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  1. Bela, please come back... (was that convincing enough?) FWIW when JVS was first signed, I thought he'd be a winner, but over time it became clear that this wasn't going to happen, and then he left on OK terms. When we signed JA, I had a feeling of dread and deep down feared that it would be an unmitigated disaster which would set us back years ... When we re-signed JVS, I just knew that it would be bad, real bad ... When Valkanis was appointed as caretaker coach it was apparent that the end of the season was doomed. With Joyce's appointment, I don't have a feeling of impending dread and my gut is telling me that it just may turn around.
  2. Seems like he will take command and instill some toughness ... He will no doubt be mandated to ensure consistency of performance, win lose or draw, which is badly needed and was acknowledged by the chairman during his end of season address. Look forward to seeing what he can do and will support him in earnest, unless he is a dud, which this forum will work out as the season progresses. Just looking at his history, he is no wallflower when it comes to coaching on the sidelines ... \ Also, was a solid lad during his playing days
  3. ... and it helps when you have this guy as your finisher
  4. Just on the impending announcement on a manager, no doubt CFG are very strategic in how they plan out these things. I think that they were never going to announce anything major until the chairman had his say, and now I reckon they are waiting to resolve the Mooy situation, which is a 'good news' story for the club. Also, 31 May was a milestone date in terms of 'opt-in'. Also Khaldoon's assessment and verdict on what needs to happen was bang on in terms of what is needed to turn supporters attitude around and make the club a success.
  5. but @jeffplz, where is this photo from?
  6. wow ...
  7. Least we beat the Smurfs in a final.
  8. Perfect result. No team won it in real time, so it'll be a hollow victory for the Smurfs. And the tards screwed up the pens. Suck it to both teams. Redders you gun.
  9. Roy Keane would eviscerate the soft underbelly of the club and devour the entrails in front of the playing group. The culture would be purged and a rebuild could begin.
  10. TC posted just the other day on Instagram a photo of himself playing against Roy Keane ... coincidence? Maybe not.
  11. Send him off to Manchester for off-season assessment and further development ... if he shows enough over there keep him, otherwise move him on. At his age, he should be kept only if he is rated good enough to be considered a starting option.
  12. A wasted season, where the fans (and no doubt the players) feel horribly cheated. Obvious shortcomings not acknowledged or addressed by the club, even when there were golden opportunities to do so. Why didn’t we replace JVS with a more experienced manager? Why didn’t we dip into the January transfer window to bolster our defence? Why didn’t we make some injury replacements? What is the point buying the best race car, if you the hire an unfit driver and your workshop mechanics are inept? The highs – FFA cup trophy, Tim Cahill’s goal against the tards and his header against Adelaide. Arzani & Tongyik. The lows – everything else, but particularly our insipid performance against Perth in the knock out final. Gold stars go to …. Cahill for his goals when they mattered. And for his attitude and continual efforts to represent the club publicly. Fitzy & Caceres. Why were they not played more? Fernando. Pass Sorenson. His non-selection this season was insulting from the moment he took a red for the team due to Rose’s unforgivable back pass in NZ, to being dropped for Bouzanis, who let in goal after soft goal, time and time again Kilkenny. Only just a pass as his discipline was horrendous and his attitude at times bordered on destructive. Arzani, showed plenty and deserved more minutes. Ruon, was thrown to the wolves, but had enough raw talent to keep his head above water. Neither Pass or Fail Bruno. Still scored plenty of goals. Lost his confidence and touch, and should have let someone else take the penalties. Has plenty to reflect upon and improve, particularly with regard to his captaincy. Colazo. Many will disagree, but this guy has quality. Played a blinder in the FFA cup final. Crosses were good. Scored goals. Was played often out of position and needed those around him to be better. Retre. The other young kids that came in during our injury crisis. Fail Brattan. Started like a king, finished like a leper. A big part of the reason we failed in midfield. Jacobson. Was arguably the best defender in the league until injured. Had a horror game against Perth in the final. Malik, Muscat & Rose. Cost us games. Kamau. Cost us games through his poor decision making with the final ball. Bouzanis. Needs to learn the basics of goal keeping and improve his shot stopping and command of the box. Franjic. A shadow of his former self, and was beaten often, or was ineffectual. The Coaching & Football Operations Staff Culpable. From compiling an unbalanced squad, to consistently making stupid decisions every week in terms of selection, man management, accountability, and tactics. Although we were world beaters for the first 2 rounds, beyond this, we were generally outcoached. The FFA cup final was a success. Luckily for us it was at home, and it was the 1st time we met Sydney, otherwise there is no way we would have won it. CFG A fail. When JVS resigned, CFG were presented with opportunity to make a statement that would have potentially salvaged our season. They did nothing other than allow a flawed setup to continue, frustrating and distancing fans, absolutely damaging the City brand and ultimately resulting in a failed, wasted season. They must now address this, and quickly. A statement of intent needs to be made. The fans need to see action that shows they understand where things went wrong.
  13. We were LITERALLY never in the game. All our painfully obvious deficiencies were exposed spectacularly, like a pair of shiny testacles on a bulldog. As I sat watching the game, there was never any hope, just a morbid sense of doom. It was insipid. It was disgusting. It was unforgivable. Lowe seemed stunned himself after the game by how retarded our tactics were. Time for a cleanout. Time for CFG to do the one thing it is yet to do for us long suffering supporters. INVEST IN A DECENT AND EXPERIENCED COACH!!! DO THIS OR THE CLUB WILL GO BACKWARDS BEYOND REPAIR!!! I am yelling this out because CFG and the execs in charge of Melbourne City FC don't get it for some reason ... or maybe they do, but they really don't give a shit about us being successful, as long as we give them an Aaron Mooy type player, every few years ...
  14. just crap ... club needs to refund supporters