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  1. TheStig

    ACL spot

    Sydney has been announced as this year's premiers. Do we get an ACL spot? https://thefootballsack.com.au/2020/03/sydney-fc-to-be-awarded-a-league-premiership.html
  2. Both of them would be handy in the finals whenever played.
  3. Just checking in on Mombaerts performance. The loss to Newcastle was shocking. We need to give him an ultimatum. If the team doesn't win a game in the next month he has to go! cheers Peter
  4. Hi all With the Coronavirus wreaking economic havoc and Foxtel possibly pulling the pin on its contract with the A league , it begs the question of what would happen to City in a post A-league world. Melbourne United may well fold (would anyone care?) and even Victory could be vulnerable. However we have oil wells so we could pursue other options. Would playing in the J-league be an option? Japanese teams fly down here and we fly there for the ACL competition so maybe that would be an option. it would certainly raise the standard of football played here and possibly even attract viewership on tv with more attendance. Getting to away games would become a bit more expensive however. cheers Peter
  5. In the same vein as this thread maybe we should start a #keepKurtz thread which would make periodic apologies and supportive statements for Marco Kurtx so he doesn't get sacked. Of course Kurtz being at Victory is a good thing.
  6. Very good. Just remember not to mention the war and all will be ok.
  7. My bad. I should have said that Bozza was suggesting that his football career is riding high at the moment.
  8. Also Riley McGree played well tonight also although it was laughable watching Bozza trying to skirt around talking about what he had done yet talking him up as a Socceroos hopeful.
  9. The viewers need to check that it wasn't an obvious error. Mind you, given the improved way Wales played against WSW, City might need to give serious consideration to an end of year bonding holiday in Cambodia for the whole team.
  10. He certainly banged it to another member of his gang. That team bonding must work!
  11. There is really only one way to determine whether these penalties are deserved. Can someone please play the VAR video?
  12. I'm surprised there hasn't been some discussion about the punishment or lack thereof handed out for alleged bed hopping in the Matildas as contrasted with the punishment handed out here #freelachieandnathaniel
  13. A fair summation of matters would be that the group sex sessions have been ineffective at improving their goal kicking.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/blog/what-happens-if-i-commit-a-crime-overseas/
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