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Jimmy    3,161

Catching up on my Netflix originals atm. House of cards is in the toilet. Horrible season for a series that has been going downhill since season 2. Just a ridiculous convoluted mess. 4/10.

Half way through the new Bojack. Pretty meh. Not into this daughter angle and the family theme that's running through bojack's story. Feels too contrived. I'm finding Todd less likeable as well for some reason. The Mr. PB campaign is fun though. 6.5/10.

I hope stranger things is good.

Gonna watch the new F is for family after I'm done with bojack.

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Jimmy    3,161

Wow the last four episodes of Bojack really pulled that whole season together. It's probably my favorite season now. Hits me in the feels so good.

Keen for Bojack and Diane to get it on next season.

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