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  1. We have seen Melbourne City play very differently under Rado ... more responsibility to the players, subs, player rotation, changed tactics and formations. much more attractive attacking football. To me the games have been highly entertaining, and even our losses and draws could have (should have) been wins. PK was one dimensional and we did well because of the players he had, and the resources at his disposal, despite his lack of tactical nous. He was a fackn horror show to watch at times during match day with his sideline antics, and his tactics and lack of subs killed me. Go back and watch his pressers, compared to Rados ... that tells you everything you need to know I've said it before, I think PK would make a great coach (not manager) ... he'd probably be a decent asset to the Socceroo setup In terms of his French experience, I hate to say it, but it was always doomed
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  2. Unfortunately @citypool there is no "should" about it. The problem with the A-League is that people are interested in A-League football, but they are not emotionally invested in it. They go along to watch rather than to support. And if City is anything to go by, the clubs do little or nothing to encourage emotional investment. The two most recent emails I have received just illustrate the point - one advertising a brand of menswear and today's about "pride." For me, these things have nothing whatsoever to do with football. Do either resonate with our junior members? Nothing about how various players are going with their injuries, and the club can't be bothered to check its cut and paste job on the squad for the Macarthur match. I feel that I am being addressed more as a customer of a bank or a retail store than as a fan. And, IMO, that is why slowly but surely people lose interest in the club. The reason I keep going on this Forum is that I find out on here more about "what is going on" than ever I do from the club web-site or club correspondence.
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  3. Very true. @MHFC-FAN pointed out that the finals now are pretty much worthless apart from winning the toilet seat.. Finishing top you are clearly the top team for the season and gain ACL qualification.
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  4. I don't care about that. A misstep by us in the last few league matches and they will be right on our tails in the race for the Premiership and the ACL. That's the main prize now.
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  5. Adelaide keeping the pressure on us. Look like walking all over Wellington now.
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