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  1. So good getting the south end "Where's your famous south end now?!"
  2. The legend that is Bruce Laidlow. oh yes my friend. His soundcloud is quality. Are you part of terrace australis yet?
  3. Just for your entertainment.
  4. you understand what a bump is mate?
  5. not a massive fan tbh. other stuff you've posted is better
  6. done deal mate, keep us posted
  7. You obviously have your reasons for not being interested in playing, but should you (or anyone else reading) want to even dip your toe, you would find that players are more than happy to teach the rules, techniques, and lend equipment etc. as you find your way. Quite social as well, or can be competitive as you wish, which suits hacks like me. Spring rolls are a winner. just dont play your first match against true until I die. would not recommend
  8. yeah but you have the letters mv in your name so your opinion is invalid and untrustworthy
  9. Hazzaverx

    Forum Privacy

    victory fans waiting for a laughable post like
  10. like yp said.. can build your own. never had any woodwork experience except for year 7 woodwork class but after putting some together they actually turned out alright! and its quite rewarding and not to mention far cheaper.. haha
  11. idk.. i was really rating garuccio at LB. was making some great tackles and would run all day. imo i dont think ben should lose his spot.
  12. Hazzaverx

    Chants (In General)

    terrace probably isnt the best place for young kids mate.. swearing, jumping round, beer showers are common place. that will probably never change. so unless you're willing to expose them to that maybe try sitting/standing in the bay next to 16. its a bit less passionate but they often still join in with the chants.
  13. Hazzaverx

    Chants (In General)

    button ups > kappa match replica kit and its turtle kneck
  14. yeah look mate your english isn't great..
  15. Hazzaverx

    Tando velaphi

    this is the best 1 this arsenal anti spuds chant is cringe worthy tis the point mate. having a laugh
  16. Hazzaverx

    Tando velaphi

    This was great. Simple + catchy = loud chant. Could also probably recycle the Ooh Aah Engelaar (ooh aah velaphi) if you really want to. you're welcome.
  17. Hazzaverx

    Tando velaphi

    what do you think of tando? Great! What do you think of great? Tando! thank you thats alright we love tando, we love tando etc.
  18. I think the man played well again today. good to see a keeper in form
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