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  1. I will just agree with one of the four you mentioned.
  2. Surely the GA wasn't full from the Macca's free tickets?? If so, just goes to show what shit food people eat here.
  3. It rained pretty good in the north an hour before game so that probably contributed a little for the attendance. But boy, those seagulls are annoying. Can just imagine the laughs we get when it's televised overseas... but then again no one watches A League here let alone overseas
  4. After one loss you're doing that? Come on dude seriously...
  5. Daniel Arzani

  6. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    I'm sure many of you watched the reply but did you see when we scored the first goal and the payers celebrated, Bart turned to the Victory bench and stuck out his tongue to give them shit.
  7. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    They don't call me Paul the Octopus for nothing
  8. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    Relax boys we'll win! Alhamdulillah!
  9. Not just our club but the A-league as a whole. Don't think it's really related to individual clubs. The FFA is doing a great job running the code into the ground. And not sure why the club would release that mini membership before the season starts! I thought they started off with 8-membership pack, then 6, 5, 4.......To me a true membership is one that you have purchased for all home games.
  10. Yes, but how many kids & adults play union in Victoria? FA really compared to the kids & adults that play football yet we can't crack 10k average.
  11. I never hear anything about the Rebels yet I just saw their average for 2018 was 10k. Their performance isn't any better than ours yet how do they get 10k?
  12. Bruno Fornaroli - "El Tuna"

    Would love it to be gone but can't see that happening. How would these other "poorer" teams compete then?
  13. Round 1: Melbourne Derby - 20 October 2018

    2-1 City. Next
  14. Daniel Arzani

    Come back to us Danny boy. Would love you back!