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  1. Should be keeping his mouth shut and be happy he hasn't been charged with something surely, like that other labor senator who was a US spy and swiftly disappeared from politics and the media.
  2. 24 years isn't a bad run for a marriage in this day and age tbh, shit happens, personally I wouldn't hold it against him. But he chose to play the game of the 'family unit' and 'traditional marriage' and what not, so now of course he is going to suffer the consequences of his hypocrisy.
  3. TTIM: That while ctrl + z is often the shortcut for undo in programs, the shortcut for redo is always something different, whether ctrl + y, or ctrl + shift + z, or some other convoluted combination.
  4. Tesla

    I wonder...

    Well for example, why does a job application need to ask your gender when they can't discriminate anyway, in fact any smart, large organisation would not ask it just to make it impossible for anyone to claim discrimination was involved in the decision (especially when you could argue that you can't infer someone's gender these days when interviewing them for example). It doesn't really make a difference to me, I just think it's stupid tbh, and basically goes back to what you're saying, why do forms often have pointless questions especially when the goal should be simplicity if they want the form filled in.
  5. Tesla

    I wonder...

    Given the speed the government works at, and given it would be a massive change to the financial system, 5-10 years. I reckon it would be extremely appealing though so government could speed it up, new currency could utilise the blockchain but make it not anonymous for the government, rip tax avoidance and illegal shit Literally crypto will lead to the exact opposite of it's goals lol.
  6. Tesla

    I wonder...

    I wonder why there are now 5 gender options when completing a form. I also wonder what the purpose of such a question is most the time TBH, I feel like its a pretty irrelevant question nowadays.
  7. Tesla

    I wonder...

    When each government converts their own currency into a cryptocurrency.
  8. Tesla

    I wonder...

    Turning your future kids into degenerate gamblers while they're toddlers?
  9. Sounds about right TBH, get that EU money for changing name.
  10. Honestly the whole world knows this is the most retarded issue going around, and its somehow been going on for 25 years, with the rest of the world laughing at the massive . How one country thinks they can have any say in what another calls itself is beyond me. There is a geographical region called Macedonia, and in it lies a country called Macedonia and three regions in another country with the term Macedonia in their name, where is the problem? None of them even have the same name, and even then unless you had two nations with the same name, I dont see an issue. The Greek argument is that it implies some sort of territorial claim, like a NATO member has anything to worry about from a small country? It's ridiculous. These protests highlight probably the strangest part of it, the protesters don't even want a composite name with the term Macedonia, a solution that would be an outrageously great win for Greece, but they're not having it. Hence why it's been going on for so long even though it's in everyone's interests for it to be resolved, I doubt a composite name would even pass a referendum in Macedonia, while even that isn't acceptable to a lot of people in Greece. This is actually the closest it's ever come to being resolved, because you have both government willing to accept a composite name, but it doesn't seem either population is keen on it, and in Macedonia it will have to be a referendum, so we'll see what happens. I think it either gets resolved with a referendum passing, or if the referendum fails at some point the EU & co will put pressure on for Greece accept Macedonia joining EU & NATO under a provisional name in which case Greece loses all leverage anyway and the issue will probably never be resolved but it will be of little consequence. So, to answer your original question, my thoughts are the protesters are pretty misguided, this is Greece's best chance at a resolution in their favour, and I'm not sure if the chance will come again. Personally I'd like to see any referendum rejected just because the whole thing is a joke as I've outlined above and I think eventually EU/NATO will get a bit desperate to get Macedonia in and will tell Greece to basically fuck off. They've already invested too much to make it happen, and will probably try to rig any referendum, but if they cant, dont see what other play is left for the EU/NATO to get this all finalised then to pressure Greece into becoming more realistic with their demands.
  11. Gonna leave this here just in case one if you needs it: 13 11 14
  12. Yes, I still consider that part of the 'government'.
  13. I missed that, going to be interesting to see how many viewers it gets. TBH hard to know how it will go, but I do think this is doing more for the game FIFA than it is doing for the A-League.
  14. Whats going on in this thread?
  15. Meh, you can doubt esport all you want but the numbers are there for it. I just doubt whether FIFA is going to achieve a lot, who knows. I'm still under the assumption that no one involved in this actually knows about esports, seriously whys it on foxtel? Large part of esports success is that its streamed online for free. I also dont see what new fans you're going to get from it if it's on foxtel. Unless foxtel have paid a bunch of cash for it, in which case I guess it's fair enough.
  16. Tesla

    Stay Woke

    "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices" - Adam Smith The current cryptocurrency craze was orchestrated via a meeting between the heads of AMD and Nvidia in Santa Clara, Clarifornia, in late 2016. They realised if they pumped a couple billion into the market each it would generate a massive chain reaction in pricing. Worst case scenario they'd maybe lose a fraction of their investment, best case scenario they'd not only profit on the cryptocurrency but make an even greater profit on the demand for GPUs that would be created. A year and a bit later, crypto prices are fucked, GPU market is in complete shortage with prices skyrocketing even while AMD and Nvidia increase output, and both companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Stay woke.
  17. The ffa are giving it a good push with a fair bit of media and what not, but the whole thing is a bit meh for me still. Guess it's worth seeing how it goes and it probably isn't costing a lot, but fifa isn't a strong title as an esport so can't see it achieving much more then being a bit of a gimmick. Wouldn't mind seeing clubs pursue a more broad esport agenda, AFL is giving it a good go but I don't think they've got it right either.
  18. That's great and all, but let's talk about the real story of the last few days. Government so incompetent they sold off filling cabinets full of top secret documents Now of course instead of making sure they're not so retarded in future they'll be making it illegal for journalists to report classified documents. I guess nanny state needs to nanny state itself a little, can't very taking responsibility for its fuck ups.
  19. TTIM: http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/other-industries/salvation-army-hits-back-at-donations-dropping-calls-out-people-trying-to-sell-instead/news-story/76650a4517996a414525ac0b43f740ef Seriously wtf did I just read. Have a bigger sook that you can't get people's shit for free anymore because they have a better alternative. They don't even have to pay tax unlike their competitors.
  20. Fortnite hype really us far behind PUBG lol
  21. Anyone who wishes to claim a higher place then me better submit standardised, supervised, intelligence test results to backup their claim.
  22. Cats are fucked, you can see it in their eyes that, if they could, they'd kill you for a laugh, regardless of whether you take good care of them etc. Dogs on the other hand, give them a bit of food every once in a while and they'll fucking die protecting you.
  23. Dont drive slow and you'll have no problems? TTIM: People who drive slow UOTYH: Driving 15km/h under the speed limit is more dangerous for other road users than driving 15km/h over the limit.
  24. Bet 90% of the people that work there only do it so they can say 'I work for Apple' and try disguise the fact they have a shit retail job.
  25. Nah you're right, it does come down to doing your due diligence. My comment was more a general one, it does seem that maccas is a good one for example, but the majority seem to be scams. Charge you too much, force you to do expensive as fuck refurbs, if you're doing well they'll just open another next to you, etc. A lot of people must be not doing their due diligence signing up to ones with some of those dodgy terms. Not sure how much value you even get out of a lot of them, shit like Gloria jeans or Donut King or whatever the fuck isnt even that strong a brand. Also a lot of them, even if they aren't scams, if the owner can actually do well off it it's a lot down to their individual attributes as much as anything in which case they could probably do well in a different business and don't need to be franchising. I just hate fucking franchises tbh, shit for customers, generally shit for franchisees, generally only good for franchiser.
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