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  1. Jamo will have to take care of pierias and depending on who they play at right CB. Calver maybe? Stopping pierias will be the key.
  2. Was never the clubs decision to either keep or let him go. They offered him a contract but as we now know he turned it down. He's scored 5 goals most from RB and only started 6 or so games. I think we got it wrong tbh.
  3. Will a championship or grand final win only be excepted?
  4. Apart from delbridge the rest will be gone.
  5. Boys we just beat a team thats last and been getting flogged by most. But at least now i know where we are at.
  6. Second half will show us where we are really at.....
  7. Victory youth make the GF v Sydney fc while we manage 1 win from 8 games. What has happened? We were very strong years gone by. Is this something to be concerned with?
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