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  1. Seasons over. Was it a pass/fail? Discuss.

    With tonight's result meaning that we won't be in the ACL next year I think you can only view this season's result as a failure. We have recruited reasonably well over past seasons and home grown talent like Arzani is emerging but we have yet to feature in our first A league grand final. We have just offloaded 5 players and one suspects that more may depart for various reasons in the near future. A proud club would not regard this year's result as acceptable.
  2. A-league expansion

    Not an attempt at trolling, just a lame attempt at humour!
  3. A-league expansion

    I think the proposals above just aren't bold enough. As a starting point we need 12 teams in the greater Melbourne area thus giving a huge number of derbies. Ideally they should play in the wintertime (true football season) at 2PM on a Saturday all at the same time at local grounds. To generate interest the teams should be spread out across the Greater Melbourne area namely Essendon, Melbourne (City), Geelong, Footscray, St Kilda (although they can be based in Moorabbin), Fitzroy, Hawthorn, North Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne and Carlton. There should also be a team based in Collingwood wearing black and white that everyone hates. After a year or two South Melbourne should be rebased in Sydney to annoy the local Greek population. I think this is a formula for success.
  4. 2018/2019 season memberships

    Thanks everyone for the polite responses. In response to the comment above, first there are people out there for whom that extra $15 per game makes a huge difference and is the difference between going to a game or not going. This is particularly so when you want to bring the whole family. And the other point is that other sports such as the Big Bash provide a day out at lower cost as they are a more affordable option, particularly if you want to buy any food at the ground. That aside, there is one other point I forgot to cover and that is the scheduling time of matches, Melbourne is a huge city and if you live in the outer east it can take up to an hour and a half to get home if going by train and then car. So if matches are scheduled to finish around 10.00 PM you are getting home really late and mothers are often not happy about children being out so late because they consider that it upsets their sleep patterns or the kids have school next day and they want the kids in bed by a certain time. With this in mind matches need to be scheduled earlier than at present. 7.50 PM is just too late. I would suggest 7PM as a more reasonable option with 4.30 PM for earlier matches. Oh and the other point is that kids up to age 18 should be free if accompanied by an Adult (up to 4 kids per adult). There should also be a very, very cheap membership option for uni and TAFE students who generally don't have a lot of spare cash. Stig
  5. Hi everyone <rant on> I just received an email from the club regarding next season's membership. Its the usual marketing namely sign up now and get a seat at last year's price. In the past I have been a GA member but this last year due to waning interest and other commitments I contented myself with a 5 game membership and went to the derbies as well. It is no secret that crowds have dropped off (for other clubs too) and in my opinion there hasn't been the same atmosphere at games like in year's past. I was disappointed then, when I looked at the memberships rates and stadium map to see nothing had changed. Same marketing, more or less same seating allocation etc. I think its time to chime up and say this madness has to stop. The way ticketing is being managed, along with the general approach to marketing the club is having the opposite to its intended effect namely crowds and interest are declining. Things need to change. I am not sure whether these matters are set by the club or by the FFA but none of it makes economic sense to me. Please let me explain. Think of AAMI Park as a giant jumbo jet with a fixed number of seats (30,050) and 13 or 14 flights per year. No airline in their right mind would fly a plane with 1/3 paying passengers and the remaining 2/3 of the aircraft empty. Worse still they wouldn't designate that half the plane would have unavailable seats with the nicer seats costing significantly more and the cheapest seats right up the back in the noisiest part of the plane. Why ? Possibly to save a few dollars in not needing as many flight attendants? I don't know. That's not how airlines are run. To maximise revenue airlines seek to fill every seat on every flight. At the same time the competitor airlines (Air Cricket, Air AFL etc) have different seat allocations which give the lowest paying passengers reasonable opportunities to sit in the nicer and more pleasant parts of the plane at the lowest cost. They do this by making all the seats in the plane available with plenty of opportunities to get a good window seat. Further Air AFL has taken active steps to reduce the cost of food on the plane in order to better service its passengers. http://www.goal.com/en-au/news/a-league-ticket-prices-much-higher-than-big-bash-league/1pxuaxkj4hmyn1heyr6q70oypr The contrast could not be greater. Clearly the other airlines are customer focussed and also realise that empty seats = less revenue. By contrast Air City seems to think that it is a boutique airline with a better product than its competitors and that it can just produce the service that it wants to deliver, restrict seat availability and people will simply pay a premium to sit in what on other airlines is just an average seat. Needless to say this has resulted in declining passenger loads for Air City (and thus declining revenue) whilst the passenger loads of its competitors continue to grow. So how can this be fixed? To paraphrase an orange-haired President "From this day forward a new vision will govern our club. From this day forward its going to be only... Members first. Members first. Every decision on membership, on seat allocation, on food service, will be made to benefit Melbourne City supporters, fans and families." So how would that pan out in practice. What would need to happen? Let's start with the user experience. GA ticket holders and members should have the ability to sit in good seats on the side of the pitch so that they have a cost-effective and enjoyable user experience every time they come to the game. This means initially opening up the top stand on the eastern side of AAMI Park to GA ticketholders. Yes this will mean that some extra staff will need to be hired but in time as patrons realise they can get good seats at fair prices comparable with other sports there will be growth in overall revenue to more than cover these extra costs. As part of that process, and to cover some of the extra costs City should reach agreement with Foxtel and the catering companies whereby as the number of GA ticket holders grows, as set targets are met eg 10k, 12k etc in a given game, Foxtel and the catering companies should agree to pay a certain amount of extra revenue directly to City in recognition of the benefits that accrue to those companies eg better tv viewing experience (due to fuller stadium on screen) and more food sales. But it doesn't just stop there. A grade member ticket holders should indicate whether they are going to fill their seats for a given game. If they are not going to attend then there should be a bidding silent auction for all other members to upgrade (from whichever class). The highest bidder gets the A grade seat and their successful bid revenue goes to the club with a small percentage to a suitable football related charity. In this way at every game all member A grade seats will always be full, Member satisfaction is maximised and there are revenue benefits for the club. Similarly for member Premium B seats, members should indicate whether they will be attending the game and if not then the club should freely and randomly offer these seats as a free upgrade for GA members. No revenue for the club but again members satisfaction is maximised. Every Premium B seat filled at every match. The next area of concern is ticket prices. Melbourne is a saturated sports market and the current pricing structure overvalues soccer relative to other sports. The prices should change to the following to more precisely align demand with supply, improve soccer's cost competitiveness and again enhance the value proposition for patrons. GA - $15 Premium B - $25 Premium A - $35 Annual memberships should be priced at $150 for Blue, $250 for Silver and $350 for Gold. Now some people are likely to point out that this would cause a dramatic drop in revenue. Let's assume that, excluding derbies, we have had average crowds of about 8,000 including by my estimation 1500 Premium A patrons and 2000 premium B patrons in each match. On paper, assuming the same crowd I estimate this would cost about $52,500 per match which is significant. I estimate revenue currently at 4500 x 25 + 2000 x 40 + 1500 x 50 = $267,500 per match. However with the changed pricing structure I believe many people would be prepared to still pay the same or even slightly more but have the improved viewing experience. I assume there are, on the lower levels, about 3000 Premium A and 4000 Premium B seats. Under my revised pricing structure I expect these to completely sell out to members. So the revenue from this would be 3000 x 35 + 4000 x 25 + for the remaining GA members 4500 x 15 = total of $272,500. So at this stage we have already increased gross revenue, improved the spectator experience and we haven't even taken into account the increased GA numbers that would flow from the drop in prices. Well we know there are 3,000 or so members not turning up at present so I'll go out on a limb and say that they will now come. On top of that i will conservatively add an extra 2,000 GA stragglers who will be attracted by the low prices. These can be either new patrons, friends of existing patrons or other people attracted through a marketing campaign. So that's an extra 5,000 x $15 = $75,000 bringing gross revenue up to $347,500. Now I said that the top tier east side would be opened up to GA members so we can expect lots of extra happy patrons filling these tiers. As discussed above some of the cost of extra staff would be defrayed by deals with Foxtel and food service companies. Possibly Telstra thanks could cover some costs too. Anyway with the extra $80k in revenue generated by these changes the extra staff can be easily afforded. In summary these changes will bring in more revenue, make patrons happier, create more atmosphere at matches, improve the viewing experience and start us on a growth trajectory. Some may say that this risks losing significant revenue however look at the millions spent on Tim Cahill. Has that produced a sustained increase in patronage? No, quite the opposite. The only way forward for the club is, as Bayern Munich does, to put City Members First. Only then will the club's downward trajectory be reversed. </rant> The Stig
  6. #SackJoyce

