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  1. Ross McCormack

    If true, just shows how silly Timmy was to crack the shits the way he did. A full season is a long time, and he was always guaranteed plenty of playing time with us, even if he wasn’t 1st choice striker or starting midfielder. It’s a bit sad to watch Timmy on Instagram training by himself at a local park. Think we’ll see Bud or even Mauk playing as striker, hopefully with Arzani in support
  2. Silly mistakes cost us tonight. Boys still tried hard and Arzani was pretty useful in combination with Atkinson. Sydney are a bunch of dogs and the ref screwed us at times ... why did he stop the play when Atkinson was in on goal?.. wtf We need total discipline and control defensively for the full 90. Muscat’s elbow could have just been a yellow, red seemed harsh. Bouzanis was suspect tonight and needs to be on notice.
  3. Giving up these soft goals is so frustrating and demoralising. A draw would now be a good result ... fmd I hate Sydney ... dirty pricks
  4. Yes, I would, as a defensive move. He and Malik could nullify Zullo, and he also has the (limited) ability to attack if the opportunity arises. Then bring on Atkinson or Arzani for the final 1/3 of the game.
  5. Tim Cahill

    Timmy seems to be enjoying life in Byron Bay at the moment, mentally preparing for the WC ... Does he have to wait till January to go to a new club, or can he sign whenever based on being a free agent?
  6. I reckon Wazza will certainly stick with a defensive mindset, and try and pinch a single goal to win it. I think that Malik should stay at RB, and perhaps start Muscat over Atkinson, with the young fella to be brought on in the 2nd half, if needed. I think if we start him, Sydney will overload his side and target him physically, which would be a risk to our chances. If our defense can play well, and as long as we match it with them in midfield, we are a chance.
  7. Tim Cahill

    It’s an excellent question to a ridiculous scenario, brought on by a moving feast of limiting restrictions, that are frankly an embarrassement to football in this country.
  8. #startwalker

    It’s a great thing that this forum has invented words ... Walkerist, walkerism, a Germano ....
  9. It’s the type of game that could very well end 0 - 0
  10. Nathaniel Atkinson

    There was a strong presence of midichlorians at AAMI yesterday, no doubt brought on by the many (Sky)Walkerists in attendance given the Star Wars theme, and to see young Atkinson, who has clear Jedi potential.
  11. Wazza Watch: The second coming of Aloisi

    Wazza's still working out the team and his players, and he has a few more answers after last night. Malik at right back seemed to go alright, and Atkinson looks like he could fight for a spot. Things are continuing to come together nicely. My only criticism was that he did not go to his bench for some fresh legs towards the end. I thought Bud or Arzani could have come on for 10 -15 minutes to give Atkinson a rest, as he was stuffed after about 70min. Very much looking forward to how he approaches Sydney. We need to get a result against them to have any chance of catching them up.
  12. Nathaniel Atkinson

    Can this thread be moved to the main board?
  13. Tim Cahill

    You have to suspect that Marwood gave him his marching orders, and to allow Timmy (and the club) to save face, the split was sold as amicable, a week or so later.
  14. Tim Cahill

    Enjoyed watching him play. His goal against the tards was world class and he scored to win us the FFA cup. But his real legacy will be as CFG's bargaining chip to get the City Blue kit. See ya Timmy, and hopefully you stay fit and get to the WC. As a side note, if he goes to Brisbane, or another A-League club, I hope our supporters do not boo him, despite how things have ended.
  15. Dean Bouzanis

    Clearly deserves to keep his spot for next week. Glad he got a chance cos Eugene had lost form.