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  1. Haydos

    Bruno Fornaroli

    This sounded great last night. needs more airtime.
  2. Into Wellington Thursday 25th Feb Out Sunday 28th Feb Now at $221 with Jetstar. Bargain.
  3. Great Work. core give this kid more opportunities. Worked real well mixing between BeardedHeart and Baka. No harm in changing it around every now and then during the game. Baka got everyone up and about when everyone was down, and this chant was a winner.
  4. Kudos to the young lad who grabbed the mega in the second half, tried his best to pump his mates up, thought he did a good job
  5. If this stops the terrace chanting for tando every time he touches the fucking ball, then brilliant signing.
  6. its been way too long marteaux
  7. Probably the easiest process I've ever had at getting a ticket tbh.managed to get the tix, enter the barcode and credit card numbers whilst teaching year 10 kids in the classroom
  8. Positives - Got a ripper deal at the Land of Promise, $40 private show for 3 of us from TriXie. Negatives - Adelaide in general
  9. Meet at the Gov from 3pm I reakon Baka.
  10. Interesting to see how many people who said 'In' will actually be in.
  11. no point going now, was really looking forward to the fat ugly bogan strippers at LoP. Just assumed pre-game would be there? None of this Gov business. Cant beat a meal and a stripper on a pole.
  12. Pissing down up here. Let's hope they can handle the wet.
  13. That's so shit... but thanks for the info dude... Hopefully, there's a decent handful going... Don't wanna get rolled. We only get rolled if Yampy brings that banner. Any thoughts on Pre Game pub??
  14. There will be, bay 71, 72. it appears they haven't put them on sale yet, as there is no chance in hell of us selling out the away bay in West Sydney, as it states on the website.
  15. In +4. People who have done Lebanon Away, base yourselves in CBD and head out? Easy to get to by train etc?
  16. an absolute boss. Plays with Heart on sleeve. Does not lose many contests in the air.
  17. Seeing we are playing the game of rediculous assumptions, I can assume all people wearing new blue merch are bandwagoning flogs who are here for the glory? Right?
  18. Liam, Liam you are silly, You can't save them, because you have a small willy Booooo Liam. To the Tune of Advance Australian Fair.
  19. UOTYH: Im glad Kenny Lowe is doing well. Has bought an exciting bunch of imports to the League and has turned things around from when his head was on the chopping block last season.
  20. Haydos

    CCM Chants

    aaaaand I'm down to the North End tomorrow.
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