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  1. Description: Over the off season we’ve been working hard on gathering content for our matchday magazine – formally known as The Pulse. This season we’ve decided to revamp the magazine with a new name, new look, new writers, new competitions, content, and more! List of Issues: Schip Happens – December 2011 Schip Happens – November 2011 Schip Happens – October 2011
  2. Introduction Thread

  3. How to take full advantage of JetStars Price Beat Guarantee to ensure the cheapest flights, every time. Guarantee: "If you find a published internet airfare from another airline that is lower than the lowest available comparable Jetstar fare on Jetstar.com, on the same route for a comparable time, we will beat that fare by 10%." The beauty of this is not only do you save 10% on the cheaper flight, you also pay no fees on your credit card which is usually $30. Step 1: Go to http://iwantthatflight.com.au Step 2: Select your Origin, Destination and Dates Step 3: Look for all flights from JetStar, then look for a second flight from any airline departing Within 1 hour of your selected flight. Step 4: Call JetStar's "Price Beat Guarantee" team on 1300 369 516. - You will be asked questeons regarding; time, date, destination, and the comparable flight. - You will also need to have your credit card ready. Step 5: Enjoy!
  4. Youth Team Squad: Head Coach: John Aloisi Goalkeepers: 30. Sebastian Mattei -- Thomas Dunn Defenders: -- Charlie King -- Philip Petrevski -- Brad Treloar -- Daniel Peluso Midfielders -- Alon Blugmart -- Craig Goodwin -- Kristian Konstandinidis -- Billy Liolios -- Josh Groenewald -- Jeremy Walker Forwards: -- Zac Walker -- Dusan Bosnjak -- Stipo Andrijasevic -- Brodie Patterson
  5. General Songs/Chants

  6. Strebre - The dog!

    Strebre, you dog, this is your thread.
  7. 2012 Hawaiian Islands Invitational

    23-25th February, 2012 at Aloha Stadium, Hawaii Clubs: Colorado Rapids, Melbourne FC (youth), Yokohama FC, Busan I'Park. 23rd Match 1: Busan I'Park v Melbourne FC, 3pm Melbourne Time Match 2: Yokohama FC v Colorado Rapids 25th 3rd place play-off: Loser of match 1 v Loser of match 2, 2pm Melbourne Time Final: Winner of match 1 v Winner of match 2, 4.30pm Melbourne Time Team will be made up of mainly youth and fringe players, whilst Sibon has also been asked to take place.
  8. A-League Managers

    And another one bits the dust, Bey, Bey Levicka. http://www.theaustra...f-1226261623934 List of 2011/12 departures: - Ernie Merick - Branko Culina - Rini Coolen - Mehmet Durakovic - John van 't Schip - Vitezslav Lavicka On the chopping block: - Miron Bleiberg It's starting to look like the Serie A.
  9. FIFA 12

  10. FM 12

  11. Transfers

    Thimpson, Srhoj.
  12. Melbourne Heart signs Kappa as new apparel sponsor

    @Hendo, pretty sure the kit will be similar to that with a few differences. The 'Kappa' will be above the HAL logo on a slight angle, the stripes will be much thicker and I think the Kappa logo will be running along the torto or a large one on each shoulder due to the sponsors on either sleeve. The Kappa polo Aloisi had today was pretty shite, but that may have been a rush job for the presser.
  13. Transfers

    Pretty rubish potential signing. Surely viewed by most as a 3 year older downgrade on Alex Terra. What a waste of a Visa spot for someone who'd be a sub at best.. At Wellington, he has played a full 90 minutes just 8 times in the past 4 years, averaging a litle over 40 minutes a game...
  14. HeartCast: Season 2

    Description: HeartCast Season 2 has arrived with a new studio, new host and new features! Lachlan and Buddy will keep you up to date with everything that’s happening inside our club and get the inside word from players and staff on Melbourne Heart FC. List of Episodes: Episode 16 Episode 15 - Aziz Behich Interview (Derby V) Episode 14 Episode 13 - Jeremy Walker interview Episode 12 Episode 11 - Michael Marrone Interview Episode 10 Episode 9 Episode 8 - Zac Walker Interview Episode 7 - Curtis Good Interview (Derby IV) Episode 6 Episode 5 - John Didulica Interview Episode 4 - Jason Hoffman Interview Episode 3 HC Extras - John Aloisi Interview Episode 2 - Scott Munn Interview HC Extras - Adrian Zahra Interview Episode 1 - Mate Dugandzic Interview
  15. Player Songs/Chants

