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  1. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/former-socceroos-prodigy-daniel-arzani-being-chased-by-melbourne-victory/news-story/21c95a189dce8e4338e91a0c442bfdc2 Surely we should be targeting him to return
  2. One of Antonis relatives started following the club on Instagram
  3. Only from one source that’s hit and miss. Believe it when I see it
  4. LB - Behich who wants to leave Dundee or Gersbach CB - Sainsbury or visa CB Midfielder - Visa Winger Visa
  5. Yeah that deal is gone but the intent was there and shown by Petrillo that RW position needs strengthening
  6. Yep I’d say that’s why we were targeting Layouni at the start of the window
  7. Also don’t want to rely on Nabbout as a starter
  8. In excess of 2m could be as much as 2.5m some reports have said
  9. Still probably one of my favourites season not only attacking football but really good 10K plus crowds and atmosphere which made them memorable unlike the last few seasons hugely successful on the field but atmospheres have lacked
  10. Yeah very skeptical about the age and signing in general tbh , contract shouldn’t be more than 1 year tbh.
  11. Better for Tilio is that he’s contracted to Celtic and not just a loan deal like Arzani was
  12. Got a transfer fee similar to Bos, so that’s 4m in fees for the club this window.
  13. Going to Celtic transfer fee agreed https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/marco-tilio-celtic-transfer-fee-30310034
  14. Young, Ugarkovic and Lopane most likely
  15. For LB as Callum Elder has gone to derby should be going after either Behich or Gersbach imo
  16. Yep would have been happy with Niewenhuizen and Delianov combo
  17. Well the other rumour today was Samuel Souprayen which I find absurd considering his 35 in February. Signing Dads Army along with 40 year old Young
  18. Miranda should be done by the end of the week. WU were also interested https://www.abola.pt/nnh/2023-06-20/rodrick-miranda-perto-de-trocar-de-clube-mas-nao-de-cidade/992681
  19. Don’t like Rado mentality that top 4 is a success that’s not even a bare minimum. That’s a very defeatist mentality that is not reflective on the backing of the club. Sounds too mellow and low ambition to be a head a coach at this club
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