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  1. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I hope you guys are right!
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Signing Troisi as a marquee would have been good business on many levels, but we know how that went. And I think the club believes that Mauk is the player who replaced the Troisi signing. Palic was just a rumour, and we dont know how legit the rumblings were. Not saying they aren't looking for players, just that I don't think a gun AM marquee is a priority at this stage. And to be honest, how realistic is it to land such a player at this time if all our other attempts have fallen over? Speaking with Joyce at the FFA cup event, he said they may sign one more player, and this is possibly Bort, which looks like it will pan out. Also, the publicity on the young guys has been key on a lot of the clubs messaging this pre-season. I think they have accepted the composition of the squad, they will give Mauk and Arzani a crack in midfield and they will reserve a foreign spot and dip into the transfer market if these young guys cant do the job. IF they do happen to sign a marquee foreign number 10 marquee, I will be thrilled, as I think we need that player to feed Bruno and run the attack in midfield.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    I'm not convinced that the club is all that desperate to sign a foreign attacking midfielder / marquee player. With the focus seemingly on creating a solid defence, I reckon they are going to give Arzani and Mauk a shot this year, with a view to creating another Mooy type scenario.
  4. Wazza Watch

    Its my gut feeling. CFG have always said they will only invest commensurate to what the A-League is worth to them, so unless the salary cap changes, I think there is a chance that the approach detailed above is where they will focus their priorities. The next 1 or 2 signings will be telling.
  5. Wazza Watch

    Regarding the lack of ambition thus far with our signings, I think this may foreshadow a change in approach by City Group in terms of how it views its Melbourne club. Considering: the salary cap and counter-intuitive trading restrictions put in place by FFA which hinders City Group's ability to compile a genuine AFC level championship contender we are now 'City' blue (which was a huge objective, and is probably the only reason we have a Cahill type player in the squad) feedback from fans saying consistency of performance is critical (not necessarily results) a desire not be a mini-Manchester the success, goodwill and money generated through the success of Aaron Mooy Warren Joyce's experience in developing young players the possibility of returning to some of Melbourne Heart's founding principles around developing young Australian players and future Socceroos; I get a feeling that Melbourne City FC will be considered a low cost feeder club for City Group, to push players into the Championship / EPL, and the development of our young players (and further development of established A-League players) and on-selling players will be preferential to winning trophies, provided supporters are happy to see the young guys given a go and we have consistency of competitive performance.
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    This article says Manchester originally paid 145,000 pounds for Caceres ... http://www.mcfcwatch.com/2017/07/26/manchester-city-midfielder-flies-to-dubai-to-finalise-move-to-uae-side-al-wasl/
  7. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    If you compare the recent season of Fitzy and Caceres, they both had limited opportunities, but arguably it was only Fitzy who took his chance and proved that he was worthy to be a genuine starter. And don't forget he was in serious competition against some high quality players to be a starter. In reality, Caceres probably had less competition for a spot, but at the end of the day, was unable to cement a spot. I like Caceres, but he was not a sure thing this year in terms of how much he could bring to the team. No doubt Wazza was not sold on him and therefore I can only assume the decision for him to leave is mutual, and he probably doesn't want to fight it out to prove he is capable of commanding a starting spot.
  8. Talking City Fan Channel

    Ask whether he thinks that the A-League is being held back by the salary cap and what would happen in his view if it was removed.
  9. Michael Jakobsen

    Had the same chat ... El Capitan the Viking!
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    The salary cap is a ridiculous millstone that is restricting the potential of the game in Australia and makes the A-League a joke to other football playing countries.
  11. Iacopo La Rocca

    So here's the thing; salary cap .... and no transfer fees between A-League clubs. So in that context, he's a reasonable signing and will hopefully do a job. Otherwise CFG would just go out and try to buy the best A-League defender in the comp.
  12. Wazza Watch

    yep, gonna try and get to the event, sounds like it will be good
  13. Wazza Watch

    Bela, please come back... (was that convincing enough?) FWIW when JVS was first signed, I thought he'd be a winner, but over time it became clear that this wasn't going to happen, and then he left on OK terms. When we signed JA, I had a feeling of dread and deep down feared that it would be an unmitigated disaster which would set us back years ... When we re-signed JVS, I just knew that it would be bad, real bad ... When Valkanis was appointed as caretaker coach it was apparent that the end of the season was doomed. With Joyce's appointment, I don't have a feeling of impending dread and my gut is telling me that it just may turn around.
  14. Wazza Watch

  15. Wazza Watch

    Seems like he will take command and instill some toughness ... He will no doubt be mandated to ensure consistency of performance, win lose or draw, which is badly needed and was acknowledged by the chairman during his end of season address. Look forward to seeing what he can do and will support him in earnest, unless he is a dud, which this forum will work out as the season progresses. Just looking at his history, he is no wallflower when it comes to coaching on the sidelines ... \ Also, was a solid lad during his playing days