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  1. TTIM: Things That Irk Me

    This was literally the plot of last week’s Curb episode lol
  2. Only going for the trumpet
  3. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    TTDIM: Afterpay
  4. Timmy Trumpet (Freaks)

    Try and rejuvenate Espana
  5. Lol Bruno’s gonna be taking over the club’s twitter page during the game.
  6. The "Where are they now?" thread

    It’s not cos he left. It’s because he was so shit for us which is albeit unfair cos he was usually surrounded by shit players. But it’s similar to all of us booing Aloisi cos he was a horrible coach..
  7. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    Interesting that Cahill is starting. Thought Kilkenny would be the preferred option to help solidify the midfield. EDIT: On the official team sheet, it’s listed as a 4-4-2. Cahill and Ross the front two.
  8. RD 5 V Sydney 3/11 AAMI PARK KO 7:50

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. TTDIM: Things that don't irk me

    Same thing happened for me lol. Exam was last week, such a good feeling.
  10. Just the 4th team to win their first 4 games of the season in the league. Wazza is the first A-League coach to win his first 4 games also.
  11. Talking City Fan Channel

    Yeah. It’s more like Jun though - rhyming with sun.
  12. Talking City Fan Channel

    The one I can’t stand the most is when commentators (or random fans) call Emre Can - “Chan”. They’ve already got down that the ‘c’ is different so why can’t they just get it right and pronounce it “Jan”.
  13. Neil Kilkenny

    Well at least you got that right...