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  1. Memberships

    Mine arrived today
  2. Welcome Ross McCormack

    Pretty good signing. Very good scoring record in the Championship in the three years before his move to Villa where he apparently wasn't given enough games.
  3. Memberships

    Didn't wanna create a match thread just yet. But has anyone bought active tickets for the derby with their membership barcodes today? It doesn't let you enter two different barcodes for the same transaction on the page so you can't select more than one seat. I don't wanna pay separate handling fees so was wondering if anyone figured it out.
  4. Marcin Budzinski (Polish hero)

    His surname having 2 less syllables than 'Ibrahimovic' makes the first line sound a bit off.
  5. Bort Banner

    Let it go, Dean.
  6. Marcin Budzinski

    With Cahill reportedly on 400k, there's probably no room in the cap left for a starting player

    Good. Now the mics on the near touchline won't exaggerate the two people singing in the away section and make it like they're actually making more noise..
  8. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    So do our premiership chances
  9. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Great ball Kamau..
  10. FFA Cup 2017 Qtr F V Sydney 13 Sep away

    Redmayne is in goals. You guys are writing us off too quickly lol
  11. MCFC T-shirt design competition

    This was my design FWIW (Was there a Melburnians sticker that looked similar to this btw?)
  12. MCFC T-shirt design competition

    Looks like the were all made by fans who never supported Heart
  13. Aaron Mooy

    "Magneto" would be more fitting tbh