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  1. So...Guess Pauline doesn't look to stupid now...
  2. agreed but results matter as well...also a lack of promotion. there are may factors.
  3. i think we still would have got a better crowd if we actually won or let alone scored against sydney....
  4. Some abuse towards their keeper would be great too. Even if we are not scoring. Please no snoring...
  5. legit woke up this morning after saying to myself last night ill give this one a miss....Woke up and and im like...i cant wait for the football...i dunno why i keep doing this to myself...
  6. whats the go with fence banners ans stuff this season. I seen at the FFA cup final in Adelaide all the crew and terrace banners were out in force?
  7. Pub and match day details to be announced soon. We will have an entire pub for a few hours. Seriously worth the trip.
  8. 120+ Sydney fans already purchased tickets.
  9. Can confirm over 40 Cove are travelling at this point in time. Mate who is coming down few days before is keeping tabs.
  10. any idea when they will be emailed across after the purchase? I bought mine last week, got the conformation, but no ticket yet... Why is shit so difficult?
  11. How they can't even think about having derby at the G is beyond me. FMD just do it already....we'll get 75k, bang the record is Melbourne's.
  12. So far I'd say about 20 but that's people I know of.
  13. Zombie Nation.... Everyday.....
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