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  1. Metcalf reminds me so much of Nemanja Matic. The key thing that EM has added is the one touch play all over the park. That second touch is what kills momentum. No other team in the A-League is doing the oen-touch as well. Great to watch.
  2. What you are seeing on the pitch now is everything Heart promised to be but didn't deliver. Well Er
  3. A young defender with huge potential seeing his career hit a speed hump known as Warren Joyce.
  4. Confusing isn't it? The selections, the omissions. Not really. This club exists primarily to identify, target and sign up the best Australian youth under the CFG unbrella. ACL is nice but not essential. So if you want this club to continue, keep hoping more kids find their way to CFG, because that's why it exists. Me. I'm meh. Heart beat the care factor out of me, so i just take a passive interest. The A-League as whole is on life-support anyway. No-one wants to admit it yet
  5. This wave is completely different. The 50's 60's 70's an 80's were escaping war, poverty and to start a new life. The Indians and Chinese we have migrating here are middle class and are not interested in assimilation now, or later. Ask the Fijians what happened to their Islands after the Indians moved in. They didn;t become Fijian, btw. As far as the Middle East migrants.. I don't even want to go there. Its not even up for debate.
  6. hardly. its about getting in to the most prestigious course in the most prestigious university. Melbourne Uni's student demographic is unrecognizable from when I was there in the 90's. It might as well be a uni in some capital of Asia. @heartfC I agree with you. The claim that all immigration periods are the same because all immigrants turn out the same in the end is absolute rubbish. The current wave has no interest in assimilating. I work in an area with a large Indian population. I've lost count the number of times I've heard them say " I'm Going home, to India for a few weeks". These are young 30 somethings with kids. Australia is just a place to get better income. Its not "home".
  7. What about the arm on Bruno's shoulder/upper arm before the push? Defenders pull this shit all the time. Without VAR he would have been happy enough with a free outside the box. Bur with the VAR it became a penalty.
  8. I meant in general defenders have been doing forever , but yes the VAR just comfirmed it was in the box
  9. Putting my blue glasses away..was a soft foul iside the box- Victory defender had his arm locking on bruno, then on his hand on his back. Its soft but this is the sort of stuff thats been happening for year an defenders got away with it and is exactly the sort of thing VAR will pick up. Look at all the penalties in the Wrold C
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