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  1. As if this gets made before Sack Worm or Sack Maycon, or even Sack Hoffman. I agree, Sack Williams, but first Sack Worm and Maycon.
  2. atmosphere and sage francis are also Tesla approved. Feel free to post in hip hop thread. What I happen to be listening to right now:
  3. I am glad I took the chance and clicked play on this. Nice.
  4. In on Babalj thread. A rare talent.
  5. If you wish to stand in the Yarraside, you will need to purchase an Active Support ticket or season membership. In order to get the most out of your matchday experience, it is expected by the Yarraside, the team and the club that you understand what is expected of you when you come into the Yarraside: - Stand for 90 minutes. Sing for 90 minutes. Even if the team is down 0-3, support them like they're going to win 4-3. - Your view may, at times, be limited due to flags, pullovers and any other display created by the Yarraside. - Learn the songs, if you don't know the words, ask someone next to you. - Racist, homophobic and sexist chants are strongly discouraged and terrace leaders will work to ensure a friendly, welcoming and fun atmosphere in the Yarraside.
  6. Tesla


    Apparently we are in for Kolarov as well, a much more important signing. Leftback has been the weak spot for years and Kolarov is quality. Chivu out please.
  7. ^ lol what. Even the Ottoman empire didn't cover anywhere near that much area.
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