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  1. Hes actually fairly funny on Have You Been Paying Attention, outside of that I agree.
  2. From my limited reading theres a suspected link between ADHD and kids watching TV at a young age, due to the short bursty nature of ads and shows, kids don't learn to concentrate. Nobody thinks that the growing rate of asthma and food allergies is a whole lot of codswallop, so I don't think we should say the same about ADHD just because its a mental one. And yeah the whole outrage over Hansons comments is way over the top. I always thought autistic kids automatically went to their own special schools anyway.
  3. Well theres sites like valuedopinions.com.au where you get paid roughly $2 for a 15 min survey, I just do surveys on the couch while the missus is watchign reality shit on TV, I probably make about $20-$40 a week from them (fuck all to some, but its easy pocket money, especially with my gambling arb'ing added). Quite often the surveys I do you'll see the results pop up in the news a few weeks later. But the good ones are the in person focus groups (Farron Research) where you get paid $100 or so for an hour just to talk shit. Ive only done one as the times dont really suit me, but it was just an hour of a guy researching on behalf of Nissan asking about my car purchase and why I chose Nissan.
  4. Yeah just $5 or something and 2 cans of Pringles, it was online only.
  5. I did a focus group for Pringles about 18 months ago where I said I couldnt notice any difference which eventually turned into 'uproar' in the news for a short while, but nobody seems to care about that anymore.
  6. Knives have laws and restrictions already placed on their use just like guns do.
  7. I wouldnt say the ratio or the extremes of fuckwitism are as high as tennis. Somebody like Steve Smith is still a long way off from reaching the levels of Kyrgios, Tomic or Hewitt.
  8. ...if theres another sport that has as many (Australian) fuckwits in it as Tennis does
  9. Businesses aren't forced to pay it at all, and many dont offer Mat Leave, my best friends missus didn't get anything from her work and had to use her long service leave. The Government offers 3 months at minimum wage for everybody, if a company decides to offer leave on top of that then its up to them. Most big businesses seem to offer 3 months at full pay. My uncle used to run a small business of 10-20 people in Perth and he always said he preferred mothers working for him as they had something to work for and were more stable in their career/life. He was more than happy to offer it to attract those type of workers.
  10. Well the Government provides 2 weeks at minimum wage, my work provided me with 2 weeks at full pay which is somewhat generous compared to most of my mates who only got 1 from their work. The only place Ive heard of doing anything substantially more is one of the big 4 banks. I was fairly keen to get back to work after 4 weeks both times so I don't think much more needs to be provided for fathers.
  11. Do you mean the 2 weeks Government pay for dads? Only 1 in 3 dads have taken it up so most probably agree with you. I took it up for both kids, first time it was definitely needed as he wouldnt breast feed and was constantly hungry and not sleeping which meant Mrs Hedaik was a sleep deprived mess for 4 weeks, but second baby has been breastfeeding really well so I haven't had to do so much this time around other than keep the older one entertained.
  12. Wouldn't say you're a shining beacon on how kids should be raised sorry mate.
  13. Its not strictly for the mother, either the dad or mum can take it. You prefer the One Nation policy of getting rid of Parental Leave Pay and also stopping immigration so we end up with a population of 0? I'm sure the cost of a good parental leave scheme to boost the birth rate is cheaper than relying on immigration, plus all the health benefits associated with early family bonding and breast milk that help avoid a future generation of ratbags.
  14. Good luck getting them to sit still for more than 1 minute once they start crawling.