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  1. The main issue IMO is the product is hampered by the overbearing restrive tentacles of the FFA, and the poor quality of refereeing. FFA need to step back, allow clubs to build genuine ACL quality teams, import quality refs and introduce a 2nd tier promotion competition. Once the league has the suffient number of teams through the promotion model, then introduce relegation via a playoff system. Improve the overall product comparative to the most popular leagues globally and the market will respond. Simple.
  2. Michael Jakobsen

    He has moved on because that’s what happens in a league that is over regulated with an out of touch salary cap system and squad limitations.
  3. For those who need a reminder of how competent FFA are, here is video reminder ... These clowns need to step off ...
  4. The A-League needs to breakaway from the death grip of FFA. Success will follow.
  5. Tim Cahill

    He's happy cos he is in the squad ...
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I think it would be good investment if Gallop and Co use the marquee fund to pay themselves out of FFA, so they can fuck off and let the game be run by people that actually have a clue. FFA are like ...
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    FFA are incompetent. The big names have done nothing more than make the game a circus, and provide a blip in the numbers. Let owners build AFC quality squads without restriction. What would be better for the game here; one or two aging superstar novelty players in the entire league, or 5 or 6 quality international players (at Bart or Bruno’s level) per team, paired with the best young Australian (or overseas) talent?
  8. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    Speaking to a tard supporter who was at the game and he was in line with the players when the free kick was being set up, and he knew it was offside as soon as the free kick was taken. He didn’t even celebrate as he expected the goal to be ruled out. Said it was a hollow victory and the majority of the crowd (on both sides) was flat after the game.
  9. Official "Simpsons Week" Off Season Thread

    Here is the VAR team in their natural state ...
  10. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    A fail. Needed either a trophy or ACL spot for a pass.
  11. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    By all means play a few different cup comps, and even finish the season off with a cup final, but for the season every team should play each other an even number of times and the team with the most points should be the champion. That is the fairest way to reward the best team for the season. This should happen as soon as relegation kicks in.
  12. 2017/18 Matchday Thread

    The irony of Newcastle getting screwed by the VAR, which by extension again screwed us again. The sooner the A-League does away with the finals series the better. Our comp needs to be consistent with the majority of the world.
  13. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Iniesta would be called a diver, would get no protection from the ref, would be booed by the opposition support every time he lay on the ground after being kicked and would end his career with a Boogard type defender yelling at him to get up (after being hacked down).
  14. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    Should have been 2 goals up at 1/2 time and playing against 10 men. As good (and flukey) as their goal was, Evans was equally as bad. Unfortunately, after that goal went in, we were odds on to be overrun. Just as an aside Vargas was also involved in the wonder goal, so again, if he’s given the red, no goal. I had to laugh when the kid scored his goal and Merrick just sat there... I think the weather / wind was the cause of Bouzanis playing so bad in the 1st half, Moss also had the same problem in the 2nd. Gutted we lost, but the signs are there that with a bit more quality added into the squad, we’ll be a front runner next season. Looking forward to Arzani going to Russia and hopefully AFC
  15. Daniel Arzani

    Opposition teams have now had a reasonable opportunity to study Arzani's attacking moves, and they are generally marking him a lot better in terms of closing him down and limiting him as a threat. For Daniel to take the next step professionally, he needs to increase the variation of his attacks. Looking forward to seeing what he does against Newcastle as they haven't been able to contain him thus far this season.