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  1. Transfers

    Thimpson, Srhoj.
  2. Melbourne Heart signs Kappa as new apparel sponsor

    @Hendo, pretty sure the kit will be similar to that with a few differences. The 'Kappa' will be above the HAL logo on a slight angle, the stripes will be much thicker and I think the Kappa logo will be running along the torto or a large one on each shoulder due to the sponsors on either sleeve. The Kappa polo Aloisi had today was pretty shite, but that may have been a rush job for the presser.
  3. Transfers

    Pretty rubish potential signing. Surely viewed by most as a 3 year older downgrade on Alex Terra. What a waste of a Visa spot for someone who'd be a sub at best.. At Wellington, he has played a full 90 minutes just 8 times in the past 4 years, averaging a litle over 40 minutes a game...
  4. Take a long hard look at yourselves guys, you call your selves supporters? Fickle is fuck! Looking forward to seeing you chaps wearing Navy come season 2012/13.
  5. Food

    Or a 40 Pack from the Asian grocers for $10
  6. Melbourne vs Brisbane Away

    Nice work mate, bringing the family?
  7. Victorian NPL & State Leagues

    I shall see you at the Turkish derby then
  8. Victorian NPL & State Leagues

    Yep, really good food at Richmond. (Y) My club Hume have signed MH youth prospect Jose Guerrero del Solar. Killed it in his first trial game. We've also sacked/lost half our squad though, so the championship is unlikely. However, reall keen to see how both he and Atilla Ofli fair this season, as well as all 5 new signings whom are 25 or younger.
  9. Transfers

    Yes, but we don't 'have to' fill the spot(s) Nor is it official yet, and if it does come into place it won't likely be until 2013/14.
  10. I think this thread has run its course. Mods please lock.
  11. Transfers

    He scored 4
  12. Melbourne Youth Derby II

    That wasn't Roganovic... Roff. Whoever he was, he was utter shithouse, he was the main reason we lost the game. And TBH those conditions were extremely hard to play in, started of stinking hot, with +40k winds, then there was v/ heavy rain on and off, by the time the game had finished the temperature had literally halved to 16 degrees. Ref did us no favors either, the kent.
  13. Lol, someone open up a history thread
  14. The Olyroos

    Downed 2-0 "TWO controversial disallowed goals condemned the Olyroos to a 2-0 defeat against Uzbekistan in freezing snowswept conditions tonight on the road to London 2012." Full story: http://au.fourfourtwo.com/news/230733,olyroos-frozen-out-in-uzbekistan.aspx?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=442+Twitter+Feed
  15. Lol, sorry mate, I mean't the mascot, not you Design isn't mine, courtesy of Ollie.