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  1. Life is Life!

    havn't come up with lyrics but the song Life is Life has a nice tune (some may know this as Maradona's song) here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vashrNoXTE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGikhmjTSZI the nanana part can sound pretty good with some clapping

    oh sorry ashley williams, swansea defender, tbh only seen him play against Arsenal a couple of times and a couple other matches, 28 year old captain of wales tho. oh yeh of course Cesc would be amazing as well! i have a feeling he will stay at least this year and try to prove his worth to barca.. maybe now with Neymar there they will start playing him in midfield more, but wish he comes back and plays with Wilshere in the middle would be unstoppable! yess bendtner finnally gone! arshavin too he had a massive salary which was not being used properly and i think denilson and squillaci too, so theres some more free space for salary.. yeh i agree having depth im midfield is essential, maybe play fellaini in cdm which he says is his fave position if we get him.. our corner set up will be scary for keepers and defenders.. BFG, Kosh and Fellaini, pwaohh headers galore!!

    higuin nearly signed? who else do we need? fellaini? williams? cesar? surely rooney wont happen.. imo anyway

    already completed, next year he will be scoring every second week
  5. UEFA Champions League

    well done goonas

    yes but which big team isnt owned by wealthy men? its not that our owners are rich but that city's and psg's and chealsea's managers munipulate the system use their own money into putting players onto the pitch, we have money but our owners are keeping it away from wenger. fair enough Stan Kroenke doesn't use his own accounts this is a good thing in football, but the money Arsenal make should be used for this and that is what Usmanov will do if he gains majority ownership. being purchased by this certain group is different, Arsenal's cash we earned wont be used but rather money given by external sources saying to the rest of the world that this is how football should be now. owners will be wealthy men because they are successful in other projects they have been apart of showing they are capable of handling responsibility, which is what we need

    i was just about to post the link, im against it i always believed in this decade we will continue to grow financially on our own and this is proven, just let usmanov and his group of true goonas who take on board the fans opionions run the club instead of that yank kroenke. win or lose tonight wenger is a terrific manager and just needs the confidence of whoever runs the club which he isnt getting at the moment. fair play would make us right up there in a few years but other clubs will always have ways around the rules and regulations, in a perfect world the true powerhouses like arsenal, liverpool etc will rise over city's and psg's. although the club knows nothing is perfect and times have changed where players would rather wear the shirts of fake clubs who pay than clubs who have given something to football so unfortunately this will probably happen and the Arsenal name will be corporatized.. leaving all other clubs with ambitions left with no chance unless they get bought out, welcome to the world of modern football when will they bring out the monopoly version ffs so we can pass these soulless values onto the next generation.. winning wont feel the same, getting up 3am to watch a circus show awaits plus side; at least we can keep Jack lol
  8. Heavenly blessed trance choons

    loving lift off^^ has anyone voted for the best tracks of 2012 on armins a state of trance? cant go past gareth emery's concrete angel in the top five!
  9. 2pac and biggie

    i no there is a hip hop thread but i thought id make this one and see if anyone else has their own theories about their deaths and the whole east coast/west coast shit. my guess is that suge knight was responsible for both hits.

    please dont leave farkeennnnn! (refer to previous comment)


    fuck! get wilshere santi ox verm sagna pod and giroud by themselves and sell everyone else, start fresh

    yeh gervinho is really annoying me now if he doesnt get scoring in the next couple of weeks he needs to go in jan, but even tho i dont think he will. we were lucky on sat with the penalties but now we gotta win tomoro in the league cup, curtis good expected to play against us..

    yeah Maede played well, and yeah ive given up defending those players we need to offload them in jan and try and pick up something good. True, Le Coq for me can be an asset to the club a loan move like wilshere had would help in. Fuck if we get Barca again at least we wont get our hopes up with a last minute bendtner one on one with valdes and fuck it up. we have gervinho for that now.

    lol yeah Arsenal struggle with youth yeh true about m'vila, i wish diaby was a more defensive minded player like vieira who showed tall cdm players can be very good, although diaby is a good box to box midfielder. it just makes u realise after he left liverpool how important and rare a player like xabi alonso really is, i reckon sell ramsey arshavin and chamakh (nothing is changing) and invest in an alonso TYPE player