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  1. Imagine calling up a 30 year old playing in the Japanese second div over a 23 year old playing regularly for a Europa League quarter finalist.

    Don't even get me started on Arzani getting called up either, he wouldn't even cut it in the A-League on current form. 

    Sack Arnold. 

  2. 1 hour ago, HeartFc said:

    Was it this bloke? Billy boy wanted the gulag but his advisors reminded him they weren't build yet. They settled for getting the bloke sacked.


    Yeah that's it, mining port worker not mining worker. I never caught this follow up news, that's actually fucked.

  3. 4 hours ago, cadete said:

    Surprised I was not tagged in this thread.... by @Tesla @malloy or @HeartFc

    Anyway I always bore people to shit on here about how if you can run a "No Policy Election" then you fucken do it because its the best strategy to get into Parliament, decides at least over 1/3 elections in Australia at both levels. This strategy made a wooden Tony Abbott a PM FFS.

    However its a tactic that basically only really Oppositions can use... yet the ALP gave the Libs they chance to use it instead. Seriously what a fuck up why did Bill not just smile once , shut up about anything that sounded like policy and maybe do a dance with school kids and kick a footy. Instead WE had him making complicated blustery speeches that FFS reminded me of all things the fucken campaign footage of Billy fucken McMahon.

    The dumbest thing about the whole result is I know that when the Bigwig Consultants come back to each Party with the reasons for the result the top one will be PPL liked the word "Scomo" and secondly nobody likes being told that an election is over and there vote (that they have to cast is useless). FWIW SCOMO's wife likability will also def be up there.

    Seriously why did one person not say to Bill "Keep It Simple Stupid" because his personal performance was so blatantly and obviously bad if he was in Cricket and not Politics he be banned for cheating and back playing Grade Cricket.

    At the end of day well played Liberals... you played it simple just kicked it down the guts and hoped for the best, tried to make as less errors and possible and won.

    As for the ALP surely now the members leadership vote should not be allowed to be vetoed.

    It's that, and it's the fact that elections in Australia are won on the economy, I believe you have said that yourself previously as well.

    I know I'm liberal with the word socialisim, but seriously some of the policies they came out with were really starting to get there, and the old labor base aren't socialists. I remember there was one instance where some unionised  mining worker asked shorten why Labor weren't looking after him on his 200k income lol, it was a very minor thing with a minor mention in some news article somewhere along the election path, but in hindsight perhaps a telling sign.

    Morrison made things about the economy as soon as he came in, his policies aren't even to the right of center, only tax cuts we may see are for low income earners and the lower end of middle income earners, but retirees and higher income earners were already shitting themselves about labor taking all their money so they didn't need any convincing I suppose.

  4. 5 hours ago, NewConvert said:


    Also the ones who are affected the most with respect to marginal rates are those on low incomes because as soon as circumstances change all subsidies get removed, leaving them worse off. In the UK  both Blair and Cameron amended the system to taper off the subsidies. Again AFAIK there is no move afoot in Australia by the major parties to remove this disincentive.

    Well I suppose it depends on your definition of low income, but the point where the most significant subsidy cuts and marginal tax rates occur is at what I would classify as middle incomes.

    But that's exactly the point, unless we're going to go through all the possible permutations, the lack of transparency makes it hard to say.

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  5. 21 hours ago, Tesla said:

    Nothing interesting in the federal election unless Shorten manages to throw it away somehow, which he is having a good crack at.

    Whole thing is pretty shit, tired of the government putting it's hand out left, right, and center once you make more money than the average person, and Labor is going to take it even further.

    But what can you do, just make even more or go to a low tax country for a few years.

    Just to elaborate on this, the problem is that it's not just the income tax rate, it's that there are so many things targeting people on middle class incomes.

    Firstly you have tax offsets for low income, so their tax rate isn't as high as the tax brackets suggest, where as middle and high income earners don't get this. Then you have the MLS, where someone earning just 90k+ a year has to either pay an extra 2% tax or buy health insurance they don't need. Speaking of health insurance, the subsidies fall off pretty quickly as well around that mark. Then you have all the benefits that get cut as well, eg things like childcare subsidy etc.

