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  1. 22 hours ago, citypool said:

    Anyways Napoli seems like a weird appointment to take over better off giving it to jamo would have thought 

    Not really. Hasn't he been around for a long time and worked under PK? 

  2. Why was this guy signed? He's been average at best.

    He's taken Ugarkovic position and our managers, with all their badges, pushed Urgakovic forward in a position that isn't his. Urgakovic has had some of his worst moments as he's stuffed a number of front third scoring opportunities. Simply because it isn't his natural position. 

    Get rid of Jeggo, hes useless. Happy to keep Urgakovic even as a bench player if we can find someone better to replace him. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Mr MO said:

    I can’t see how Nisbet and Arslan can play together in midfield, aren’t we worried about the defensive needs?

    With all the praise for Arslan on the ball I’m not sure how many have noticed that his defensive efforts are extremely low, he’s missing the legs and engine for that.

    I think I jumped the gun a bit as praising him as our Mooy. Not quite. 

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