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  1. Why would we play it aami to get what 3k at best may as well take it to the regions. We played Sydney in Ballarat for a FFA Cup competitive match before no difference
  2. Could probably target Luongo with designated spot who still is a free agent
  3. Lot of misses in the last 2-3 seasons on visa which is why the scepticism is valid
  4. Bang on would like the club to show more ambition in visa signings, our club should be targeting players with a higher echelon which ultimately could bring some more fans to the ground. This signing is just meh should aim higher
  5. If we were supposedly in for Fabregas who wants over 1.5 we must have a marquee spot available. Hopefully the club shows some ambition to get a bonafide marquee who will bring people to the ground.
  6. They pressed him more in the pre match conference today
  7. Petrillo on FNR said we’re looking to bring 1 more player in
  8. Yep he has Covid, will be without Reis, Griffiths, Good, Jamieson
  9. Yep AFC announced the change at Group stage draw
  10. Post on the IG page has been deleted now so was false You can have unlimited foreigners now in ACL but only 3+1 on the field at once
  11. Yep but wasn’t the main coach Neil Young was but left the club
  12. Same source as the German 🇩🇪 player we were getting ?
  13. Yep 7 players going ahead of him and him not taking 1 is extremely alarm bells
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