    The net effect is that middle income earners face marginal tax rates of 100%+ in some cases.

    All taxes and/or lack of subsidy based on income should be bundled into the income tax rates, for transparency reasons, and to ensure there aren't cases where ludicrous marginal tax rates are in effect, causing massive economic inefficiency.

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  6. Nothing interesting in the federal election unless Shorten manages to throw it away somehow, which he is having a good crack at.

    Whole thing is pretty shit, tired of the government putting it's hand out left, right, and center once you make more money than the average person, and Labor is going to take it even further.

    But what can you do, just make even more or go to a low tax country for a few years.

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  7. 1 hour ago, NewConvert said:

    I thought that they were. The only times I have come across your situation was when there are two arterial roads which carry an equal volume of traffic.


    Yeah that's definitely the default after midnight (not sure exact time but think it's midnight). Main road has green until sensor on side road is triggered, or sensor for turning from main road.

  8. 7 hours ago, jw1739 said:

    I wonder...how on earth you can spend $150m on a feasibility study (Victorian Government, Geelong-Melbourne "fast rail" proposal)?

    If it's just consultants, that's 350+ years of man hours at a generous $2000 a day.

    100 people for 3.5 years?

    Not sure what other costs are involved aside from people time on something like this.

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  9. TTIM : People taking advantage of the Christchurch events to spew so much irrational leftist propaganda that's irrelevant to the events that have happened.

    Eg, Apparently the reason this all happened in 2019 in NZ is because John Howard won the 2001 election in Australia???

    If anything these events should show the pitfalls of irrational, hypocritical, and opportunistic politics.

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  10. I wonder why MJ being a pedo is now a big thing. There is nothing new here, everyone knew what he was unless they're an idiot or a lier. I can't tell you why he never got the hate he deserved previously, probably too big a star back then and then he died and that was that, but this whole new media frenzy all of a sudden because of some doco is just bizarre.

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  11. On 14/02/2019 at 1:12 PM, HeartFc said:

    Thats why I jumped ship...




    Mate, you can't fool me, I was there recently. Saw all the things in your photos in the first half a day. By the 3rd day I dudnt want to leave my hotel, nothing to see or do. Brisbane is okay, but a large pissant town none the less.

    Australia only has 2 cities.

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  12. 14 hours ago, NewConvert said:

    Engineering and IT is my turf. First up, there is a salary band for experience/expertise which is not that much higher than the award and is not particularly wide. Secondly, you are expected to work long hours and this happens regularly. So when you work your annual salary as per hour salary the wages come right down.

    Furthermore in order to reduce salary costs there is high Indian migration. This then floods the market putting salary and condition pressure downwards. However Indians soon realise that the cost of living in Melbourne is so much higher than in their hometown and they also begin to struggle.

    You must have worked at the bottom rung of those industries.

  13. 3 hours ago, NewConvert said:

    In over 30 years in the workforce, having worked in WA, Vic & SA as well as Japan I have never come across a situation where this occurs. And talking to sales personnel who have a basic salary plus commissions their base salary is so low that the commissions take them into what would be normal pay. Admittedly I have never worked in the finance sector so that may be exempt.

    As far as commodisation of labor well it is true. Otherwise robotics and AI would not have been pushing out humans from these tasks. And for some of these tasks whether one worker is better than the other it does not matter due to tolerance in what the customer would accept.


    You've never seen someone paid above award? My partner is a kindergarten teacher and her work place pays everyone a percentage above award, but that's everyone and not just people who are good. Also technically engineers and IT professionals are cover under an award (professional employees award) but I don't know if anyone is actually paid to the award as it's the same as any profession where you individually negotiate your pay AFAIK, so technically the vast majority of people in those two industries would be paid above award. Probably some other professions that are similar to that where an award technically exists but 90%+ are just on individually negotiated terms.

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