    Title: His name is Fred Tune: He was once a blue, But now he's Red, He's from Brazil, His name is FRED. He sets em up, And scores them too, Now he plays for us, And NOT for you. Na na na na, na na na na, Na na nana na, na na na na. Na na na na, na na na na, Na na nana na, na na na na. Repeat. __________________________ Title: Germano Tune: Germano, woaaaaaah. Germano, woaaaaaah. He wears the red and white, He's ****ing Dynamite Repeat __________________________ Title: Michael Marrone Tune: MICHAEL, Michael Marrone runs down the wing for me, De, de, de, de, de, (clapping) De, de, de, de, de, (clapping) De, de, de, de, de, (clapping) De, de, de, de, de, (clapping) Repeat. __________________________ Title: Matt Thomp-son, son, son Tune: Matt Thomp-son, son, son, He didn't cost a thing, Matt Thomp-son, son, son, He's our midfield Magician, To the left, to the right, Everything'll be alright, Up the front, at the back, And he shits on Eeeeemer-ton! Repeat. __________________________ Title: Hey! Babalj Tune: Heeey, Hey Babalj! Uhh Ahh! I want know, if your the next Sibon! Hey, Hey... Repeat. __________________________ Title: Who is that number 23 (Duganzic) Tune: Robin Hood - Whistle Stop (theme song) Who is that number 23? That we signed from Victory? Who is that little superstar? He's Mate Dugandzic! (Clapping over head) Lalalalalalala, Lalalalala, Lalalalalalala, He's Mate Dugandzic! Repeat. __________________________ Title: That Boy Behich Tune: He plays down the lefffftttttt, He plays down the righhhhttttt, That Boy Behich, Makes Victory look Shite Repeat. __________________________ Title: We love you Bolton We love you Bolton, we do We love you Bolton, we do Ohhhhhhh Bolton we love you! (Clap, Clap) Repeat. __________________________ Title: Alex Terra Tune: He won for us the first derby, Terra, Terra, Forever in our hearts he'll be, Terra, Terra, The Dutchman signed him from Brazil, And now he shows us all his skill, Alex Terraaa, Melboune Heart Superstar Na na na na, na na na na, Na na nana na, na na na na, etc Repeat. __________________________ Title: Hoffman Wonderland Tune: Bing Crosby - Winter Wonderland There's only one Jason Hoffman, There's only ONE Jason Hoffman, He use to be shite, but now he's alright, Walkin' in a Hoffman wonderland! Repeat. __________________________ Title: Ooh La La, Maycon Tune: Say ooh la la Maycon Come on come on Repeat.
  16. http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/premierleaguealltime FYI, I scored 38 (Y)
  17. NYL - 2011/12 Season Fixtures

    Week 1 Sunday 23 October 2011 Melbourne Heart FC vs Melbourne Victory FC: 2.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 2 Saturday 29 October 2011 Sydney FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 12.00 PM @ Leichhardt Oval, Sydney Week 3 Saturday 5 November 2011 Adelaide United FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 4.30 PM @ Burton Park Week 4 Sunday 12 November 2011 Melbourne Heart FC vs Newcastle Jets FC: 3.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 5 Saturday 19 November 2011 Gold Coast United vs Melbourne Heart FC: 3.00 PM @ Owen Park, Southport Week 6 Sunday 27 November 2011 Melbourne Heart FC vs Central Coast Mariners FC: 2.30 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 7 Saturday 3 December 2011 AIS vs Melbourne Heart FC: 3.00 PM @ AIS Athletics Track, Canberra Week 8 Sunday 11 December 2011 Brisbane Roar FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 3.00 PM @ Cleveland Showgrounds, Cleveland Week 9 Sunday 18 December 2011 Perth Glory FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 5.00 PM @ 6PR Stadium, Perth Week 10 Saturday 7 January 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs Sydney FC: 3.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Tuesday 10 January 2012 Central Coast Mariners FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 4.00 PM@ Pluim Park, Central Coast Week 11 Monday 16 January 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs Perth Glory FC: 10.00 AM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 12 Sunday 22 January 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs Brisbane Roar FC: 4.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 13 Saturday 28 January 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs Gold Coast United: 4.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 14 Sunday 5 February 2012 Melbourne Victory FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 3.00 PM @ Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Melbourne Week 15 Sunday 12 February 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs Adelaide United FC: 3.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 16 Saturday 18 February 2012 Melbourne Heart FC vs AIS: 3.00 PM @ John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury Week 17 Fixture Played in Week 10 Week 18 Sunday 4 March 2012 Newcastle Jets FC vs Melbourne Heart FC: 3.00 PM @ Adamstown Oval, Newcastle
  18. Last 2 times we have scheduled buses the terraces has lost A LOT of money. The chances of organizing another are very slim (pending interest). However, if we do organise a bus to Adelaide for the final fixture of the season would you be in attendance? Match: Friday, 23 Mar 2012 - Hindmarsh Stadium - 7:30pm KO Bus departing Friday morning, returning Saturday Morning.
  19. Melbourne Youth Derby II

