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  1. Here is the obligatory "Sack %%%%%%" thread. It's early days but he should be kept on his toes from day 1! Seriously for the sake of the supporters I hope he meets with some success. The Stig
  2. Sorry if I have posted to the wrong forum but do check out this comp.
  3. The City group don't seem ruithless and driven enough to do what is necessary to make Mel City a top team. Our standards should dictate that this last season was an appalling failure in not reaching the grand final and also not making the acl notwithstanding the FFA cup win The response from the City group has been tepid at best.Heads need to roll both on and off the field. By contrast I noted this comment from Jason Geriatric in today's paper. Regarding the grand final "I feel privileged this is the second one I am involved in but at Melbourne Victory we set our standards pretty high and grand finals and championships are the standard for us." City Group need to get hungrier for success and make a statement for next year. In my view expectations need to be raised across the board and the best way to do this is appoint Gus Hiddink as coach.
  4. Just getting in early...
  5. Its in Dutch (use Google translate) but basically JVS has got the job at FC Zwolle. cheers Peter
  6. No that's not correct.Don't know where you are getting that from. I have some news for everyone. they have opened up the top deck on the Gosch's Paddock side. Seats are Gold and Silver with Gold being the lower half of the top level and silver the top. you can get some good seats in Silver. Hurry and book your tickets before the Victory fans find out.
  7. Does anyone know when the upper level seats will be released to the public and what category they will be?
  8. Hope we don't get a serious injury.
  9. Referee is saving us from ourselves.
  10. They're doing it for the (late) King.
  11. Mooy looks tired.
  12. Ta. Will be interesting to see him play when he comes on.
  13. So Bratten is on the bench?
  14. Why isn't Bratten playing tonight?
  15. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good save by Ryan