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  1. THE FINAL! Wednesday 30 November 7:30pm

    Anyone know if there's a way around the bullshit 1 ticket per customer for the premium C tickets which is essentially the city end? Taking a bunch of lads from work and like fuck I want to sit in GA and watch the smurfs celebrate turning us over.
  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Gutted about Melling but Clisby is no loss.
  3. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    My view is continued development of a higher quality of players will result in a better standard of older players in the league. This improvement helps the league overall. The a-league should still be aiming to export players to the top 6 leagues in Europe. But those players coming back will create better competition and improve the next gen. Let that repeat and things will improve markedly. Youth players sticking around in Aus does nothing for them or the league. No one would come out to see Tom rogic play for CCM if he stayed here another three years, until you prove yourself in Europe , Aussies don't take notice: the same will apply for mooy. I want him at the club forever but he needs to go to Europe. Also the stupid part is that Mooys play for us the last year or two is above what he will do in Europe but Aussies come for the name not for the football they're actually watching.
  4. Nick Fitzgerald

    Don't disagree. After we played CCM early last season I said I'd take Caceres, Fitzgerald and Austin from them. A year later we've got two of em. Austin is more dangerous going forward but Fitzgerald is a more rounded player. Williams had a horrendous first touch and shooting ability but had the pace and a better positional sense to open up defences regularly. If he had even a marginally better first touch and finishing he would be playing for the NT imo. Mostly those with work rate and middling skills elsewhere are seen as good players by fans here, but those with that something extra but inconsistency are crucified due to the frustration they cause when they create something out of nothing but then butcher it (Williams, Austin). Whereas a player seen to be running all day, tracking back etc but creating very little and finishing well when given they do find themselves in dangerous positions are then applauded. (Fitzgerald). Is just part and parcel of following lower level clubs though. I honestly prefer the players in Williams mould as its more exciting to watch. I disagree however on the pace side of things, Fitz is fucking fast in a straight line without the ball, his lack of control while dribbling is what stunts his pace on the ball. Watch the best players or even better players like a Novillo, they go at full tilt with their head up taking deft touches, Fitzgerald largely has his head down focussing on controlling the ball and has to take more touches as a result this doesn't let him get to top speed while on the ball. Still as I said a reliable squaddy and happy to have him on board.
  5. Nick Fitzgerald

    Is no way they saw Fitzgerald as not good enough. More likely we dangled the carrot of a fee for caceres in front of CCM on the condition they'd release Fitzgerald as well. Fitzgerald, Caceres and Austin are the only quality CCM had, wouldn't have released him otherwise. Happy if we've signed him on long term. Good bench player but is seriously uncomfortable on the ball but makes up for with pace (like most a-league wingers). However seems to shy away from taking players on probably due to his awkwardness on the ball. Hopefully can develop that as he seems to be a decent finisher and has a great work rate to help defensively. Good a-league level winger.
  6. Our next manager

    Isn't Harry Kewell at Watford? Inb4 Harry being our next manager after a season of yoof coaching. Continuing the glorious heart traditions forever.
  7. IN or OUT: The Vant Schip Edition

    I tried @KSK_47 but I'm blocked from the clubs social media for calling Aloisi a cunt for celebrating a draw at home against Adelaide. JVS forever.
  8. IN or OUT: The Vant Schip Edition

    Where's the option for out if Vant Schip leaves?
  9. IN or OUT: The Vant Schip Edition

    In. Long may the reign of JVS continue. Wij Zijn Aja... Melbourne
  10. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

    we have comedy festival on the mid level all month so no rooms to book. The whole lower floor is practically all city most away games anyways so not much point booking a room anyways. Best bets to call the pub and book a table in the restaurant for the game if you want a reserved space. The bigger screens in the restaurant area behind the bar.
  11. Sunday 7:00pm vs Perth Glory

    We got delivered 200 don salami sticks at the pub yesterday. Giving them away to first 200 people into the pub tomorrow. Some cross promotion city have with Don. Will be some club representatives in I think. The promo posters of Kuzi we got given are fucking hilarious.
  12. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    I voted against daylight savings every time . Due to the fact of football being earlier and the pubs I manage make more money at night than in daylight.
  13. We will smash a team that we've only beaten once at their ground in something like 10 attempts and are undefeated in 9? Fuck I wish I was that confident.
  14. Harry Novillo (gone)

    The blokes allegedly abusing his Mrs and you Kent's are worried about his sleeping pattern. Fuck me. I work hospo including at a certain pub you may all be familiar with that closes at 6am regularly. Can tell you for certain that what time you sleep makes no difference just as long as you get your 6-8 hours in. If he's found to be beating his wife he needs to go immediately. The only support the club should then offer is to his Mrs, regardless of his background and where he grew up. Send him to victory where he can console himself with Archie and discuss techniques on how to be a bigger cunt. If he isn't found guilty then the club needs to watch the space and get the blokes head right, no smoke without fire.
  15. Alex Wilkinson

    It's not my fault!