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  1. PK must be insane; you can't keep doing the same shit and expecting different results.
  2. The boys played 6 matches in 16 days in hot and humid conditions. They then travel to the other edge of another continent to make it 7 matches in 19 days and this cunt makes 2 out of a possible 4 subs!
  3. Fuck, even an away draw would've sufficed tonight...then we would've only needed a draw in our last match to win the league. Here's hoping SFC and Adelaide step up and take some points of the old tards and new tards
  4. Can Tilio just fuck off already? He's good as an impact sub, that's it!
  5. Did you watch tonight's match?? Because this thread is about tonight's match, which was utter shite, by our A-League Championship-winning standards and it came down to PK and his squad management. Being our 5th game in 12 days he didn't make any subs until the 92nd minute. Had he replaced Nabbout & Tilio even by the 75th minute mark to give them a bit more than 85 seconds to get into the game, we could've won that as the game was starting to open up and the fresh legs would've done wonders. So yes, we will probably still qualify to the next round, but that doesn't mean we can't bitch about PK's decisions in tonight's match.
  6. Why is Tilio still on the field? He's clearly not interested in playing any longer today
  7. This is my favourite moment from the Christmas Derby 2015. "See you down the race Berisha, see you down the race" 😂
  8. Anyone heard anything about when the fixture may be released? I'm assuming they're awaiting for Vic & NSW governments to hit their vaccination targets and when travel may be possible between Melbourne & Sydney...this will open up an incredible amount of opportunities for getting matches scheduled.
  9. Did you book your family's tickets as part of a family bundle? I managed to book 4 tickets (as individual tix: 2 x adult + 2 x Junior), because I couldn't work out how to book them as part of my family membership; the dropdown next to 'family' was '0' for all four codes farken. So I ended up paying $300+ instead of $225. Now I'm going to have to email the club and ask for a refund of the difference!
  10. Bugger! I paid the $72, but at least got the delivery for free
  11. In before VAR stops working 2 minutes prior to Macarthur scoring from an offside position!
  12. Not sure what this means for our Semi-Final, but Hawthorn Vs Essendon (AFL scheduled for Sunday 20th 3:20pm @MCG) has been moved to Launceston!
  13. I just realised that on Sunday 20th from 3:20pm the AFL has Hawthorn Vs Essendon at the MCG - why would the APL and Foxtel not schedule our match @6:05pm instead of 4:05pm to avoid the congestion, allow more fans (if we're allowed to have fans) to come to our game/watch it on Foxtel/Kayo and not have to choose between codes!?! Now our match will finish at the same time as the AFL match and Richmond station is going to be as busy as a gym after lockdown (or a brothel during lockdown)!
  14. Ahhhhh bugger! Should've just forfeited the game and not have the injuries!
  15. The Victards would even be celebrating that Colakovski goal!
  16. Oh my concern wasn't about it not being played at AAMI Park. My concern was much more selfish, i.e. that I won't be able to attend (wherever it's played)! Looks like they'll ease the lockdown (to some extent) from this Friday so hopefully that means some crowd on Friday the 18th and an even bigger crowd on the 26th.
  17. What concerns me about playing this game in Sydney is that - since they'll already be up there - they may take the opportunity to stay up there and play the Semi-Final up there too :-/ Fingers crossed the Vic gov't will let us have a crowd at AAMI Park on the 18th and they return after the Newcastle match...
  18. Hopefully Arnold plays JMac against Chinese Taipei on Tuesday and then lets him come back early to finish his quarantine just in time for the GF (because, obviously we'll playing in it)!
  19. The VAR lines were not drawn correctly. The last corner should never have been allowed to be taken. Happy to draw to Newcastle after that ending!
  20. Geez our passing - especially out of defense when under pressure - is a marvel to watch this season!
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