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  1. Thank you to all. made friendships that will never be broken, had some of the nights of my life (espicially derby wins. Will never forget the 2-1 win away at Etihad. That night at Bev and Micks will sit happily with me forever) Best 4 years of my life. Forever Y-SIDE.
  3. MTP


    Is that even how it goes? Lol
  4. I hope every bulldogs player (bar a few) goes to bed tonight with a mirror. Can wake up in the morning and have a fucking good look at themselves That 3rd quarter, was the weakest effort ive seen from the bulldogs in a long, long time. NOT happy.
  5. Me and a workmate each week chuck in $10 each and have a multi on every game of the round just for a laugh. This week: Sweet Spot - Geelong vs North (home) Richmond over 15.5 (thanks for the $1.75 tab LOL) Sweet Spot - Collingwood vs West Coast (home) Port Under 39.5 ($1.50 to win, yet $2.10 to win by under 39.5 60c extra when multiplying these kind of numbers is just delicious) And now were left with Gold Coast Under 39.5 and Adelaide under 39.5 $20 @ $62.33 per dollar. Thinking of having my own separate multi with Gold Coast overs into Adelaide unders just as im a little scared as to what GC might be able to do to us today. Adelaide for me are the bet of the week. Carlton still arent playing great, relatively sure they're coming off the bye which teams have struggled to do this year and their shithouse defence won't be able to contain Jenkins, Pods, Walker and there once favourite son Eddie. Midfields are pretty evenly matched Simpson, Murphy and Gibbs vs Dangerfield, Sloane, Thompson. And for me, Carlton dont offer a huge amount going forward.
  6. The ball was literally in terlich's hands as it happened lol
  7. In all seriousness though I don't think it was intentional as it seemed. Kept low, kept his elbow down and tucked in and the contact started on the shoulder and due to sweat/dewy conditions slipped up and got him in the head. But that's the rules these days, doesn't matter how its done but if the head is hit you're gone. Im not complaining though, means Jones is out for two weeks.
  8. We shouldn't have sung the song after that crap... Gee, must be hard to follow a side that can play like that and still win. My heart goes out to you Cad
  9. Swan most touches into The 'Sweet Spot' of Carlton +46.5 and Collingwood -1.5 Thank ya and goodnight
  10. UOTHY: Depression and Addicton are not real problems.
  11. Don't really give a fuck about the game but boy oh boy wowee did Geelong just benefit HUGELY from the AFLs rubbish new 'keep the game flowing' approach. The big shit dopey one for Geelong (think no.16) grabs the ball, dodges one and then gets tackled but because he 'made an attempt' to get rid of the ball it was play on. Not saying Collingwood would have gone and scored (and probably won) but would of been much more of a chance having possession from the middle other than Geelong regaining the ball out on the wing (where the ball spilled from the tackle)
  12. Heart in Hobart I take back those claps. leaving without saying goodbye is disappointing.
  13. Love the biased opinions of the Geelong and Collingwood fans in this thread.
  14. MTP

    Bay 16

    You are my club, and you'll always be Melbourne Heart FC
  15. If this bloke isn't offered more money and a multi year contract extension I want the owners OUT.
  16. Yes. Was just having a laugh and a drink with a couple of girls from work. (Fwiw the whole 'gay sundays' thing is overplayed a little. More straight people in than gay tbh)
  17. Lmao, walked past last night about 1.30am Should have came in.. J/k, love machine is fucked Lol. Had everything shouted for me as it was the only way id be convinced to come out. I wasn't complaining
  18. Im assuming the 700k less is over the 2 seasons he was offered. so 350k less a year.
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