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You are my club! *New chant*

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Alright I posted this a while ago but never got around to starting it up. Anyways, sing it in your head at work, play it in your headphones when you go for a walk, belt it out during your exams... Idc how you do it, just learn it for the game tomorrow chaps. I'll start it up from the megaphone and I want everyone to follow through. I hope the lads at the front help me out with this, it'll catch on easier that way. It's pretty simple and flows well, so no excuses!! Get onto it

You are my club -clap clap-
You'll always be -clap clap-
Melbourne City is the team for me-clap clap
Red white and blue -clap clap-
We sing for you -clap clap- 
We're Melburnians through and throughhhhh
(drum beat picks up)
City oleee City oleeeee
City ole ole oleeee
City oleee City oleeeee
City ole ole oleeeee


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2 hours ago, hakz7 said:

Lol we might as well do some other Victory chants too...

There's a fine line between taking the piss and being cringe 

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