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  1. Why? theres more room in the south and we are only finding our feet as a new terrace, and might i say performed brilliantly. props to capo with no mega. Dont think it will happen for many years tbh
  2. i want to be positive, but every time i am this club teaches me a lesson for that
  3. When people are pleading for tando to take first place, you know our first keeper is rubbish
  4. gosh people are so touchy about new threads these days hahaha this isnt even one of the worst ones
  5. Sewn on its not i hate to inform. mine is peeling off has stitching around the edges though but 100% not stitched on. thats the aleague logo though
  6. whilst i agree we need good young players, marquee's are usually older due to the fact theyve had successful careers and people know who they are. Kennedy is still young enough, while yes carrying an injury, to have a few good years in him, and well known enough, in fact is a socceroos cult hero, to put bums on seats
  7. Sing with us, sing with us Melbourne City! Sing with us, sing with us I say! Sing with us, sing with us Melbourne City! Singing with Melburnians All gaaaame! x10000 Easy to sing, loud, and great fun!
  8. i miss you. come back and capo again xo
  9. Maybe its just me, but i think counting up (1,2,3) then clapping, sounds a bit tacky. Counting down sounds a lot better. This isn't sesame street
  10. nah turns out they found a large one which they originally put away for me when i first called. so they're sending me a new one and the original misprint as compensation.
  11. Just thought id let you all know, i rang up and complained again because they weren't sending me another one any time soon as stock doesnt come in till january in L size apparently. So they refunded me and are sending me back the misprinted one as well so if you see a guy wearing a garrucio 19 jersey, dont think badly of me. i know how to spell. it could say mutt on the back for all i care i got it for free
  12. so yesterdays game gave us a few good chants, a few bad chants and a few old chants that were modified. personally, i thought the melbourne city are our side (Melbourne heart you are our side) modified chant was pretty awful. so here is an alternative. instead of repeating after the capo, cut straight to the singing Who's that team we all call melbourne? Who are those boys we all adore? They're the lads who play in white making victory look shite 'Cos we're better than we've ever been befooooore from 10 seconds
  13. capo needs to explain chants before singing first. everyone up the back couldn't hear a thing and yes. its lelelelele not ale ale auh
  14. didnt realise pitch watering was a tactic now. Manager mode on fifa simply isnt realistic enough anymore..
  15. good to see all 3 bays standing though.
  16. good turn out otherwise. Capo needs to address which chants work and which dont
  17. not to mention i had a 5 year old girl standing behind me in the terrace. Look she was standing ill give her that but seriously. need some age restrictions on the terrace. Its not a place for soccer mums and their daughters to enjoy a fine day out. Impacts the effort of the terrace's voice
  18. Say it ain't so!! I will not go Turn the lights off Carry me home Fold the terrace! na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
  19. you can link arms with me any time you want bby xo 100% terrace appropriate
  20. is it just me, or do I get the feeling that this guy is a little bit upset? nah i slept on it we're all good
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