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  1. Great! Never rated him. Good luck to him anyway. Next
  2. Me too. God damn l love City Blue!
  3. Surely, not dictated solely by Foxtel? I'm sure the FFA last season pushed to have City for many Friday nights for the Cahill effect.
  4. Whilst l can attend any day, it's definitely a race against time for Friday night football. Personally, l like the Saturday 5pm/7:30pm games or Sunday 3pm/5pm games. They need to realise we have a lot of young members and need suitable days and times to maximise attendance, but FFA does the fixtures so like they care.
  5. I hear the memberships had a massive spike of several people since the appointment of the new head coach!
  6. Why have they retained the same coaching staff apart from appointing a new head coach? Surely, muppets like Valkanis and Montermurro have FA to contribute. Waste of assistants IMO.
  7. Not really. There were more home jerseys up for sale than the away jerseys. Plus the away jerseys are (were) $20 while the home ones are $25
  8. Maybe best you contact the club directly?
  9. I'm in the puffy jacket brigade, live on the South Morang line...., but did not take the train tonight. Why?
  10. $20 at the Nike shop in Bundoora
  11. Successful?
  12. Sack that fat qant Ange! Putting Robbie Kruse on warrants an automatic sacking!
  13. I've heard a lot of things but that has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've heard!
  14. How much did you pay for his book? There is a shop (can't rem the name) in Northland that is 50% storewide which sells his book.
  15. You're the dude that wore the City bucket hat every time l went for an appointment at the Mercy Hospital?