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I've just got back from a European holiday, during which time my daughter (who has a great interest in football culture) and I went on a stadium tour of FC St. Pauli in Hamburg. In case anyone os interested here are some photos of what a real community based football club is like.


This is a small area set aside for 'Under 6 yo' supporters to sit without their parents, supervised by a volunteer. The flower boxes were added by some fans who thought that it looked to drab. The only condition was 'no blue flowers' (rival club Hamburg's colours).


The viewing area for disabled spectators. This wasn't big enough so the club removed some corporate seats to provide more space!

Incidentally those red painted areas were painted by a fan who thought that the new stand was too grey and so came and added the colour in the weekends.


sorry that the picture is blurred, I can blame my daughter who insisted on taking the photos. There are many 'corporate boxes' but these are available for (paid) use by fans. This one is decorated as a Baroque palace with lots of gold, a marble fireplace and walls covered in painted icons, all who happen to be players:)



The access corridors to the stands are covered in artworks. Every season they are painted white and artists invited to come and paint them. Incidentally the 'cinderblock' refers to the stadium kindergarten. This is open all year and is for local kids. They also have a playground with a large pirate ship in it.


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That's a lot of nice things that they can reflect on to boost their spirits when they're playing third tier football next season :up:

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Like us, they play shit football. Unlike us they have a great club and an even more amazing ground

Speak for yourself. I wouldn't trade any aspect of this club in for anything. 

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