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The Great Outdoors (Camping/Hunting/Fishing) Thread.

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hedaik    2,648

Take more water than you think you need, and double it. 

Ive been caught out on a 35 degree day in Kalbarri and it fucking sucked. Worst was being right next to a salt water river the whole time. 

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Tommykins    631

Can confirm.

Had a similar thing happen to me up around Cape Crawford, spent a day fishing and then realised half way through that we had absolutely no where near enough water, but heaps of ice for the fish. :facepalm:

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Tesla    8,170

Decided to get myself into hiking now that I've purchased a new camera so I'm going on a full-day hike just outside of Healesville tomorrow, any advice for beginners?

I got into this for a little while a couple of years ago and then never continued even though I want to, might resume now that the weather is warming up. I think it's something you either enjoy or you don't and you'll find out pretty quickly. Eg hiking like 5 hours one way , if you don't enjoy it you'll probably want to kill yourself.

Only tips I could give are:

1. Wear good/comfortable footwear. Pretty obvious.

2. As others have said, water.

3. Be mindful of how much time you have left in the day, because when it is like a 5 hour return leg, you could easily fuck up and it turns to dark with still a couple of hours of hiking to do.

4. Try not to get bit by a snake.

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