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  1. James Trollisi
  2. No time to circle any moles but ?
  3. Almost lost my shit at these posts on the train hahaha
  4. In a more appropriate way of asking, this lol. How did he feel playing second fiddle to Bouzanis even after evidently bad performances?
  5. Just reminded me of
  6. On the way to a City game last season, a mum with two kids (girl and boy) got on at one of the stations. The boy was the most obnoxious, loud and rude kid I've seen and didn't shut up for 30 minutes. The mum kepts giving the "I'll tell your dad" threat at least 5 times which the kid obviously couldn't care less about cos he was a non-stop headache. To make things worse, the girl who was about 3-4 years old smelt like shit and the mum noticed as well. It spread throughout the carrage.. You couldn't get her cleaned properly from before?! They finally got off at North Melbourne (I think) So after the game, going back home and what do you know?.. after 5 minutes of the train ride they get on the exact same carriage as me!! They had 2-3 hours to board a train again and yet they somehow got on the same train AND carriage as I was. Obviously the boy was no less louder than before and the girl still stank... Had to deal with another 30 minutes of that. Absolute nightmare.
  7. Him coming to Melbourne will be the only thing that can cheer me up from him leaving Galatasaray on such disrespectful terms (on behalf of the board).
  8. As long as he can read the 9 digits on the cheque he'll receive for this fight, you think he cares?
  9. Yeah, can't wait to see Beckham whipping crosses into them.
  10. Waiting to see how their away and third kit look so I can decide which one to get with his name on lol
  11. So it's just like any other day of supporting this club..
  12. While you're at it, could you make it sans-serif?
  13. Oh, well the first derby of 2012-13 (season opener and JA's first game in charge) was actually a Friday game.
  14. Do you mean it's a first that the 3rd derby is a Friday? Or in general that a Melb Derby is on a Friday?