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  1. Yeah will watch it no doubt.
  2. Nothing compared to having Ramsay doing so.
  3. Lol Calleri has 5 star potential on FM (may have been hindered since his poor West Ham spell). No chance he's coming here at 23 y.o.
  4. Jesus Navas is a free agent
  5. That's disgusting
  6. Everton's kit looks like a training kit.
  7. Oh, thought it was. But it's May 29th.
  8. Playoff final vs Reading is Monday night 12am.
  9. Umm... what?
  10. @strider UPDATE: I have no idea what I just watched. That was the most fucked up pilot I've seen... in a good way.
  11. TTIM: People who have a photo of just themself as their lock screen/home screen.
  12. Saw that it premiered yesterday and found the plot very interesting. Will get on it later today.