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  1. The point of the headline is to show that he was seemingly an everyday English person that cherished the same thing that other people in the country also love, but still decided to do what he did. Save your outage for something else.
  2. Whenever this conversation comes up, I always think of this: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/caravan-parks-unexpected-checkin-20130627-2oz5l.html
  3. Do people actually care about this other than it being an issue that they can sink the boot into Labor for? My dad was going on about how he's a union lackie etc but couldn't explain what is actually wrong with the changes. I suspect he's no different to most Herald Sun readers. (Not saying I know either as I don't care)
  4. I predict people still won't understand
  5. There's a number of things I find cringeworthy about ALeague fans. One of them being the amount of supporters of 10 year old clubs that were created from a report having an obsession of calling everything 'plastic'. (Especially when Melbourne City are the most 'plastic'/ manufactured of them all)
  6. Sign up to Luxbet if you want matched deposit offers, I quite often get them for $500.
  7. It did about 5 years ago when they went from Give Way signs to traffic lights and some of the lanes were altered. Most of the issues at the roundabout stem from people not knowing what lane they need to be in, then traffic being held up when they stop in the middle of the roundabout and try to change lanes.
  8. Why would you post less?
  9. At least you've always got North Melbourne your health
  10. Can you debunk this study for me? Strokes probably the one thing that scares me the most, am actually thinking of going to full strength soft drink in light of this news.
  11. Really cant see the crowd being any bigger than last years final, there was a lot more enthusiasm around the side then than there is now.
  12. Only has relevance on Australia Day weekend
  13. For all the big regional towns in Australia I think Ballarat would have to be up there for being the coolest.
  14. Hawthorn could get the next 10 wooden spoons and no other opposition supporter would have anything on them
  15. Typical City result and we're not even playing