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  1. That's not how statistical evidence works, there have been studys done that show the only significant effect that the post port arthur gun laws have had is on gun related suicides. Anyway, point is I dont see why every time this stuff happens the whole of Australia need to go on about US gun laws when the US is a separate country, a strong democracy, can choose their laws themselves, and when our own gun laws arent even proven to be effective. TBH I dont get why people in Australia care so much in the first place, if everyone is so sure that our gun laws stop this from happening here then it might as well be classified with all the deaths in the middle east and africa that we dont care about because they cant happen here.
  2. Or give him a truck and see. Or a homemade bomb. Over the top gun control doesn't stop shit like this from happening. TTIM: the usual 'Australia banned guns after a mass shooting and fixed everything herp derp' despite there being no statistical evidence to support the claim.
  3. Definitely lacks 'stealing shoes from a hobo while in Adelaide' and others posts on that level of cheapness.
  4. Far too many ethnics posting in this thread
  5. TTIM : Bullshit double standard of the "right to self determination", where is Catalonia's right to self determination? If some Balkan country was sending tanks and ships full of police and arresting people over an independence referendum there'd be some UN resolution to bomb the fuck out of it right now.
  6. After seeing Greek petrol/diesel prices I don't blame him.
  7. Communists generally are good at controlling their party room
  8. Tesla


    Anyone own/work/know a business whose target market is 15-35 year old males and want a dirt cheap (practically giving it away) marketing opportunity? Only condition is it has to be finalised in next few days.
  9. Anyone going PAX? Chances are one of my teams is gonna be playing at PAX, do me a solid and buy some jerseys and rep at PAX pls (PM for info).
  10. TBH the only thing that will save the Yes vote is that brexit and trump already happened, surely removed the novelty of the troll vote
  11. Well I guess anyone that ever wondered why we don't have direct democracy now has their answer.
  12. Well surely Australia has hit an all time low with the disgusting and moronic behaviour going on, and let's face it most of it is coming from people voting yes. The things I've seen, read, or heard from others, even I'm shocked and you guys have probably realise by now I'm pretty cynical and generally expect the worst from people. As much as I don't want to be associated with this scum, I'm going to be voting yes, since the whole point of this was to get people's honest opinions in a respectful manner, something that everyone seems to have forgotten. That's if I even get a chance to vote seeing as I haven't received anything yet and taking note of the above posts. Oh and I refuse to blame the government for this mess because TBH I think people who were against the plebiscite in the first place are now throwing a tantrum and making the whole thing fucked on purpose.
  13. Yeah well it's the only explanation for a lot of things tbh
  14. Well actually I did my paperwork for citizenship when I was there so that's not an issue. Technically I dont work in any field at the moment, but yes if I go back to making a location independent income I would definitely be tempted.
  15. TBH after coming back from a country where you can live off $3000 a year I'm feeling pretty cheap, but not cheap enough to forgo my sugar free drinks.
  16. TTIM: that people on this forum like coke no sugar more than coke zero. Seriously you could have just bought coke zero and mixed it with water all this time if you actually prefer this shit, you would have saved money as well.
  17. Serious question Cad, are you not worried that what has happened in other countries that have legalised same sex marriage might happen here in regards to Catholic (or other religion) schools being forced to teach about homosexuality and gender diversity? (apparently schools have been shut in other countries)
  18. TTIM: r u ok bullshit Can't all the attention seeking losers go back to jumping on left wing political bandwagons for their social media validation rather than trivialising a serious disease by implying that 4 fucking letters are going to make a difference?
  19. Politics and Facebook don't mix, unless you have no friends, family, job etc
  20. Possibly the most American thing ever.
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