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  1. I guess the government beat the corps at their own game of turning wagering into the same shit as pokies. Wonder what kind of huge margins there will be after all these new taxes come in, will probably lead to odds not being beatable except in cases of fuck ups. You definitely won't have your promos anymore, not to the same extent anyway, so good for everyone that milked them all already lol.
  2. UOTYH : if you're dumb enough to buy a franchise you deserve to have your life ruined and lose all your money.
  3. Yes got my first car there, no issues tbh but probably paid a bit overs, for an auction anyway. Its basically dealer > auction > private in terms of prices, because in terms of dodginess its the exact inverse, so it makes sense. I've bought all my cars with my dad with me, has always bought second hand cars his whole life and so knows his way around, so yeah doesnt hurt to bring someone that knows a thing or two.
  4. Only annoys me when people say completely stupid shit. Fwiw in theory I think there is solid value in some cryptos and would invest if the price was right but then you see the market caps and it just makes no sense, completely unrealistic in general.
  5. Tesla

    I wonder...

    My kids will only be allowed to have a phone after successfully developing a billion dollar app.
  6. I didnt realise it was the end of the season yet? The longer the contract, the higher the transfer fee
  7. Proof that marketing is all that matters.
  8. TTIM : this post reminding me to check when nbn is coming to my house as it should be soon, and unsurprisingly it's been pushed back another 6-12 months.
  9. TTDIM : NBN continuing to prove why the government should stay out of the economy as much as possible. The more they interfere, the worse it gets. Surely will go down as one of the greatest case studies in the history of the world on why government needs to fuck off and let the free market do its thing.
  10. I really don't care about the style of play, all that matters is results, and the results haven't been there. We may be 3rd but that's because the table is a bit unusual at the moment, we're actually closer to 9th than 1st, and it wouldn't take much for us to not make finals.
  11. I'm sure @cadete is excited by this news.
  12. TTDIM : heads of state bantering about nuking each other on twitter. We've now witnessed peak banter so not really much left to live for anyway if shit does go down (which it won't )
  13. Him persisting with Malik all season should be a sackable offence alone.
  14. As the usual proprietor of manager sacking threads, I would like to give this thread my blessing.
  15. Just came here to say that this kid is the real deal, unlike the 1000 #yoof bullshit hype trains over the years. Tesla approved yoof, will transfer to Europe end of season.
  16. Won the ACL with a team of state league level players, would probably be the best manager appointment in Heart/City history (which isnt saying much at all).
  17. As good as legal in St Albans TBH. I was surprised when I was in the UK that even there theyre legal and can be bought from the supermarket, we really are the Nanny State to end all Nanny States.
  18. I heard the Catholic Church has made serious investments in the bollard industry as well
  19. I'm also one that has never got the whole strippers thing, might as well go to a prostitute and get some bang for your buck. Again though, never got the whole prostitute thing either, unless you're a married man and want some discreet action on the side, if you're single seems more fun to spend the money trying to get a woman to have sex with you without a direct fee. But each to their own.
  20. Tesla

    Stay Woke

    Clearly @Shahanga is a lackey for the bollard industry, trying to deflect attention. i'm not the bad guy here.
  21. Tesla

    Stay Woke

    It's actually fucked I was gonna post that yesterday but got over it
  22. Tesla

    Stay Woke

    The bollard industry is orchestrating all these vehicle mowing down crowd attacks STAY WOKE
  23. More open space is the QoL improvement here. The rest is just replacing an unviable building with a viable one. Apple is footing the bill for demolition and construction as well as renting the new building.
  24. More public space and I'm assuming it also makes commercial sense, I don't see the problem tbh.
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