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  1. This is literally whats happening like 5m away from me, I can hear my neighbour on the phone for the past hour and a half talking crypto to someone and saying the most retarded shit like the banks are gonna be redundant in a few years time etc.
  2. TTIM : every second that goes by without bitcoin/cryptocurrency crashing. I'm tired of hearing all these retards thinking they know wtf they're doing and justifying it with pseudo-economics. Literally just mindless gambling at this point, and as malloy said in the other thread, anyone that makes money it's just because they got out before the game of musical chairs ended.
  3. TTIM: TV Shows with mid season breaks. Need traditional TV to die completely so it's all just streaming services.
  4. Seriously how aren't the same regulations that apply to gambling applicable to crypto?
  5. Lul yeah I'm sure living under the Ottomans was great for non-muslims Only reason there are muslim states in the Balkans now is because of how many people converted to make their life easier under Ottoman rule. So then are the Turks responsible for fucking up the Balkans as much as the Brits are responsible for fucking up the rest of the world? Who the fuck knows. Chalk it all up to shit happens.
  6. Just another form of collectivism.
  7. Fuck me, unionists, US spies, Chinese spies, Transurban spies, is there anyone in the labor party who isnt dodgy? Royal commission into the labor party needed ASAP.
  8. Just gonna take the above post as another opportunity to point out how BS it is that rural areas have disproportionate political power.
  9. Fwiw on environment, I'd argue that libertarian philosophy can be quite strong in terms of environment protection. I'd say things like a carbon tax, or even a general pollution tax, are very much compatible with libertarian philosophy.
  10. Seriously surely we can get someone on this forum preselected given we are 95% of the LDP voters in Victoria.
  11. It's fair enough, it's a fact that gay men have by far the highest chance of getting aids. TBH its pretty amusing when situations like this come along which must explode collectivist brains, choosing between two of their usual programmed responses, the LGBTI bandwagon and the feminism bandwagon, of course they somehow concluded that a woman can't choose who she fucks when it comes to gay men, she has to fuck them cause otherwise it's discrimination against gays, solid fucking logic plus that's a bit rapey. Before this it was having to choose between the pro Muslim bandwagon and the LGBTI bandwagon, LGBTI won there as well. I actually should start compiling this data and programming a collectivist twitter bot to demonstrate how easy it is to replicate collectivist 'intelligence' (or lack there of)
  12. Exactly why we must purge the collectivists from our society, bullied a young woman into suicide on twitter for not wanting to have sex with gay men. When you find out someone votes for the Greens or Labor, you know what you have to do.
  13. TTDIM: The bois at Spotify putting me onto Witt Lowry, 11/10 will listen to all day for at least a fortnight.
  14. On a scale of 1 to caring about additional gender options on a form how unemployed are you?
  15. I said depression not recession. Recession is what would have happened a decade ago if the government didn't try spend its way out of it. Now there is fuck all fiscal or monetary policy options to stop things going to shit. If there are a lot of dodgy loans then the housing bubble will burst and it will be worse than the housing market collapse in the US during the GFC.
  16. Yeah that's the main thing, but these other issues being raised are relevant as well. We all know the housing boom was due to foreign investment, and a lot of speculation is that these foreigners obtained mortgages through fake documents, we've already seen the NAB come forward with some dodgy loans but that's probably just the tip of the iceberg. In before terms of reference don't include looking into whether there are dodgy loans.
  17. Because it connects to the eastern freeway rather than eastlink, should be obvious why that's not going to work well. This royal commission into the banking industry is not going to end well for anyone, but I guess the impending depression has been delayed long enough.
  18. No bias tbh. I did get kidnapped and robbed in Bulgaria fwiw, legit gypsy country, but still pretty good, still beats some shitty south east asian country that people go to for a cheap beach holiday. Greece was the only average place I went too, nice beaches but expensive and boring plus the people are malakas.
  19. I'm actually all for toll roads, all freeways should be tolled, only because its impractical to toll the other roads as well. At the same time, PT users should have to pay closer to the true cost of their transport as well, rather than receiving a very substantial subsidy. Yet to see a good reason to not have a GP co-payment TBH, people should be very happy paying $10 to see a GP rather than paying $60 or w/e it should actually cost.
  20. $16bn for by far the worst route possible for the NEL, construction costs have gotten even more ludicrous under Labor government.
  21. Meanwhile you could go to the Balkans where everything is cheap but ATMs work and the people are civilised
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