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  1. Maybe right now is the worst time to make this comment as I assume they are less well resourced than normal but I do not understand how these design companies get away with copy pasting the same design all over the world. Maybe if they were designing a kit for the Northcote u12s a template makes sense but surely the profits from producing gear for a single professional club should be enough to cover designing them something unique, let alone the combined proceeds a company like Puma would get from it's collection of clubs. I'm not a designer but it cannot be that hard to make a fresh design, and it isn't even as if you'd be hiring one designer per club. They also lose the "it's to keep costs down" argument when kits cost over $100 each.
  2. Wow what a coup. Imagine the joy and relief they found when the public discovered this clearly unfakeable tape where in the space of 40 seconds random officials manage to get out all the key phrases conspiracy theorists have been saying for months including literally saying the words "it's a hoax". And thank god we had "Officer Tatum" there to explain it and comment on it, a better credentialed and more impartial youtuber you will not find, Trump shirt not withstanding. I could edit this to have Pingu noises playing over the top and it would look just as convincing and be just as reputable, even moreso if i got highly respected and obviously neutral Warwick Capper to explain what it all means to us. *Sorry I broke the don't feed the troll rule.
  3. There could also be a bit of red and white striped fatigue in this quiz, seeing as there's about 6 kits that look basically the same. Having said that I am also amazed how close that one was, and am also amazed that there seems to be support for the current white away monstrosity (presently at 38% against the black with red and white sash kit, which is way more than it deserves).
  4. Fwiw the club twitter is running a bracket on the various club kits. I'd anticipate a lot of red in the final 8, probably some black, low chance of blue.
  5. For me it's in the same category as Redmayne's hand clap after conceding. Infuriating.
  6. Going to Africa next year around August/September. Will be doing the standard safari thing around Kenya/Tanzania but have the best part of a week left afterwards. Originally the plan was to go to Cape Town for a few days but it seems difficult to get to so Zanzibar looks like where we will end up. Anyone had any experience in these areas or alternate suggestions? Africa is much more expensive than I anticipated.
  7. I've watched the replay a few times now and it's very unclear which part the penalty is for. On the wide shot there is initial contact with Genreau as he approaches the penalty spot but it is very hard to determine if he is unfairly impeded from any of the footage provided. However when he jumps for the header he clearly has his shirt held (you can see his collar being pulled down to expose his chest) and considering his head only missed the perfect cross by about an inch you could argue he was pulled down enough to stop him being able to make contact with the ball. Whether or not he would of scored or even gotten high enough who knows, but to me while it seems a s soft penalty if you grab shirts in the penalty box like that then you put yourself at the mercy of the ref.
  8. Just got back from there about a month ago. Did New York, a series of parks in Arizona/Utah, Vegas briefly, and San Fran to finish. Cannot recommend the parks enough. They were all incredible. We whizzed through them but saw Grand Canyon from the South Rim, Monument Valley, Page including Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Mt Zion NP including Angels Landing. All were amazing and aside from accommodation pretty cheap. New York was great, easy to get around and heaps of good food. We looked into the New York pass but it seemed like to get value out of it you had to pack everything in as tight as you could which wasn't what we were going for.
  9. I was pretty unhappy when he came on instead of Najjarine but that's the best 20 minutes he's played in the A-League. More gang bangs please.
  10. After the Joyce years seeing us reach peak disenchantment from our support base, and then the club working it's arse off this pre-season to get back on good terms, it would be an absolute horror pr move to recruit probably the clubs second most hated player ever. Especially since he would be filling a depth role, so it isn't even as if getting him makes us better.
  11. Still better than talking about whether or not Toby Greene is a misunderstood boy who has been hard done by for two weeks straight.
  12. I think this is important. For many seasons now on here we have been dissapointed by the clubs last minute assembly of it's squad, so for them to have virtually the entire squad in place already including all 5 visas is fantastic and hopefully sets us up for a strong start. No more bullshit excuses about the team needing time to gel. It's actually been the most solid off season we have seen from City thus far. Proactive signings in the right areas, a strong coaching appointment, membership deals and recruiting has been good, the only blemish has been the kits. On every other aspect it seems like the club is finally listening and doing stuff right.
  13. Yeah I think those fringe players just have to bank as much as they can while they can. Someone like Bruno or Brattan can afford to stay loyal when they are earning $350k plus anyway but Griffiths would be on $200kish so even a $50k pay rise means a lot more to him than others.
  14. Let me state firstly that i am firmly in the "Red should be a big part of the clubs identity, hate the whole City Blue concept, and Navy Blue can just Fuck right off" camp, but i understand the club really. Why would they care about making red an integral part of the club? They took the hit initially with the identity change but mitigated it somewhat by keeping the away kit, but after year one they have been steadily and surely removing red from the club identity. This is nothing new. We are all still here. We are all upset and angry about it but ultimately we will all keep coming back for more, despite the club doing a great job of alienating it's fanbase every chance it gets, especially last season. The above quoted bit proves they don't care, and the fact we are all still members and posting about it proves that our threats are meaningless and that we will just al;l cling to the club no matter how shittily it represents us or cares about our opinions.
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