    Here is the obligatory "Sack %%%%%%" thread. It's early days but he should be kept on his toes from day 1! Seriously for the sake of the supporters I hope he meets with some success. The Stig
  7. Sorry if I have posted to the wrong forum but do check out this comp. http://www.socceroos.com.au/misc/win-a-double-pass-to-caltex-socceroos-v-brazil/1qqydp52u5nan1bredydabpbtg
  8. City Football Group (CFG) [Owner of Melbourne City]

    The City group don't seem ruithless and driven enough to do what is necessary to make Mel City a top team. Our standards should dictate that this last season was an appalling failure in not reaching the grand final and also not making the acl notwithstanding the FFA cup win The response from the City group has been tepid at best.Heads need to roll both on and off the field. By contrast I noted this comment from Jason Geriatric in today's paper. Regarding the grand final "I feel privileged this is the second one I am involved in but at Melbourne Victory we set our standards pretty high and grand finals and championships are the standard for us." City Group need to get hungrier for success and make a statement for next year. In my view expectations need to be raised across the board and the best way to do this is appoint Gus Hiddink as coach.
  9. Sack Hodgson

    Just getting in early...
  10. JVS gets Zwolle job

    Its in Dutch (use Google translate) but basically JVS has got the job at FC Zwolle. http://www.telegraaf.nl/telesport/27925288/__PEC_presenteert_Van__t_Schip_als_opvolger_Jans__.html?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=facebook&apw_campaign=302fada4cf1e31fe9865322c99619254 cheers Peter
  11. Home Derby - SAT 17th December 7:50PM

    No that's not correct.Don't know where you are getting that from. I have some news for everyone. they have opened up the top deck on the Gosch's Paddock side. Seats are Gold and Silver with Gold being the lower half of the top level and silver the top. you can get some good seats in Silver. Hurry and book your tickets before the Victory fans find out.
  12. Home Derby - SAT 17th December 7:50PM

    Does anyone know when the upper level seats will be released to the public and what category they will be?
  13. The road to the 2018 WC

    Hope we don't get a serious injury.
  14. The road to the 2018 WC

    Referee is saving us from ourselves.
  15. The road to the 2018 WC

    They're doing it for the (late) King.