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  1. City vs WSW, 7;50 @AAMI Park. Must win game.

    Sitting here with so many empty chairs. Sometimes it’s easier to not make the effort and turn up ... those who choose this option, don’t whinge at the players efforts when u can’t be bothered yourself.
  2. We should have won it, pissed we didn’t, fuckn glad we didn’t lose it. We were clearly the better team. Wrapt Arzani played a full 90. Adelaide are a bunch of hacks. Beath deserves a special mention for being literally the worst referee in the history of humankind. We will tell our grandchildren that we saw him officiate during this era that will become known as the Beathshit period, a horribly sad time for the sport. Eventually, maybe in 50 years, they will make a 3 hour movie on Beath, and the actor who portrays him will certainly win an Oscar, but then sadly go insane.
  3. Typical City luck. Fuck Adelaide. Fuck Beath. Wazza needs to lose his shit at these blokes.
  4. Wazza - In the Departure Lounge?

    Maybe its wishful thinking, but I still think Wazza is on the right path. Yes, he has got it wrong tactically a few time this year, and we've had some bad losses, but also some good wins, especially away. Also, a lot of our losses can be put down to individual player mistakes, which are coach killers. We are still travelling OK in terms of ladder position. In terms of players departing, probably other than Brandan, most people on here have had issues with all the players that have left. There have been some good signings, like Vidosic, and some not so good signings, like Dellbridge. But to be fair to Wazza, even new signings are not safe if they perform poorly, like Dellbridge, who has already been sidelined. The point is, if a player is not working for him, he reacts. Yes, there has obviously been issues between him and certain players. This is because he is a strong character and was chosen to impart culture change to rip out the soft underbelly of the club. It worked OK at Man U for a while with Fergie ... I would suggest that with all the guys that have left, or who are on the outer, they just think its easier to leave rather than subscribe to Wazza's philosophy of working hard, and earning their spot, and then keeping it. This is what life is like in the A-League for mediocre players - they know they can switch sides pretty easily, so why work hard? Also, and most notable, the two young guys promoted from youth who are now certain starters, Arzani and Atkinson, have been outstanding. So its not like Wazza doesnt know the standard that a young player (or any player) should be. I think the likes of Genreau will be one of the next ones to come through, and I think this will trend will continue. And if City can hold onto these young guys and offer them pathways beyond City overseas, this will be our plan to success.
  5. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    It is a joke to be honest. It goes to show that when there is a salary cap, clubs that are best resourced still dominate, because they can invest in other things outside the squad to give them an advantage. Its like City with our Youth Set up and the Women's comp. Quite simply, FIFA set the rules for how soccer comps are to be governed on the basis that it is a world game - that's where the A-League needs to go ASAP. When this happens, the game will not die. Sure, clubs will come and go, but a survival of the fittest competition will invigorate the sport to a level where it will flourish and grow.
  6. A-League Fixture 2017/18

    WTF with this split round rubbish ... seriously, I just dont get the thinking of FFA. More games needed, not less
  7. THE DECIDER Melbourne Derby 2/3, 7.50pm

    We never once looked like winning this game. Terrible, terrible game. Joyce outcoached ... midfield useless, and our game plan was controlled by the tards, who let us have the ball in certain areas, and then easily closed us down and hit on the counter. They could’ve beaten us 4 nil to be honest. At least Bruno scored and got some serious minutes into his legs , although Arzani’s injury looks worrying. I actually think the boys pumped themselves up too much and fell flat and just couldn’t play. At least there were some highlights though. The VAR taking away the 1st goal, the brawl, watching security guards struggle to catch the pitch invader and Troisi missing an open goal at the end. Strangely not as upset at this loss as I was after Perth, probably because we were never really in it, so from the start I saw that we had no chance.
  8. 2017/18 Melbourne City Media

    Loved Bruno's interview, and Arzani wanting a goal ... starting to get pumped for this one !!!
  9. Daniel Arzani

    Article on 442 ARZANI: JUST GO WITH THE FLOW
  10. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Would be a massive signing for us
  11. RD 21: Glory v City, Saturday Feb 24 10pm

    Look, these types of games do happen sometimes, and you just need to laugh about it, otherwise, you'll lose your mind. I thought Wazza was 100% on the money in terms of us being to blame for the goals we conceded. This problem of giving up soft goals has been the most troubling aspect of our season, even more than our inability to score or make any use of set pieces (other than Ross). We continue to give up stupid goals through really dumb and basic mistakes. Wazza said that if you watched all the goals we have conceded for the season, back to back, it would be a horror show of mistakes ... would love someone clever enough with video editing to do this. Also, I actually think Perth let us have the ball in the 1st half, and we dominated accordingly, and they planned to conserve energy, with their game plan to lift their intensity in the second half, hoping we would tire. This happened of course, and a man down cost us in terms of not being able to defend out the game. Disappointing about Bart and yes, his 1st card was silly, but his second was debatable ... when he commits, he commits, so this is a risk you get with him and its not going to change. Arzani's goal was sublime, Bozanic looked good, and Bruno also added a bit when he came on. Off the back of this game, it will be interesting to see how we go in the derby, but I think the tards will probably start favourites.
  12. Tim Cahill

  13. Talking City Fan Channel

    Great job guys. When I was head of the FRG, I personally enjoyed grilling Scott, and found him to be honest, and straight down the line. He really does put in his best effort for City. Honestly, if he was no good for the job of CEO, he'd be long gone as CFG only employ high quality operators in their top level administrative roles.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Soon it will be, "its not about the time on the pitch, its about training at an elite level" #PuttInTheEffort #EliteLevel #ForeheadOfWonder #TheDifference #IamWC