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  1. Usually done at etihad, they played one of the last qualifying games for the 2014 world cup and Bresciano scored the winner I think?... This would be the second time they play a competitive game at AAMI Park I believe?
  2. So we score from a rare breakthrough and luongo throws it away with the most stupid tackle attempt in the penalty box...
  3. Germany's B team taking the piss in this game
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to see the managers punch-on at the derby in the etihad venue
  5. Another Article from Japan from the Asian Cup that past game? Or sports? Ohajiki football, Asia Cup Japan first held 6/12 (Monday) 19: 10 delivery What is Ohajiki football? (Photograph: Koji Shiwa)  British-born table football familiar in Europe for a long time. There are also World Cups where players from all over the world meet, and branches are located in each region under the supervision of an international organization called FISTF. The competition population is said to be five million people. In Japan it adopts the name "Ohajiki football" because it repels player pieces like Ojjiki.  On June 10 and 11, the first Asian Cup in Japan was held at the Lifelong Learning Center in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. More than 40 athletes from Japan, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong participated, and Singapore won three consecutive victories in a country-competitive fight with the greatest attention. Tan Kok Wie of the country also won the individual match. Sports rather than games (shooting: Koji Shiwa) Is Ohajiki football a game? Is it a sport?  The rules are as follows. First it is divided into attack and defense. The attacking side repels the Ojiki on which the doll rides with the fingers and moves the ball. One Ojiki can dribble three times in a row, so you need to pass to the other Ojikaki in the meantime. If you advance the ball and put it in the shoot area (line is drawn), you can not shoot (in the case of an own goal it will be a score if you enter from anywhere).  When the attacking side does not touch the ball or when the ball kicked touches the defensive side where the kicked ball is stopped, the defensive change (change). Also, if you touch the Odehara on the defense side before touching the ball, it becomes an attacker's change.  The defense side can not touch the ball. After the attacker has repaired, while the attacking side is the next to hit the ball, you can move the frame defensively.  The attacker does not have to wait for defensive movements. Bring my team to the game (photo: Koji Shiwa)  It is said that thumbs can not be used when repelling the Ohajiki. Practicing makes it possible to control as if the player's intention is as intense as the player's coma. In the game, creativity and concentration are required, such as subtle exaggeration of the fingertip and assembly of tactics. Also, if you follow the ball from one side to the other side quickly and move quickly, you lose your physical strength beyond what you can imagine from one look (15 minutes half). It is no longer a game but a sport. It can be said that it is a great appeal that various people can meet and enjoy together regardless of age, sex and race nationality. The world cup that becomes stronger by the flickering is not a dream  Mr. Kenzo Koyo, the representative director of the Japan Otahaki Football Association who has participated in the World Cup, said, "Although I launched the association ten years ago, my first participation in the World Cup (Manchester Games) five years ago I got a lot of help from overseas and network.It's the result of the Asian Cup in Japan. "  Regarding the real thrill of Ohajiki football, "I can only become stronger for the rest of my life, practice is important, studying tactics and opponent's habits in real time.I have the same mind as football.When the world cup in Japan finally opened The era will come, that is our immediate goal. "   More than 40 players from Japan, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong participated (Photo: Koji Shiwa)  Currently, the number of players in Japan is about 100 people. In the future, I would like to expand the club team nationwide and train players who can fight in the world cup. If you are interested, please search the Japan Oshaki Football Association and see the official website. It might be a way to the World Cup.   (Interview, sentence, photography: Koji Shiwa) The winning Singapore team (photo: Koji Shiwa) 【2017 Asian Cup Results】 ● Nationally competing wins: Singapore second place winner: Australia No. 3: Japan ● Club competition wins victory: SG Lions second place: Yokohama OSC No. 3: Sakuragicho TFC, Wild Blue TFC ● Individual game Winning: Tan Kwee Wee ( Singapore) Second Prize: Rafael Lombard (Australia) No. 3: Bernard Lynn (Singapore), Robert Green (Australia)
