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  1. Agreed, though there is nothing stopping employers paying better employees above award, and it does happen, it also creates a mentality of commoditisation of labor where everyone is the same and worth the same which couldn't be further from the truth. So basically incompetent employees are overpaid, good ones are probably split between those who are underpaid and those who have been fortune to find an employer who values them and is willing to go above award conditions (which is probably reasonably rare).
  2. Any industry where people are paid as per an award is overpaid, not underpaid. That's the point of the awards, to artificially increase people's pay.
  3. It was one thing when the gender pay debate was about "equal pay for equal work", that was just plain old stupidity. Now Labor are turning it into "female dominated industries are undervalued", as in social workers should get paid the same as construction and mining workers. Now we're actually in socialisim territory, where the central government thinks it can determine the value of entire industries better than the market.
  4. Well if I'm right, the question is what happens once the whole precinct is built? They could sell all of that off and also stop investing in the club. Walk away with their profit but have a club which might not be in a too good a state.
  5. I suspect where the money is coming from is that it's as much a property development project as it is a football club. Build the stadium and a precinct around it on what would be dirt cheap land, with the stadium creating value for the rest of the precinct. They've chosen land near the train line, the idea there would be that state government will be forced to build a train station once there is a stadium there, creating further uplift for the precinct.
  6. I was referring more to the Howard tax cuts. Because we don't have indexation on our tax brackets (which is absurd), then basically we rely on the government to "cut" taxes, which was happening consistently until the GFC. With the economy looking better (aside from the potential effects of a housing market crash), I think it's reasonable to expect some significant tax cuts, in the decade or so since the last significant adjustments inflation would have toteled probably 25% yet the brackets haven't moved except for the small change for this FY.
  7. Shorten may be from the Labor Right but Labor is constabtly being dragged to the left to combat the Greens. I think a modern day Labor Right government would be very different from your examples, I guess we will soon find out. Workchoices was a good way for Howard to go out tbh, pursuing an unpopular reform because it was for the good of the nation, which he obviously had a strong track record doing and something prime ministers that came after him have lacked. It was the right policy at the time, and actually a lot of it wasn't repealed and just rebranded by Labor and continues to be a fundamental part of industrial relations laws today. The GFC and subsequent economic dip decreased the urgency of further reform but, with unemployment back to very low levels, industrial relations reform should be back on the agenda (not necessarily workchoices). Having said that, industrial relations laws are one thing, and economic reality are another. You can have a bunch of protections in there but low skill workers are still going to be commodotiesed and easily dispensed with if they don't work their ass off or fuck up. Whereas in an area of skill shortage, people can write their own salaries to an extent, be medicorore, even basically take the piss, and still be valuable because replacing them is too hard (I have to manage and hire people in an industry like this, and when you look at the quality of applicants trickling in it makes you value the people you have regardless of how far from perfect they are). Though some areas worth looking at would be further watering down unions and industrial action (I don't really know enough about the laws here to say exactly what should change but the outcomes I see certainly don't look right), and rebalancing some areas where employees seem to have way more power than employers (one example is notice periods, extremely unbalanced and there were recent changes for employees covered by an award which basically give employers zero recourse for employees not fufilling their notice obligations, while even on the other end of the labor market there also is little recourse and really only a reliance on professionalism and reputational considerations keeping people from being able to walk out of a job without giving notice).
  8. Howard put money in people's pockets and he was PM for a long time. Do that and dont give people too many reasons to not vote for you, eg avoid the pointless and stupid gay marriage circus next time. Unfortunately we'll probably be full communist by the time the Libs come to their senses.
  9. Easily solved with electronic voting.
  10. Liberals need to ease up on social issues, new generation of Liberal voters are going to be more to the left socially, thats just how our society is evolving. Would be better to focus on economic matters, at the end of the day most people are going to put the greatest weight on their hip pockets.\ Average FT salary in Australia is now $86k + super, thats a lot of people who are on the fringe of paying 37% marginal tax rate on some of their earnings, and paying medicare surcharge.You need to make $200k just to have double the average FT employee after tax. Time for some good old fashioned class warfare, cut taxes for the bourgeois and let the poor rot
  11. I work with a lot of both Indians & Chinese, the Indians are more aligned culturally by default and also do have interest in assimilating. The Chinese on the other hand, dont have any interest in assimilating, and just keep to themselves. It's not really about a "better income", a lot of the Indians had servants and overall more purchasing power in India by the sounds of it, it's more about the general increase in quality of life, not living in a country of 1bn+ people. I imagine the Chinese would also be okay economically in China, but again would be the pollution and government and population that make them come here. Also the Chinese aren't taking over anything, unless it's by sheer force of numbers, they're not getting anywhere when their English is bad, they dont drink, and in general have a subservient attitude. But if they did, we're all fucked, give them a little power and it goes to their head. Indians on the other hand can definitely manoeuvre our society to get somewhere. Much more driven, social, confident, good English (just bad accents on a lot of them).
  12. TTDIM: Managing a guy old enough to be my father, and taking small shots at his age every day because I know it makes him lowkey mad af that i'm his boss
  13. I agree with your general sentiment, but I also think you've been watching too many US prison shows.
  14. I'm not sure that's racism either tbh.
  15. wtf job pays that money for 2 days a week work lol.
  16. Logic: Gain weight = calories in > calories burnt Lose weight = calories in < calories burnt Change 200 calories from sugary softdrink to 0 calories from sugarfree softdrink, ceteris paribus you now are gaining like 25g of weight less a day / losing 25g more of weight a day.
  17. Tesla

    I wonder...

    They barely do their day job in IT let alone a side job... That's why the actually fit well in the Melbourne workplace culture They also drink unlike a lot of other immigrants (eg Chinese don't really drink), which is a plus.
  18. Tesla

    I wonder...

    I wonder why Indians are always on the phone. Whether it's on the train, at work, while driving a taxi, while serving you at 7 eleven, etc. They are always on the phone. Must be a very social culture they have I guess, but still who the fuck do you need to talk to that much.
  19. Somewhat related to the above actually: TTIM: realising when you officially become old, it's when you start listening to old music more than new music. Can confirm old status has been reached for me.
  20. I don't drink Monster and I do listen to other rap, so nope. Who drinks Monster outside of the US anyway, I assume that extremely sweet taste only appeals to Americans who are desensitised to sweet flavours.
  21. Well that is exactly what I've been saying.
  22. Surprised you've never seen it, I've seen it multiple times in the last month or so. Basically when you are introduced to someone via email, fuckwits be like 'nice to e-meet you'
  23. TTIM: the cringe shit people write in emails. I probably receive 200+ emails a day at work so it really takes its toll. Worst three have to be: 1. 'Happy Friday' 2. Even worse, 'Happy Monday' 3. 'e-meet' What the fuck is wrong with people.
  24. How is it even possible to have a lower preferred prime minister rating than Shorten? Rough times ahead.
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