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  1. Full translated article 

    Striker Léo Natel, who is on loan to Melbourne City, Australia, is one of Corinthians' targets as a sale in this mid-year window. The amount fixed by Timão is 2 million euros (R$ 11.2 million at the current rate), which can be negotiable for lower amounts. 

    The loan is valid until June 30, but the contract with Corinthians runs until the end of the season. If a transfer in this next window does not happen, the board should give a new destination to the athlete, since the use is not in the plans.

    According to ge.globo, the representatives of Léo Natel and the City Group, owner of Melbourne City, will meet to seal the athlete's destiny. Thus, he must be bought or have the return to Corinthians defined. 

    Natel was the starter of the Australian team for most of the season, finishing with 29 games, six goals and six assists. For the Parque São Jorge club, he has a total of 54 matches and only four goals, culminating in a loan to Apoel, from Cyprus, and Casa Pia, from Portugal, who did not yield sales

  2. 12 hours ago, belaguttman said:

    Despite our best efforts to lose this game, we somehow managed to win it, saved by WU's shittiness, the refs, and an unlikely JMac goal



    We won, and won, and whilst playing badly.

    It's an important game; we had to win it; we'd usually choke and lose it. 

    APL only has a week to invent a reason to shift the game to Sydney.



    Arslan straight down the tunnel, is he injured? If so, we are done.

    If he's not injured, we should do better next week against a visit0rs team that will have to attack: they can do that well but can't defend. It'll depend on which City turns up.

    The elimination final will be our last game in Melbourne, even if we win next week

    SF has two legs so we will have 1 leg in Melbourne still.

    vidmar said Arslan had Gastro feeling unwell should be fine for the derby 

  3. 6 hours ago, NewConvert said:

    Unless he repeats his performance at AU, I don't see the point of showing him the door. But if the club has made the decision to not renew his contract and are actively looking for a replacement then I would be happy. I also presume that they will be doing their review of the playing list as we speak.

    His only there till end of season as interim no chance he stays beyond that 

  4. 1 hour ago, jw1739 said:

    Going to be interesting at season's end. Does Petrillo have the balls to tell one of his ex-Adelaide mates that he isn't in line for the permanent job?

    Think this should be enough evidence to be looking for a new manager. 


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  5. 1 hour ago, Mr MO said:

    I take it we have the cap space of Sakhi and Behich to spend now. Does anybody know where their salaries sat, designated, marquee or normal squad allocation?

    Tilio is on European pay, Jeggo might be in the designated bracket. I’ll be surprised if we bring anyone of real quality due to lack cap space. Then I again I don’t know how the departing players were allocated and if we were maxed out already.

    From memory it’s 2 marquee and 2 designated players.

    2 marquees would be Leckie and Maclaren 

    Designated players were Arslan and Sakhi I believe 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, fensaddler said:

    That's a real kick in the nads. Thought we'd got a club hero back for the rest of his career, so apart from the loss of one of our very best players, that's a bit of the heart and soul of the club that has just walked out. Also feels like no one really wants to be here, and I worry that things are far from good behind the scenes. Gutted. Season is a car crash.

    Interesting it’s just a loan deal 

  7. Aurelio Vidmar on Jamie Maclaren speculation : 

    Vidmar said that matters of player contracts and incoming players were the realm of director of football Michael Petrillo and football operations manager Pedj Radinovic. 

    “To be frank, the policy within the club is not to discuss any player's contracts and I think that's been here since day one,” he said. “So that's not going to change. Whatever it is within the club, they need to sort it out. 

    “We know the player that Jamie is and he's been a great player for the club. And obviously, we'd love to keep him here. In the end, they've got to decide what's in the best interest of both parties. So that's out of my hands, that's out of my control. Let's see where that goes.”

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