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  1. Memberships

    We downgraded last season from fanatic to casual supporter, saved a small fortune, rekindled old friendships and got out and about more than we have over the past few summers. Lots of fun had by all. We then got to choose which games to see, only watching those when City were playing in the red and white. I can't stand the CFG pale blue which has been forced on us and the clones in NY. If the club want five more members, then all they have to do is give us back our identity, The red on the women's promo with the badge highlighted would be acceptable. But looking at next seasons packages, it seems as if my club has sailed, and the money launderers are here to stay. I think next season we will down-grade our membership to the "beyond luke warm" category for the budget conscious. It also means more time at the beach. Oh, for a Melbourne club with a soul... They might get our membership. COYBIR
  2. December 19 Christmas Derby

    Just wanted to make sure I missed as little as possible of "The Two Towers". It started at 8:30pm. You could catch the end now if you're quick.
  3. Melbourne City survey

    Yes, bring back the red and white!
  4. The FFA Management thread

    Out with old A-League and in with new NSL!
  5. But what about the supporter ownership mooted in the first few years
  6. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    Please ask when we are going to get the individually Melbourne flavoured club we were told we were going to be, as opposed to the Manchester City clone we are fast becoming. Perhaps you could suggest we play home games in our ready to go red and white strip? Would differentiate us from the visitors and restore some pride.
  7. Memberships 2015-16

    So did I. Phrases like: - Too Manchester City - Sydney/NSW/Manchester City pale blue, Melbourne is red and white - Would like a club with member voting rights, not a franchise - Corporate - Boring These were all mentioned. If I had more room, I would have started on about team performance.
  8. The "Where are they now?" thread

  9. Dylan, whilst true, this is also absolute rubbish. It is the red that distinguishes City from the other side of town and the pale blue represents Manchester City and the CFG. Not us!
  10. Melbourne City Fan Representative Group

    I find the whole CFG pale blue corporate thing boring as anything. Home games are like getting a mortgage statement from the ANZ! The red and white was Melbourne all over, sparked passion and gave us a completely different identity from all other clubs in the league. The advertisement for the last derby showed little difference in image between Victory and City. CFG is like Starbucks, an international corporation with a sickly product. I long for our own identity back. And if penetration into Asia is what CFG are looking for, then red is obviously the way to go. Plus the red and white strip is the smartest looking in the A-League by far.
  11. Domestic Politics

    Well, it looks like the Liberal's are about to get a great pat on the back from Fairfax and the ABC - Just before they stick the knife in.
  12. SPL

  13. Wade Dekker

    I look at the ability of young strikers coming in and competing, often changing games even at 17 or 18 years of age. I then look at the standard of strikers who come into the A-League and make little to no impression what so ever. In a country that does quite well developing goal keepers and centre halves, why is it that since the likes of Aurelio Vidmar and Mark Viduka, Australia has been so poor at consistently bringing through quality young strikers? Dekker needs time to show, but he hasn't yet looked like he is ready to take a game by the horns.
  14. The "Where are they now?" thread

    I was surfing 442 and found this:In the Division Two Sodra Gotaland in Sweden, Kliment Taseski came on in the 73rd minute as FC Rosengard as they won 2-1 at home to BW 90 IF. Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/au/news/aussies-abroad-mustafa-amini-sees-red#uftfE4toK6d1b256.99 Perhaps it is old news, but I wasn't aware that he had gone to Sweden.