    Visitors Youth v Melbourne Youth Date: Sunday 5 February 2012 Kick-off: 3.00 PM @ Kingston Heath (Soccer Complex) Address: 301-307 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham 3192 Public Transport Guide: Catch the Frankston line out to Cheltenham Station. From there catch the 828 bus - the same bus stop services buses going in opposite directions, so be sure you ask the driver which direction they're going (using DFO or Moorabbin Airport as reference helps). That's the easy part.Getting back is worse, especially on Friday nights. Though the busdoes run late on Friday nights, they finish at about the end of a match, making using them for getting home a risky proposition. Weekends are a little better, but intervals are an hour apart - and buses may go past earlier than what is timetabled. This should be a bunch of fun...
  20. Senior Squad - Personnel Thread

    Senior Squad: Head Coach: John van 't Schip Assistant Coachs: Ante Milicic, Peter Zois, John Aloisi Goalkeepers: 1. Clint Bolton, 35, Bundaberg 24. Nikola Roganovic, 25, Melbourne Defenders: 2. Michael Marrone, 24, Brisbane 3. Brendan Hamill, 18, Sydney 4. Simon Colosimo, 32, Melbourne © 16. Aziz Behich, 20, Melbourne 18. Curtis Good, 18, Melbourne 21. Kliment Taseski, 19, Melbourne Midfielders 5. Fred, 32, Brazil (Visa) 6. Matt Thompson, 28, Sydney (VC) 7. Rutger Worm, 25, Netherlands (Visa) 8. Kristian Sarkies, 24, Melbourne 10. Wayne Srhoj, 29, North QLD 13. Jonatan Germano, 23, Argentina (Visa) 20. Adrian Zahra, 20, Melbourne 22. Nick Kalmar, 23, Melbourne 23. Mate Dugandzic, 21, Melbourne Forwards: 9. Maycon, 25, Brazil (Visa) 11. Alex Terra, 29, Brazil (Visa) 14. Kamal Ibrahim, 18, Melbourne/Ethiopia 15. David Williams, 23, Brisbane 17. Jason Hoffman, 22, Newcastle 19. Eli Babalj, 19, Perth/Bosnia and Herzegovina Senior Squad Size: 23 Squad Average Age: 25 Squad Make up: Melbourne 10, Qld 4, NSW 3, Brazil 3, WA 1, Argentina 1, Netherlands 1.
  21. Take a long hard look at yourselves guys, you call your selves supporters? Fickle is fuck! Looking forward to seeing you chaps wearing Navy come season 2012/13.
  22. Food

    Or a 40 Pack from the Asian grocers for $10
  23. Melbourne vs Brisbane Away

    Nice work mate, bringing the family?
  24. Victorian NPL & State Leagues

    I shall see you at the Turkish derby then
  25. Victorian NPL & State Leagues

    Yep, really good food at Richmond. (Y) My club Hume have signed MH youth prospect Jose Guerrero del Solar. Killed it in his first trial game. We've also sacked/lost half our squad though, so the championship is unlikely. However, reall keen to see how both he and Atilla Ofli fair this season, as well as all 5 new signings whom are 25 or younger.