight. Fantastic win by the boys. It was nervous watching for a period in the second half. We dominated a lot of that game. I was thinking supporters of other teams in the league must be envious of our style of play because we're always trying to control the tempo and be on the front foot. I've decided to come to my own conclusion regarding Pucci that he hasn't done what's needed to be chosen. Id like to believe that the best team we have is the one being chosen to play on the pitch.
  21. Amazing how we give the ball away so easily. I know they're pressing but damn, some basic passes are just not even hitting their mark.
  22. Good point and case in point. Didn't even think about Jmac not being there.
  23. Fair point. I guess my question is where are the older rusted on supporters that have been here since day dot. They're the ones that really make for a great 'forum atmosphere.'
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