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  1. Wish the ref would clamp down on the blatant time wasting from Perth. Big boy H nullified Castro ... highlight was when I was able to get stuck into Poopovic for whinging. JMac cost us tonight. That miss at the start was terrible
  2. Playmaker's posts are the reason I am not on this forum as much as I used to be. Even after I muted his dribble, his words still appear when others quote him to try and make sense of his shite. I am sorry to say that he is the perfect example as to why the human race will ultimnately self-destruct.
  3. Oz aid will have a crowd in the tens ( ... maybe hundreds). If I can get there on time I will abuse the hell out of Archie ... just wish Harper was playing. I would sneak in a megaphone to get stuck in to that prick ... all for a good cause of course
  4. Fucktree are nothing but a pile of steaming turd ... Once a tard, always a tard
  5. Our team is good, we know what we are trying to do, we are just missing the jewel in the crown. Like I said, there is not one player, other than maybe JMac if he gets proper service, that our oppositon fears ... Look at what happened when Ninkovich turned one of our players, or ran at us ... we fell to pieces, becuase that is what it takes to break down a team and make a genuine chance. Who does that for us consistently? Against the Jets, we played out of our skin, because of our one touch directness, and Generau killed it in that role, but that was a one-off, and partly cos the Jets were rubbish. We need someone who can make something happen from midfield potentially everytime they are on the ball. We would be out of sight if we had that player. If we dont get that player in Jan, we will continue to just make up the numbers and we may, if we are lucky, squeeze into Asia, BUT I wouldnt bet on it.
  6. Without a maestro leading the way, the orchestra will fail, even if playing Beethoven's 9th ...
  7. entering mifsud territory
  8. Sydney are clearly a much better team than us. We simply do not have a midfielder (or player to that end) that all opposition teams fear. Look at Sydney with Ninkovich and Le Fondre, Perth with Castro and Bruno, the Tards with Toivonen and Nabbout, Western Melbourne with Diamanti and Gypsy ... we have a weapon in McLaren who needs service ... but we have no fkn trigger. We cannot expect to do anything other than make up the numbers,unless we inject some proper class into the midfield ... we need that player that scares the crap out of the opposition ... at the moment, all the opposition has to do is block our lanes, and hit us on the counter.
  9. We just need a genuine quality no 10 ... Then we'd be in for the title
  10. Shocking ... not unexpected after last week as the universe has a way of balancing things out ... and it just had to be the tards... Geez we need a quality 10. Noone needs some bench time
  11. See you all there. Tard supporters feeling disillusioned with there current form staying away, not wanting to fork out cash to CFG to see them get smashed ...
  12. Since the beginning of our club, I have been to or watched every single one of our A-League matches, and I cannot recall a game when we played better
  13. Bruno was all class and showed great respect to the crowd last night. Wasn't upset he scored tbh ... Perth outclassed us tactically last night, we were a bit stale ... clearly the bye was not good for us. I expect we should bounce back hard next week. Otherwise it'll be the start of a downward slide
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