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  1. Geelong vs Geelong
  2. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/verfuegbaretrainer Inb4 Pardew’s back in the rumour mill...
  3. Just don’t throw Kisnorbo into the role so soon.. Cos next, we’ll unfortunately be calling for his head too.
  4. hakz7


    I put ‘Inept’
  5. hakz7

    I wonder...

    But he isn’t/wasn’t?...
  6. Saw this. Not sure if it’s the rumoured design for Man City or a fan-made one but don’t be surprised if we use similar navy features.
  7. The way they play every week, don’t think they do..
  8. Literally no one should show up on Sunday
  9. Every season there’s a derby that I think I never cared less about... And this is the latest addition.
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