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  1. We signed Scotty j

    If anyone needs to be relegated to the bench it's this guy. Putrid all season.
  2. Happy for the 5149 that bothered to rock up witness a great game.
  3. Wazza "I picked a team..." Joyce

    Was that in contrast to what Wazza probably said: "We had possession. We controlled the game"
  4. Nah saw him leave after the whistle
  5. Atkinson on. Great. Looks like Joyce wants to lose by a bigger margin now
  6. All season its been a shocker. Only highlight l remember from him was the cross in the derby that led to a goal
  7. Yep! Agreed! Why would you stay away because of Wazza?
  8. Memberships/Season Tickets

    How is spastic Munn still our CEO is beyond me. Does he still exist apart from picking up his pay check?? What's the best email I can't send to this idiot? But as I mentioned before, you can't fault the people who call - they are only doing their jobs. I bet they feel the same way and probably are not even paid members themselves. I'll keep going to games as I have been since day 1 but I am already looking forward to the end of the season and HOPING next season will bring something new........ which I have been saying for 9 seasons now.
  9. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Well you can't fault the guy he is just doing his job. Hopefully he passes on the feedback from your call.
  10. Memberships/Season Tickets

    Can you remember the person's name? What was their response?

    Whole box of them. Should be open.

    Merch store next to the makeshift membership tent outside AAMI Park

    Are these the 2018/19 pins or are they last seasons?