  6. FYI ABC News has done an article Australia's Subbuteo team beats Japan in Asian Cup in joyous table football win BY TRACEY HOLMES UPDATED ABOUT 6 HOURS AGO PHOTO Table football can be a tense affair. Multiply that a few times when its played in the Asian Cup. AUSTRALIAN TABLE FOOTBALL (SUBBUTEO) ASSOCIATION There are no fancy uniforms, no Sports Commission grants, nor a single dollar in sponsorship. To be brutally honest, there's not even much fanfare for this team of unheard-of Australians, in a little known sport, who this weekend celebrated their first overseas victory since 1994. The event is the Asia Cup. The sport is table football, or Subbuteo. Never heard of it? Never mind. You have now. PHOTO Australia cobbled together a team in time for the Asian Cup, even flying in one team member from Sweden. AUSTRALIAN TABLE FOOTBALL (SUBBUTEO) ASSOCIATION The event is being played in Tokyo and the Australians spent last night celebrating a 3-1 win over Japan. Australian team spokesman Steve Dettre told The Ticket "people may laugh but it's like any sport, you play at a pretty high level and it's quite tense". "Some of the best players in Asia are here, actually some of them are ranked in the top 50 in the world," he said. "It's quite a challenge playing at this level … like the game I just played, one mistake and the other guy scored, so it's pretty hectic. "We've got about 200 to 300 players in Australia now. It doesn't sound like a lot but we started from ground zero and we let everybody know the Asia Cup was coming up … so we put together a team. "We got a guy from Perth, two are from Sydney and an Aussie guy flew in from Sweden." There are six nations, including Australia, to contest the prestigious 'Open' event on Sunday. Saturday featured a veteran's comp and the Nation's Cup — featuring Japan, Singapore and Australia. Australia's Subbuteo factfile: Our highest ranked international Table Football player is Melbourne TFC's Peter Thomas, ranked 40th in the world The Melbourne Table Football Club is ranked 44th in the world There are table football clubs in every Australian capital city Club membership is for men and women, boys and girls of all ages Matches consist of two 15-minute halves The Asia Cup Open will be covered by NHK Japanese television Australia has never won the Asia Cup Despite its historic victory over Japan, the Australians weren't good enough for Singapore who walked away with the Nation's Cup. PHOTO Raffaele Lombardi (R) is one of Australia's team-members in Tokyo. AUSTRALIAN TABLE FOOTBALL (SUBBUTEO) ASSOCIATION The International Federation of Subbuteo Table Football (FISTF) is not as advanced, or well funded, as their cousins from FIFA so a win at the Asia Cup doesn't provide a pathway to a world event. "The international scene is not that developed, but obviously that's a future plan," Dettre said. "All we'll get for winning something here will be bragging rights."
  7. Fucking come at me mate
  8. I wouldnt mind using maclaren ahead of timmy tbh
  9. Suprised the linesman didnt call that either blatant as fuck
  10. Boiled/Steamed dim sims > fried dim sims boiled pierogi > fried pierogi
  11. @strider
  12. Yeah, 28 when he took the job halfway through last season and saved them from relegation when they were sitting in 17th place. It's like equivalent (somewhat) to seeing sunderland narrowly avoid relegation last season and shoot up to 4th place this season in some respect I guess amazing shit
  13. 29-year-old Julian Nagelsmann has led Hoffenheim to the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history. They finished 15th last season. A 29 year old manager.
  14. I had an 18 year old rear end me and thought he could get it sorted by buying a bumper off ebay for $90 without paint application and thought he would be all sweet (and for me to attach and paint myself) fucking dweeb cunt
  15. This is how I see it as well and looks almost like Day Z My understanding is that there is no long term objectives or player progression in the game? just a -drop in and play- style like the game 'Squad' at the moment? If that's the case then it's just better to play king of the hill/battle royal mods on h1z1 or arm3 etc