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  1. When we reach the day where there are 0 new confirmed cases in the country, how long do you reckon they’ll wait to end the lockdown?
  2. What’s worse is that some of the very few fans I saw didn’t even know who Clint Bolton was lol
  3. Lol the kit was released only for the 10 year anniversary game.
  4. The squads for the Oz Football Aid are complete. I wonder how many people will get in early to watch it.
  5. Looking forward to seeing him replace Wales after he misses three sitters and sends 5 crosses out for a goal kick.
  6. Pretty sure the crowd will be very low but the game is going ahead.
  7. Doesn’t look like it’s being called off. Anyone in the city at the moment? How’s the smoke?
  8. Not like any CFG club has gotten in trouble in regards to doping before...
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