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  1. The statement pretty much reads suck it up we don’t care no member forum will repair this
  2. Club has shut up shop pulled the shutters down on us. no posts on social media no statements.
  3. Simon Pearce voting for this is all I need to see. That’s me done club doesn’t care
  4. Imagine making your players front the media asked questions when you the club won’t even release a statement to the fans. Says it all.
  5. Don’t care about the derby tbh care more about how the fans have treated the fans
  6. Think the silence gives that away and quote about helping fans get to Sydney.
  7. The silence is deafening still not statement even though the fans are turning on them.
  8. We’ve shown our hand with the statement released to ESPN they don’t care
  9. Melbourne City spokesman comments in ESPN article says it all we voted yes
  10. Especially when there is tumbleweeds at Melbourne City HQ
  11. And still tumbleweeds from our club. Hopefully we are not on the wrong side of history
  12. Melbourne Victory releasing a statement apparently ADP has quit the APL board and didn’t vote yes for the GF.
  13. Yeah I asked for Brad Rowse and Simon Pearce to release a joint statement to the fans outlining why you did this or that your vehemently against it in support with the fans
  14. Email the club bombard them show our voice matters and means something
  15. If we agreed like I think we did Simon Pearce needs a forum to why he showed contempt to the members. Lot of people will walk football is for the fans not $$
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