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  1. We definitely need another versatile defender given Atkinson and Griffiths injury problems. Everywhere else we're pretty good. I'd like to see a O'Neil, Metcalfe, Tillio midfield, which still leaves Florin, Gomulka, Griff and Lesiotis for depth, which would probably be a starting midfield at most other clubs.
  2. With Luna leaving I'm hoping we'll see him play a lot of the coming season as a #10 with Metcalfe playing as a box to box midfielder. He's no Robbie Koren, but he'll have to do.
  3. Have Original Style Melbourne signed off on this coaching appointment? Until they post an official statement I'll take this announcement with a grain of salt.
  4. I have no words 😂
  5. Victory fans racially abusing Kusini Yengi on instagram, level of surprise: 0 Filling 10% of Docklands for the "Original Rivalry", I haven't heard any Green Seat jokes lately. Weird.
  6. I think a lot of it comes down to bucking the trend that everyone else is obsessed with, passing it about aimlessly and playing 4-3-3/4-2-3-1. The Mariners work hard and can bomb the ball forward to relieve pressure or start an attack and have Simon and their other striker to win the ball instead of your standard lone striker against 2 centre backs constantly. Whoever works with their defence deserves a role at Barcelona, they're exceptionally well drilled and defend with their lives. On paper they look like one of the worst back fours in recent memory but they're putting in stellar performances every week.
  7. Loved Glover giving it to the Tards active Bay after the 5th goal. It nearly made me feel sympathy for my Victory supporting mates I went to the game with. We were terrible under Aloisi, but at least we had a dip in derbies. That Victory team has as much spine as a jellyfish. Long may it continue.
  8. The ref and VAR ref surely get a few weeks off, that's stuff you wouldn't expect a Sunday League ref to stuff up.
  9. New York City spent $10m+ on signing Alexandru Mitriță in 2019, we've spent that on all our marquees combined since the takeover.
  10. Arzani came on in the 90th minute for his AGF debut in a 1-0 win.
  11. All aboard the Alou Kuol bandwagon, only positive of this A-League season is all these kids playing without fear.
  12. Imagine Ange Postecoglu watching Tsubaki get dragged off after 30 minutes because we were getting torn apart down the left. Who was the player destroying us a Castro? a Ninkovic? No. Jason Fucking Hoffman playing as a wing back destroying a fullback over and over 1v1, so we sub a winger. Comical stuff. Hope Ange cancels his loan because that's absolutely shambolic. We should've been using Tsubaki to pin Hoffman back in defence but we couldn't string 2 passes together and get the ball to him. But heaven forbid we hold the captain accountable, let's just drag the young bloke, that'll show that we mean business.
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