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  1. *BUMP* Still spots available in the league. Don't forget to sign up!
  2. Hi everyone Help fill the Melbourne City AFL Fantasy league for 2016. Only 16 spots so get in quick! Sign up here Invite code: DVK6WTL9
  3. Come one come all, and join the Melbourne City Fox Sports A-League Fantasy for the 15/16 season. League code:1515-366
  4. Signs point to YES. He might even score a goal in a finals derby!
  5. The club and I have come up with a solution that works, but we'll have to wait for the big unveiling first home game!
  6. 1. Roar 2. Adelaide 3. Victory 4. Jets 5. Melbourne City 6. Wanderers 7. Sydney 8. Glory 9. Mariners 10. Phoenix (Will be replaced by Wollongong for next season) Roar will be Premiers & Champions Jets have recruited some handy players and will be the big improvers along with us and Adelaide. Mariners and Wanderers are on the slide. Golden Boot: Villa in only 10 games will win the golden boot because he's hungry for success and the best player in the A-League. Johnny Warren Medal: Robi Koren Foreign Player of the Year: Koren Goal of the Year: Jeronimo Newman Goalkeeper of the Year: Neither of ours Joe Marston Medal: Broich Coach of the Year: Gombau Young Footballer of the Year: Marc Marino The Julie Dolan Medal (W-League Player of the Year): Tameka Butt W-League Golden Boot: Lisa De Vanna
  7. Is there are print of the other stickers with the Melburnians logo to also purchase?
  8. White shirts make everyone appear bigger. Willo hardly looked ideal but unless we are privy to their exact skin folds or fitness condition I think we should stop speculating and leave it up to the coaching staff.
  9. My understanding was that we'd be going with the generic Nike goalkeeping kits for 2014/15. So either green or gold, but that shot of Redders in grey shows differently of course.
  10. I can confirm he is simply on a modified program to ensure he's 100% ready to start round one (not injured).
  11. Scarf looks great, not perfect of course, but I expect like the club and fans themselves it's something that will evolve over time!
  12. Yes forgot about that as an option Dylan - that may get a few of his critics of the case.
  13. Shony will not be cut - he's one of JvS' favourites. His versatility and game breaking skill is still exactly what our team needs. From the sounds of things our final signing for the beginning of the season will be a centre back so Pat and Rob have some support. Someone like Germano who can link up between the mids and defenders make him important.
  14. Another Duff idea straight from the Simpsons: Duff and beer for me, Duff and beer for you, I'll have a Duff, And you'll have one too.
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