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  1. Is rebel sport stocking the black Melbourne city kit ?
  2. Been talking about city going for a big signing bigger than Honda for weeks and finally announced it
  3. Now this trumps Honda any day of the week get this done City !
  4. But seriously if we get Ikonomidis wonder what position we would be looking at probably CF/CAM
  5. Would take Vermaelen any day of the week and Marchisio as well as marquee. Would boss the league.
  6. http://www.goal.com/en-au/news/the-covert-agent-chris-ikonomidis-nearing-a-league-return/1up7vn8f5htjt1hoplryq4df7u Chris Ikonomidis rumoured to City wonder where we use our marquee spot if we get Ikonomidis?
  7. It’s an astonishing rumour that came out of nowhere
  8. https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/news/watch-birighittis-moment-to-forget-500140 currently at Nac Breda and had this moment to forgot Article said club is looking to shop Bouzanis around to make room for Birighitti
  9. Out of nowhere signing. Didn’t even know we were looking to replace Bouzanis.
  10. All will be appeased if CFG show some ambition like victory have done Sydney have done last 2 season and sign a genuine marquee like Ross the Boss McCormack. Not the shit that we have been given in the past which have flopped like Colazo, Korewn and Budzisnki. A genuine marquee who his a game changer. Name the game changers / x factor players other than Bruno who would take a final in the balance by the scruff of the neck. ? If CFG are desperate to win the league and ACL show some ambition with the last 2 visa spots and especially the marquee and get it right. It’s all on them they had Honda and George in front of them and didn’t do anything this time they have to get it right it’s too critical in the league to get it right
  11. He would be worth a shot at 50-100k and we need a winger would easily fit in the cap and get a CF as the marquee. Are we still in for Dylan McGowan cause it would be perfect for CB and no visa spot
  12. Be interesting if there are any new signings before the game as we normally get new players around the QF time of the FFA Cup
  13. I just think they would look for a Asian player as there in the ACL but they also need a replacement for O’Donovan as he will miss a majority of the season
  14. Their in the ACL so probably getting a plus 1
  15. It’s a top 6 team no question but we need to get these 2 visa and marquee position to even consider we are top 2 material.
  16. Article said Newcastle is likely destination. if we got him I’d take him as a visa player but not marquee
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