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  1. Wwe/tna/wrestling ( contains spoilers )

  2. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Nah, just need to get JVS back
  3. Daniel Arzani

    How many minutes will he get tonight?
  4. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    Avengers Football League
  5. I wonder...

    The Barbershop episode was the best one of the series haha
  6. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    Who would choose Australia when he can easily go to MLS. Or China, Qatar, etc if he just wants the money..
  7. Waiting for the day where the bottom half team wins it.
  8. Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation

    You don’t wanna be the first entry in the bullshit watch for the new season?
  9. SF @ Newcastle, 7.50 pm Fri April 27

    We’ve beaten them away twice this season.. So naturally, we’ll lose this one.
  10. Lol at least wait till we score to rip the flare. They did it when nothing was even happening on the pitch.
  11. Lol how have Sydney’s attendances dropped? What more would you want as a fan?
  12. Lol this time there was a genuine issue. But at least was fixed before I went to buy em.
  13. Only need to wait 6 days
  14. Wwe/tna/wrestling ( contains spoilers )

    Imagine thinking a match involving Stephanie McMahon would be match of the night lol