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McGregor vs Mayweather


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HeartFc    2,686

All this shit about that being a good performance from Conor is BS. Guy got absolutely smacked, embarrassingly. Didn't go for the knock out and didn't have the gas to go the distance. Mayweather literally didn't throw a punch first round and hardly did anything in the 2nd or 3rd knowing Mcgregor would waste heaps of energy throwing combos. As soon as Mcgregor turned in a huffing and puffing beetroot Mayweather just slowly took over. I actually think Conor was so cocky he didn't bother really having a game plan. Shit fight. 

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AyeCee    647
41 minutes ago, Thrillhouse said:

pathetic sport, judges somehow gave the runner some of the first couple rounds when he did nothing
fight could/should of still gone on
there's a reason boxing is only relevant 1 or 2 days in a year at best

McGregor was on the back foot the whole time, he was the only one running. As for score, there is much more to winning a round than simply hitting more. Things such as controlling the ring go a long way, which is exactly what Money was doing. 

Mayweather was able to literally walk into McGregor, so much for his 'unbelievable power'. 

The one decent uppercut Connor landed did absolutely nothing, showed he was completely out of his depth. 

The whole thing was an embarrassment, neither fighter gave their whole effort, and it was 100% called early at the first sign of trouble. Simply traded love taps for 30 mins before laughing with each other about how much they had made. 

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