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  1. The latest issue of Schip Happens! can be downloaded from... http://www.redwhiteunite.com/schip-happens-march-2014/
  2. Thanks to Stone Island Manc and everyone who has responded to this thread. As the designer/producer/contributor/print liaison monkey/distributor/general dogsbody of Schip Happens! it is always heartening (npi) to read positive feedback on the fanzine. I too spent hours reading Red Issue and United We Stand on match days for many seasons at Old Trafford and that is one of the reasons I got behind the Heart fanzine in the first place. I love the unique attitude and sense of humour of UK football fanzines and we attempted to bring some of that to Schip Happens! We also preferred not to accept funding from the club as we could include independent contributions that were not always complimentary of club policy etc. As it was free, we never had a problem with takers for the fanzine but it was never going to be sustainable unless we worked hard to get regular sponsors or ran 2 or 3 successful fund raising events per year with heaps of volunteers etc. We had a top group of contributors and a great relationship with the Heart printer (Print Supply Management), so thanks to everyone who helped including all those guys and gals who handed out SH on the steps at AAMI Park in rain or 40 degree shine. As Bozza has mentioned, Luke (Editor) and I have taken a break due to work and family commitments, but we intend to make a comeback at some time in the not too distant future. As also mentioned, funding the fanzine has been an issue in the recent past and if this can be resolved, or if we can come up with a satisfactory alternative delivery method, then we may see a return of SH! sooner rather than later. I'm not sure Harry K would be keen to be a philanthropic contributor, especially after our 'What a waste of money' centre spread from the derby issue from December 2011! But you never know. For those that missed issues of Schip Happens! they can be downloaded from the facebook page. Below is a reminder of the covers. Feel free to download an A3 version for your bedroom walls via the link below. Cheers, Robinho https://www.hightail.com/download/OGhmYUlzNnltUUZMWE5Vag
  3. From AAMI Park steps (Richmond end) from around 4.15pm or from the Impy.
  4. Schip Happens! third edition for the season is out this Saturday night at the derby. Collect your copy at the Imperial before the game or on the steps at AAMI Park. This edition we take a look at: - the positives of the touted Beckham move - the niche sport of Subbuteo - inspired by the thread on this very forum - the stats behind a poor season to date - the ups and downs of increased television exposure
  5. Thanks for the feedback and support etc. Yesterday, distribution was hampered by the weather and work/family commitments etc. Friday games is always tight so apologies to anyone who did not get hold of a copy. A PDF will be available for download in the next day or so. If you would prefer a hard copy, we have a few left, so please PM us and we will organise to get one to you. The fanzine is 'by the fans for the fans,' so any contributions either graphic or written are most welcome. SH!
  6. The second edition is out tomorrow evening available from the Impy, and from the steps at AAMI Park from 6.45pm. Inside is a fantastic article on the history of Aboriginal footballers by Dr Ian Syson, a psychedelic tale of mushrooms and marquees by Athas Zafiris, and this forum's Torn Asunder gets in on the act with a look at the evolution of the A-League. Come down, grab a copy and be sure to say hello. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too to stay updated.
  7. 4-1 to Heart! Ladies and gents, keep an eye out before the game for this season's first edition of Schip Happens! Ray Gatt, The Australian's chief football writer, has contributed a piece on the Wanderers, and there are some great yarns on everything from Del Piero, 'euro snobs' and who's come and gone since last season. We'll be on the big steps on the Richmond side of AAMI Park from 2pm-ish.
  8. Schip Happens! first edition for the new season available from the Impy and the steps (and the Heart Membership tent) at AAMI Park from around 2.00-2.45 on Sunday.
  9. Sash, I'm sick of your short, succinct, accurate and sometimes entertaining posts. You and me outside now with two steeds and jousting sticks!
  10. The Footy Fans Down Under Awards are open for voting... http://ffdu.net/ffdu/ Go to the Awards page and vote for us! Questions 1 (mhfcsupporters.com website), 6 (Heartcast) , 9 (Athas Zafiris), 10 (David Manuca), 11 (Schip Happens), 17 (The Imperial), 18 (RWU Futsal Comp). But only if you believe they deserve it of course!
  11. We were watching the Star Wars series of movies last weekend. Jabba the Hutt, the overweight, intergalactic gangster character who exemplifies greed and gluttony continually reminded us of someone. We can't quite put our finger on who it is.
  12. Thanks mate. Schip Happens! will continue next year. The name will also continue... as the inaugural manager, JVS has left a legacy of attacking football etc, and after all, shit happens! And Heart fans really like the name. On the subject of cost and charging a nominal fee, we will look into it. Your thoughts and ideas would be welcome. The pre-season RWU Futsal Tournament helped pay for printing and we had a few like-minded sponsors that were a huge help. The Futsal comp will happen again this year and will be bigger and better than last year. This forum has also been a huge influence on SH... there are no less than four articles/features in this next issue by forum contributors including a centre spread of the amazing photos by KSK_47 and a piece on a prospective future Heart manager by Dynamo_Melbourne_Warrior. We will be approaching other MHFCS contributors for ideas for articles in the close-season. So if there are any budding writers out there, contact us at schiphappens@redwhiteunite.com or by PM here. Also, any appropriate letters/opinions will be published. Thanks for your support.
  13. Schip Happens! issue 5 available this Saturday from AAMI Park steps from 7ish!
  14. Schip Happens! issue 4 can be downloaded from the link below. Printed copies are also available. Send a message to schiphappens@redwhiteunite.com http://www.redwhiteu...pens-derby-iii/
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