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  1. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/greece-the-word-as-ex-a-league-duo-van-t-schip-valkanis-land-top-job
  2. They'll keep him Arzani style ... wait till his value is obvious, then move him. Kid has the potential to be a star
  3. it was a beautiful thing whilst it lasted. Everything he did, he did good; he made the shitkickers of the league (like Simon) look like fools they are, he wanted to win everything, he took no shit from anyone, helped Haz and Good develop further, was great to chat to after games and at events, and was a class above the league. I only recall one genuine mistake in his time with us that cost us a goal. Other than that, he was constantly in beast mode. I really truly hope he doesnt play for another A-League club.
  4. in before people say they'd rather win ugly than lose playing well
  5. What about "Who is our most maligned player of all time?"
  6. ... if only he could learn to head a goal (and not an own goal). He would devastate the opposition
  7. all visa players should be exempt from the cap ...
  8. ... its gonna be a long, long off season ...
  9. Has anyone tracked the different heading titles for this topic? That would make interesting (depressing / hilarious) reading to see how it has evolved!
  10. We were too defensive tonight ... not sure why he took if Delbridge either Tbh got what we deserved based on the season we had. Perth will destroy Adelaide next week (and they’d destroyed us as well) ... hopefully it’s now bye bye Joycey
  11. That's because some people attend games without reading this forum ... and they stick by a club despite the shite times
  12. Yes! I was in the guard of honour and also went post game ... post game was great, got to smash in some goals and kick around with the City volunteers and a few City Players (Bachus drilled in a ball to my 6 year old, who amazingly controlled it). My daughter and wife won about $200 worth of quality merchandise (including an awesome pollo top). Had a chat with most the players ... Shayon said he wants to stay (took that with a grain of salt). Metcalfe is a really nice kid as well. Joked with Bart about how much he loves playing against Simon ... he’s response was “Yeah, he likes to play footy!” .
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