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  1. Bruno Fornaroli! Score some goals for Glory!
  2. He used to play for Liverpool, was pretty well known whilst playing for them too...
  3. That media release is a shocker, can hardly call that a farewell. Putrid handling of the club's greatest ever player.
  4. Kind of in the same boat as @cadete here. Locality to Western United FC, and Melbourne City doing what they've been doing since existence is making it too tempting for myself to, at the very least, attend some home games just to see what it's like. If Melbourne City at least respected their fan base with decent investment and engagement then this may not have even been an issue, but truth be told I've only attended the Christmas derby this season, and this is my second season in a row of not having a season ticket (was a Heart foundation member etc). It's just so predictable, it's boring. The Bruno situation has probably been the final nail for me, just bewildering. Amyway, the league could do with a strong Melbourne City and I still hope it occurs but people from the 'west' now have an option that may resonate more with them.
  5. Legit, what chances do people think there are of CFG just biting the bullet and building their own 15-20k stadium? I know it's probably unlikely but surely with Western United having their own stadium will make them realise the benefits of owning your own stadium etc. Not sure where you'd build it, but in an ideal world it would happen, leaving AAMI Park to the scum.
  6. It's a big difference, and one I was just thinking about actually.
  7. TWG are reporting that WMG are heavily linked to Luke Brattan, in an article that also states the new team will be named 'Western Athletic' and will wear green and black. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/western-athletic-wins-the-name-game-for-a-league-newbies?fbclid=IwAR1Hnv9XvQs-cNLl2WM9aTFt5rSTOA8denrRoQxx-_P0G7H0xQ4wAfmM0RM
  8. How the heck did McGree miss that penalty? Legit Redmayne couldn't have been hanging more to his right in the build up if he tried, and yet McGree decided to squeeze it into that very side. It's a good save from Redmayne, no denying that.
  9. You know things are bad when we're reminiscing about how good the Heart days were. Completely agree that City have been severely underwhelming overall though, so much potential, so little delivery. And now Western Melbourne are going to come in to the league and invest, like what City should be doing. These times are as crucial for City as they are for any other club.
  10. All this happening whilst a third Melbourne team will be announced in barely two weeks. It's an absolute shambles, this is Aloisi level bad purely because we're losing our best players etc and to top it off, there'll be under 5k on Sunday night. I remember when we used to joke that Bruno would eventually be pushed out from Joyce's regime, this should really be the final straw.
  11. It's going to be so funny when a third Melbourne side comes in and completely overshadows this franchise within about two seconds of existing. 12,000 at the game definitely says there's interest in the sport. They're not going to support mediocrity, not in Melbourne.
  12. Yeah, make no mistake, the club wouldn't have lasted much longer if CFG didn't buy us. It is pretty hard to invest invest much emotion into this club these days when it's clear we're so far down the pecking order. Will be be interesting to see who the third Melbourne team will be, I say bring in them in for sure. Western Melbourne and Team 11 both look like strong bids. Anyway, hopefully the team can show something soon as thankfully it's only Round 3, but jeez it doesn't look good even with the derby win (which is just typical Heart/City anyway).
  13. Here's a fun fact: this club is now in its ninth season.
  14. This club is absolutely fucked. And to do that in front of 12,000 people. Happy to admit I wasn't there, not even those free tickets tempted me. This has been the first season I haven't had a season ticket either, just not worth the four hour round trip anymore. Its worse than mediocre, I struggle to care that much now considering the lack of investment in the squad. Oh well.
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