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  1. Ohhhh Schenkeveld's at City! Ohhhh And he hates the Victory Ohhhh He's winning home and awayyyy 1, 2, 3, 4 x100
  2. In fairness, we dominated you almost the whole game, could of scored more if Son hit the target, your goal came from a play from what should have been a foul on kane aaaaaand only one of your shots Lloris saved was really any good.
  3. Idk what you thought my points were man but this is exactly what i was saying..
  4. Absolutely. IMO you have to work your way back into the team. But comparing players side by side fully fit brandan is superior to kamau. No way should brandan get a start before a few introductions off the bench.
  5. I think we're talking fully fit brandan. Or i was anyway.
  6. Fitzys been immense last few weeks. Kamau still lacks his final touch, albeit so did fitzy last game. But less so than kamau. Kamau's pace will rip defenders if he comes on 70th min.
  7. Well its good to see we've addressed the issue of leaking goals. We're considerably less enjoyable to watch but IMO we need to win at all costs. I want a title and i don't care how we get it. If playing defensive masterclasses each week is how we're going to do it then so be it. As said earlier this is going to be a huge test. I'd be happy with a point but really disappointed with a loss. Prediction is 1-1
  8. Definitely agree that winning games brings people in but far out we played some of the best football in the league 2 seasons ago and still struggled to bring people through the gate.. We're one of the most liked teams on facebook (not that that really means much being in city football group as fans from parents clubs will have an interest in us) but surely thats an indicator that there is genuine interest in our team.. Im all for giving away tickets, but you have to be careful not to give away too many so as members feel theyre being ripped off. $30 for an adult ticket however is too high. Agree that $20 should be the max someone pays for an adult GA.
  9. Lots of bruised knees from goals and being pushed into chairs
  10. Throwing it out there, im sick of never cracking the 10k mark consistently. What is it? Ticket prices too high? Lack of interest? With kids coming free and on at a great time im suprised we didnt get at least 11k. Anyone have any ideas for how we can improve? Possibly giving away tickets to kids through schools or something. Whatever newcastle did it worked perfectly.
  11. Good effort in the attempt to bring back this chant. Think theres a significant amount of new terrace members these days though so it might need to be re taught. Also, tell the trumpet player to play toward the terrace a bit more. Was hard to hear what he was playing therefore making it hard for others to learn.
  12. Fitzy was definitely closest but is it really his job to cover when we're playing 5 at the back? Id ask more of muscat
  13. He was about their only player who was looking a genuine threat, then they took him off?
  14. To be honest i just thought it was a ripper ball from kosta.. Perhaps leroy was a bit too free but far out it was a peach of a cross
  15. Unfortunate. Can anyone tell me though, what is it about the nux and not being able to string together a competitive side. Last time they looked half good we beat them away and theyve never recovered..
  16. you boys have the mozz on us. And so does wembely..
  17. TBH im enjoying the back 5 with the jak moving into DM when needed. Found it interesting that mauk said he preferred playing as a box to box mid. Always thought he preferred no.10 role. Guess we might see ourselves playing a lot without a CAM this season. Bart was huge as a CB so dont really want to push him to RB, leaving muscat as the RB. That being said, the likes of muscat keeping a kilkenny or brattan out im not a fan of.. but if the system works the system works.
  18. I think that will depend on his fitness. I agree with an unchanged lineup. If malik is fit malik plays. Loving his form this season, hes a completely different player.
  19. Cheers. Just flicking back to that tackle for a moment, good of williams to apologise but far out it was a stiff challenge.. Another day or later in the game it could of been a red..
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