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  1. Yeah sounds like the same situation the gf ran into with her asthma, never knew she could get inhalers cheaper with a prescription. Best shit I've found is nasonex, take it for a few days to kick in and then I'm usually fine, just been to lazy to get started and go straight for the immediate relief of a zyrtec. Once elected just need to refuse to vote every time the government needs to pass something until all hayfever shit is completely free ez.
  2. Rofl, could probably actually get up, fuck load of people with hayfever and it's expensive. What? Is it a situation where you need to get a prescription from the doctor and then it's PBS?
  3. TTIM : That hayfever medicine etc isnt government subsidised like everything else even though it's more debilitating than most the shit the average person would take a sick day for. Seriously I'd rather have the flu than be hit with really bad allergies for a few days.
  4. Gotten China to agree with extremely tough sanctions which will basically cripple North Korea.
  5. He has actually achieved more than anyone before him regarding North Korea,
  6. TTDIM : an armed civilian putting an end to a mass shooting in the US. Time to loosen au gun laws If you disagree you're a terrorist supporter
  7. Tesla

    TV Series

    Been working through Ray Donovan the last month or two, good show
  8. Yeah last season was pretty poor in comparison.
  9. TTIM: no Catholic priests living in my neighbourhood so fuckwit parents wouldn't send their kids to stranger's houses to beg for candy.
  10. TTIM : House of cards getting cancelled because of this Kevin Spacey crap. I don't care about any of that, I just want more house of cards ft one of the GOAT actors.
  11. Would just like to interject and point out that the Gold Coast Suns is an ethnic AFL club
  12. Anyone going pax? I have to go to media day tomorrow and will be attending Saturday and probably Sunday, dunno about Friday.
  13. The private sector has actually tried to connect areas to their own fibre networks and the government does everything it can to stop them to protect NBNs monopoly, so I don't think it's an unreasonable suggestion that without the NBN and with a deregulated industry that significant portions of metropolitan areas would be on some form of fibre right now. Plus there are of course wireless services which are a good substitute for most uses, so much so that now the NBN is scared of that competition and wants the government to start making mobile networks pay a levy for competing with the NBN. As for regional areas, like I said they would still most likely need to be subsidised, but it still wouldn't be anything like the cost of the NBN.
  14. Also worth noting the current major issues with the NBN aren't due to the technology used, it's down to it being too expensive. ISPs are massively overselling / not buying enough bandwidth, because it's the only way they can deliver the service at the price the market is willing to pay. Hence why people are getting slow and unreliable internet. The best part is that despite being effectively given a monopoly with competition being banned, the NBN can never actually hope to make a profit with the way things are going, they need ISPs to buy more bandwidth and start charging customers more (the NBN CEO basically said thats what their business plan relies on just a few days ago). So we've basically got a network so expensive that the only way people can afford it is by buying a shitty oversold service that is slow and unreliable, and the NBN still wont make a profit despite if effectively being a monopoly. Now imagine if Labor's more expensive NBN was deployed, sure it would be better in the long term, but even more financially fucked in the short term than what is already a disaster.
  15. Still not sure who is more to blame, Liberals for turning the NBN into a tier 20 network or Labor for starting the whole mess. Leaning to Labor TBH, it was inevitable such a big, long, and expensive project would be politicised, precisely why government shouldnt undertake projects like this and leave it to the private sector instead. By now the private sector would have already hooked up metropolitan areas to FTTP while charging less and the government could have subsidised rural areas if they were so inclined at a much lower cost than under the NBN. Of course the issue with that is that the government always prefers to sneakily subsidise rural areas rather than directly because if people knew how much money goes to propping up unsustainable bumpkin towns they'd be mad af, but the government has to keep doing it because rural areas have greater political power.
  16. Welcome to the government interfering in things that should be handled by the private sector. Seriously one of the biggest disasters ever by the government
  17. TTDIM : Not pretending I like beer and just drinking cider or spirits instead.
  18. The best bit is that the two major supermarkets already decided to get rid of them. The state government is literally just trying to look like they're doing something. Fwiw, they should have just put a tax on them rather than banning them.
  19. The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy
  20. Electricity market broken due to bad government regulations. Solution is apparently more regulation.
  21. TTDIM: When you're brain damaged enough that 21 Savage starts sounding good
  22. Google Docs is good and has it's place, same as other cloud options like Zoho, but you cant compare it to a full featured program like Microsoft Word. If you guys really dont like Microsoft Word, you can install Libre Office which is free, but I'd rather just pay for Microsoft Word. And those that are complaining regarding a workplace situation, just be glad you don't have someone in charge at your workplace who thinks they're smarter than they are and decided Libre Office is a good way to save money. If you can afford to employ people in Australia with all the red tape and costs, you can afford Microsoft Office.
  23. Microsoft words is pretty good tbh.
  24. It's more than that, if it's 45k just in pay to the cops than its probably over 100k in total cost.
  25. Honestly can we start sending bills to protestors for police time wasted? Every thing has protests and counter protests these days with a bunch of police having to be there. Surely we're talking at least $250 an hour per police officer if a billing rate was to be calculated. Wonder how many protests you'll have when $30k needs to be paid every time.
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