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The Offical A-League "Sh*t C*nts FC" Thread.

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Clearly the standard of the A-League has dropped off a cliff (not that it was very high to the first place). I decided to compile the worst starting 11 this season based on inconsistency, failed expectation and of course complete and utter shitness. See if you can beat this team I will award you an interweb gold star. (Obviously the players selected need to have played a few games)

Keeper: Dean "Fresh Cut" Bouzanis

Def: Corey "The Nest" Brown - Dylan "Small Pox" Fox - James "The Donkey" Donachie - Johnny "State 2" Koutroumbis

Mid: Giancarlo "The Greasy Goof " Gallifuoco  - Ben "Early Retirement Plan" Kantarovski - Jakob "Bent Cock" Poulsen

For: Nick "Shitzy Fitzy" Fitzgerald - Kenny "Back To Africa" Athiu - Lachlan "The Dolphin" Wales 



Glenn "The Slippery Rock" Moss
Scott "UnHappy Meal" McDonald
Bruce "Somehow???" Kamau
Florin "The Gay Grizzly" Berenguer
Lachlan "Clean Sheet" Jackson

Manager: Marco "Matt Simon Says Hi" Kurz 

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