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  1. After the Joyce years seeing us reach peak disenchantment from our support base, and then the club working it's arse off this pre-season to get back on good terms, it would be an absolute horror pr move to recruit probably the clubs second most hated player ever. Especially since he would be filling a depth role, so it isn't even as if getting him makes us better.
  2. Still better than talking about whether or not Toby Greene is a misunderstood boy who has been hard done by for two weeks straight.
  3. I think this is important. For many seasons now on here we have been dissapointed by the clubs last minute assembly of it's squad, so for them to have virtually the entire squad in place already including all 5 visas is fantastic and hopefully sets us up for a strong start. No more bullshit excuses about the team needing time to gel. It's actually been the most solid off season we have seen from City thus far. Proactive signings in the right areas, a strong coaching appointment, membership deals and recruiting has been good, the only blemish has been the kits. On every other aspect it seems like the club is finally listening and doing stuff right.
  4. Yeah I think those fringe players just have to bank as much as they can while they can. Someone like Bruno or Brattan can afford to stay loyal when they are earning $350k plus anyway but Griffiths would be on $200kish so even a $50k pay rise means a lot more to him than others.
  5. Let me state firstly that i am firmly in the "Red should be a big part of the clubs identity, hate the whole City Blue concept, and Navy Blue can just Fuck right off" camp, but i understand the club really. Why would they care about making red an integral part of the club? They took the hit initially with the identity change but mitigated it somewhat by keeping the away kit, but after year one they have been steadily and surely removing red from the club identity. This is nothing new. We are all still here. We are all upset and angry about it but ultimately we will all keep coming back for more, despite the club doing a great job of alienating it's fanbase every chance it gets, especially last season. The above quoted bit proves they don't care, and the fact we are all still members and posting about it proves that our threats are meaningless and that we will just al;l cling to the club no matter how shittily it represents us or cares about our opinions.
  6. Really enjoyable season guys. In fact I think without a doubt this podcast is my favourite thing about Melbourne City. Would listen to Mifsud Moments weekly all through the off season if you felt inclined to provide it.
  7. Hopefully that was his last game because it was a fitting performance. 2 hours of boredom with about 1 shot on target and a multitude of uninspiring and completely unattacking changes only to leave with no reward.
  8. This is a line that would resonate with a lot of our fans I think. I have watched every minute of this season either live or on TV but I have found myself less and less invested in the club, and mainly because they have made themselves so unlikeable and every chance they have to reengage they end up stuffing up. The Bruno saga is typical of their approach to everything. They have never once shied away from doing something which is a blow to the supporters connection to the club, but rarely do it for a tangible benefit, and often do it for no gain at all. Their whole approach to every decision reeks of a bigger entity coming in and arrogantly stating they know how best to run things, while at the same time their decisions lesson our connection the club and often shoot the club in its own foot.
  9. I'm confident that is the exact template Football Manager uses when you sell a player. Completely impersonal. Sad day for the supporters. Btw I'd suggest the reason he is gone now is for two reasons, 1) as pointed out by others it's too late for him to sign for anyone else, 2) we can avoid paying him any bonuses he is entitled to if we make finals/ACL/Grand Final etc.
  10. Have we ever seen a player at this club see out a contract that was longer than 2 years? I wouldn't be too worried.
  11. Sorry its meant to be a generalisation of AFL clubs ability to communicate compared to City's. Since consistently in the AFL every club is pretty good at all those things, I am putting it down as an AFL thing. City seem to be a worse version of the rest of the A-League clubs in this regard. To your second point, I agree. While both the issues themselves and the way they are not communicated are both bad from a supporters point of view, if the club communicates whats going on better then it's easier for us to accept them. If from the start the club comes out and says "LaRocca is battling an ankle injury and is out for 3 months", or "Bruno has been dropped for disciplinary reasons", or "With the departure of Caceres the club has now signed Baccus to a permanent contract", or "O'Halloran is now fit and eligible for selection", instead of us finding this out 2-6 weeks after it happens it would make being a supporter much easier. And those are all easy issues to explain, nothing which gives the opposition the edge and nothing that breaches any kind of privacy. Atm the club releases stuff all information so either we have to wait for a commentator to tell us a tiny bit of gossip during the next match or otherwise wait until someone talks to some random hairdresser to find out so and so has hurt his shoulder and is out for 3 weeks. What happened with LaRocca last season was like it was from 1984. One minute he was a starting regular, the next it was like the club was making every effort to convince us he never existed. Turns out he was injured. FFS just tell us. I'm convinced we could have one of our players die in a training mishap and we wouldn't hear about it until 3 weeks later when Theo Pizzalaria brings it up mid match as they replay another failed short corner while Ned Zelic makes noises in the background. The club shoots itself in a foot by distancing itself from it's supporters. It wants to be engaging but then acts like it's some kind of huge secret organization which will only tell us what it deems we need to know, and the rest we can remain oblivious too. Not the best strategy for a club that has inherited a disenchanted and somewhat alienated fanbase from takeover and fails to deliver on any other front.
  12. It's the complete opposite to this club isn't it. Anything happens in the AFL, a rookie gets promoted, a young guy plays well in the VFL, someone has a slight niggle, anything happens it gets reported pretty much straight away. Super open about most things, the only things they keep somewhat hidden are off field stuff (understandably) and sometimes players under an injury clouds availability that week (and even then as soon as the team is announced we all find out everything). Sure it is part a very interested and large media core and part the AFL desperately trying to be in the news every single day, but you cannot deny that AFL supporters know almost everything around their club that is happening, often directly from the club as it happens. Compare that to City who go months without acknowledging or announcing a players injury (La Rocca), almost a week now without announcing Baccus signing on permanently (despite it being good news, they haven't got anything on the website and the only reason we know is because Joyce said so in a press conference), censor the Bruno images so as not to incite us(?) and release squads for each weeks games which have no relevance really seeing as there have been multiple inclusions not on the squad list. Theres more but they are the first thing sI thought of. This from a club that prides itself on engaging with its supporters. The gap in engagement and communication is huge.
  13. Rogic is such a nothing international player. For all his skill and technique he is incapable of imposing himself on the game and makes way too little of his chances at this level. We continue to be toothless in attack, Mabil, like Arzani in the WC (and Leckie tbf) is one of the only players to actually look dangerous because he can run and move with the ball. Everyone else is so stagnant or unable to get the ball into a good threatening position. McLaren is possibly the least effective player to be in our squad in the last few years. Contributes absolutely nothing. Is tiny so not only is unable to have any physical presence but is worked off the ball all to easily, lacks the elite pace to be a danger in the open, has no hold up play ability and is middling to poor on the ball anyway. Geez that was a disspoiting performance. For all our "dominance" you never really felt like we were a threat aside from maybe getting a lucky goal to even up the scores. Deserved the end result.
  14. That clip really highlights just how bad our turnover is. Half a season later and from that clip Cahill, Muscat, Kamau, Fitzgerald and Jakobsen have all left, with La Rocca surely also being on the way out, Mauk probably gone as well, Brattan still here on loan but probably staying, leaving Bouzanis andJamieson as the only definitely remaining players I can recognise through the blur.
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